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Added by GOYELLO IT Services about 9 years ago

Because for some time we have had problems with controlling people logging hours of their work correctly, we have done new modification to Redmine to make it easier. This comes (unfortunately) in the form of patch/plug-in, but we have been working with it for about a month, and haven’t found any problems. Moreover, if you decide to remove the plugin, you don’t have to remove the patch from your Redmine core. It will not affect the further work of application.

The reason for using patches is that we could only achieve the same result by using hooks, that would need to be added by patch to the core anyway (until someone from Redmine team approves them and implement them).

If you go to the Time Spent report after installing the plugin and select the members criteria from the combobox, new checkbox will appear. When the checkbox will be checked, the list will contain also the persons that didn’t log hours at all.
In this way you can keep track of workers, which were working on given issues (so obviously company have to pay them), but didn’t log what they exactly had done. This modification helped us to keep our projects healthier, I hope it can somehow help you to.

Modification files have been placed on Github

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RE: Time spent modification add-on - Added by Eric Davis about 9 years ago

If you want to submit your patch for the hook, I'll add it to the core. I'm not sure what the other patch is doing though.

Eric Davis