Timesheet Modification

Added by Kirtimaan Lodha almost 9 years ago


I recently found Redmine while looking for a project tracking tool for my self. Within few minutes, I figured that its a complete package. So I downloaded it and started using it. I am looking for an option or a widget for Timesheets. Right now, in Redmine, users have to enter "n" hours for an issue/task manually.

Before redmine, we were using Timesheet php, where a Stopwatch option was there. So user wasn't required to compute the spent time manually. He can just select the task and click on "Clock On" or "Clock Off" and the timesheet entry was generated automatically. It would be nice to see similar functionality in Redmine too. And I think it will enhance the existing Timesheet Plugin's reports, where it can include start and stop times. I am comfortable with php and perl. But RoR is a new platform for me, so it will take time for me to go ahead and write such plugin for Redmine, but I am sure that some one from community will help me by providing such widget or plugin. I already looked into existing plugins list but couldn't find a similar one. If there is any such widget/plugin, please let me know.


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RE: Timesheet Modification - Added by Remo Laubacher almost 9 years ago

Maybe I've missed something, but does this plugin do what you describe:

RE: Timesheet Modification - Added by Kirtimaan Lodha almost 9 years ago

Hi Remo,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am looking for something similar, but I couldn't find any working example of MyEfforts plugin. However, I managed to get a java based client developed for my requirement.