Work Done Plugin

Added by Maxim Krušina almost 9 years ago

Motto: developers tends not to fill all time spent each day, which results in project manager's pain and back-filling spent time... some of you know what I mean ;)

Description: Very easy plugin. It adds "Work done" (or so) to main menu. After clicking on this link you will see page with simple table. In columns are days, in lines users.

User Monday Tuesday Wensday .. .. ..
13.1. 14.1. 15.1. .. .. ..
John 6h 5h - 12h 4.3h -
  • In this table you will see spent time per users per day.
  • Time perdion can be selectable by select box like: This week, This month, This Year. When swithed to This Year, you will se spent time per month.
  • It should be configurable which users should be included in this report - typically you need this report only for inhouse developers, so you havfe to filter-out external people.
  • Additionaly, there can be some colouring (red/green) like when someone was in work more or less then daily working time (configurable in users?).
  • Daily report of this report by email to selected users will be very useful (anyway, idea to separate plugins: Dashboard & Mailer)