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07:30 Redmine Feature #27363 (New): One more filter status for lists / key-value lists
Morning :)
I have some custom fields as a list/key-value list.
When working with filters, I can select is / is no...


14:49 Redmine Feature #27339 (New): Cant save Spent Time Report - Only Spent Time Details
Working here:
* - spent time details


13:03 Redmine Feature #27135 (New): Ability to un-watch issues
It's generally good idea that creator of the ticket reviews notifications by the default (sure, it can be changed in ...


22:46 Redmine Defect #27117 (Closed): Cannot select versions in Spent time report
Yep, thank you for finding the issue - it's exactly that bloody bug. Closing.
22:32 Redmine Defect #27117 (Closed): Cannot select versions in Spent time report
We're using a bit complicated project structure (ie 5-level tree) with versions defined on each levels and shared in ...


13:09 Redmine Feature #27096 (New): Mark (somehow) non-working days in calendar view
In global settings, we can set which are / are not working days - it should be nice to have it visually marked in pro...
11:31 Redmine Feature #27095 (New): Add option to display custom field in calendar popup box
It would be really handy to pick up which custom fields will be listed in calendar view / issue detail hoover box.


12:50 Redmine Feature #11044: Custom field types for time and datetime
Just posted it here: message#53737
12:49 Redmine Feature #22140: Add date-time to custom fields datatypes
Just posted it here: message#53737
12:49 Redmine Job offers: New datatypes for custom fields
Hi everybody, for a long time we need to develop some new datatypes for custom fields.
We're also developers, but no...

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