New features in project screens

Added by Radek Terber almost 5 years ago

I have some ideas about RedMine improvements:

It would be useful to have some kind of "quick controls" at project level similarly like in Jenkins server (navigate to issue list, new issue, root wiki page, project setup ... etc). Those controls would appear at each project in project path and would allow actions directly on the given prpoject regardless currently active one. See attached screenshots from Jenkins

Also it would be useful to allow quick switch among subprojects of certain parent. Currently, active project in project path is only static text (without any action, link ... ). It would be great to have for example combobox here which would allow to change current project quickly, or even select som subproject of current project.
Now we must click on "Overview", then select subproject (which is not too obvious in lots of text).

jenkins_1.png - Small icon on the right of project name (34.5 KB)

jenkins_2.png - menu opened after small icon click (39.1 KB)

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RE: New features in project screens - Added by Jan Niggemann ( team member) over 4 years ago

Please open a feature request on the tracker, thank you