Modifying existing modules and hosting, plugins etc.

Added by Peter Bethke almost 5 years ago

Hello all,

I'm a newbie to Rails but experienced in web app development so I'm looking to find the most "rails-ish" way to do things.

I'd like to modify the existing Projects module in terms of layout, columns etc, and perhaps eventually functionality. Is the best way to do that to fork that module from the repository on github and give it a new name (such as myclient_projects), or to directly modify the module itself. I'm also working to become familiar with .git as until recently I've used svn.

Also, if I choose to host my application on a host such as Ninefold, is it customary to include plugins in my git repository which is then pushed out to the host? I see that in the default .gitignore the plugins directory and the themes directory (among others) is ingored. If this is the case, I'm wondering how to setup those modules on a remote client.

Any advice would be most welcome. I hope to be contributing soon myself - Redmine is a terrific application and very similar to frameworks I've built in other languages.


Peter Bethke

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