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500 Internal Server Error when deploying in Tomcat 7

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Hi all,

So I have installed both Redmine-2.4.5 and Redmine-2.5.1 several times, with several combinations of Ruby/JRuby and Redmine version. I have been able to get nearly all combinations to successfully work in the webrick test server, however none of them work in tomcat 7.

I followed all steps and have created successfully .war files for the redmine projects, however when added to the auto_deploy directory of tomcat, I always get a 500 error "Rack::ShowStatus"

I have a topic up on the forums here if it can provide anymore help:

My Specs:
OS: Win7
Database: SQL Server 2008 R2
Ruby: 1.9.3 (most current minor)
Jruby: 1.6.8
Tomcat: 7.

Just to reitterate, the installations of Redmine have already tested successfully outside of Tomcat, as well as Tomcat has been tested and is working as well.

500error.png (7.4 KB) John H, 2014-06-30 23:14

500error2.png (14.4 KB) John H, 2014-07-01 00:01


#1 Updated by John H over 4 years ago

Attached is the end error I get, even though I have sqljdbc4.jar in the Tomcat7 lib directory..

I'm not sure where to go from this.

#2 Updated by John H over 4 years ago

Okay, so I got the damn thing to work after about 7 hours of debug. Still not sure if its going to be completely smooth, however just wanted to put my solution here:

All I did was:
Remove/Delete "sqljdbc.jar" from "Java_SDK/jre/lib/ext" -- as well as -- "tomcat/lib" directories, leaving only the sqljdbc4.jar.

Apparently there is a pointing/dependency issue between sqljdbc and sqljdbc4

As mentioned, still not sure if I will run into any later issues, but feel relieved that at least I have a .war file that is deploying.

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Redmine 3.0 and later no longer support JRuby.

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