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05:08 Redmine Feature #306: Full Text Search of files?
The patch from Planio is very insteresting. Thank you for sharing the patch.
I tried the patch but @attachments.fu...


12:04 Redmine Patch #5957: Export all users' information
The patch works fine and passed all test. Looks good to me.
I think 3.4.0 is feature freezing now, so setting target...
11:33 Redmine Patch #26180: Change Russian translation for "Estimated time"
Toshi MARUYAMA wrote:
> Your patch contains garbage.
Sorry for my mistake and thank you for your work. I withdraw...


15:14 Redmine Patch #26180: Change Russian translation for "Estimated time"
This is a patch made from #26180#note-2. (contributed by Vasili Korol)


17:01 Redmine Defect #26221 (Closed): Update* Segmentation fault at migrate:db
Please see [[RedmineInstall]] page for details about supported Ruby versions.
16:36 Redmine Feature #23310 (Reopened): Improved "jump to project" drop-down
Takeshi Nakamura wrote:
> On new project creation screen, "Jump to project..." is not shown in the drop-down.
> Whe...


11:49 Redmine Feature #25538: Drop support Ruby 2.2.1 and ealier
+1 for Holger Just.


04:55 Redmine Patch #26125: Unify form#query_form on calendar/gantt views with issues/spent time views
Looks good to me. Passed all test.
Since we are freezing 3.4.0 now and this issue is a kind of refactoring, I think ...


09:07 Redmine Patch #26187 (Closed): Japanese translation update (label_no_preview_alternative_html)
Translated @label_no_preview_alternative_html@ added in r16673 (#26035).


11:45 Redmine Defect #26183 (New): Nokogiri 1.7.2
Redmine 3.3-stable / 3.2-stable uses Nokogiri 1.6.8 but version from 1.6.8 from 1.7.1 has some security issues (see h...

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