Defect #24311

Project field disappears when target project disallows user to edit the project

Added by Luka Lüdicke 3 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Target version:3.3.2
Resolution:Fixed Affected version:3.3.1



  1. Editing the Project Field in an Issue reloads the form
  2. On Reloading / Rendering the project field is excluded if the user is not allowed to change the project_id for issues in that project
  3. The field disappears when the user clicks on a project where changing the project field is not allowed
  4. The issue cannot be moved to the other project by that user, however: The list of target projects is calculated by the right to create issues in that project. This means that there is a mismatch.


The project field should not disappear on selection of a project, either by showing the field more often (lax approach) or reducing the target projects list.


My suggestion for the lax approach is:

# app/views/issues/_form.html.erb
- <% if @issue.safe_attribute?('project_id') && (!@issue.new_record? || @project.nil? || @issue.copy?) %>
+ <% if (@issue.safe_attribute?('project_id') || @issue.allowed_target_projects.include?(@issue.project_id) ) && (!@issue.new_record? || @project.nil? || @issue.copy?) %>
  <p><%= :project_id, project_tree_options_for_select(@issue.allowed_target_projects, :selected => @issue.project), {:required => true},
                  :onchange => "updateIssueFrom('#{escape_javascript update_issue_form_path(@project, @issue)}', this)" %></p>
  <% end %>

issues_form.diff Magnifier - lax_approach (802 Bytes) Luka Lüdicke, 2016-11-11 11:32

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Revision 15959
Added by Jean-Philippe Lang 2 months ago

Project field disappears when target project disallows user to edit the project (#24311).


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Fixed in r15959 using a slightly different solution and tests added.
Thanks for pointing this out.

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