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21:51 Redmine Wiki edit: Donors (#109)


17:03 Redmine Revision 19101: Merged r19093 to 4.1-stable (#29482).
16:54 Redmine Revision 19094: Merged r19091 to 4.1-stable (#29482).
16:53 Redmine Revision 19093: Make sure we cannot create a ProjectQuery on a given project (#29482).
16:08 Redmine Patch #32436 (Closed): Add support for grouping by issue on timelog view
Kouhei Sutou wrote:
> Does the following also work on PostgreSQL?
Thanks, the assertion is better like this as it...
16:07 Redmine Revision 19092: Fixes the assertion so that it doesn't rely on the display order (#32436).
Patch by Kouhei Sutou.
16:01 Redmine Revision 19091: Only admin users should be able to manage public queries on the project list (#29...
Like for issues, project members with the "Manage public" queries are allowed to manage public queries inside their p...


07:15 Redmine Redmine 3.3.10 release (incl. security fix)

A critical security vulnerability has been discovered in Redmine 3.3.x and all prior releases. This vulnerability c...
06:58 Redmine Wiki edit: Changelog_3_3 (#13)
06:57 Redmine Wiki edit: Security_Advisories (#42)

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