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31779RedmineDefectNewTotal estimated time column shown even when estimated time field is deactivated2019-07-23 17:55Issues list
31778RedmineDefectNewTotal estimated time issue query column and issue field might leak information2019-07-23 17:05Issues
31771RedmineDefectNewCannot filter projects by Client and Project Manager as normal user2019-07-22 16:49Administration
31770RedmineDefectNewNew shortcut for in-page wiki links shows link with leading #2019-07-22 14:44Wiki
31769RedmineDefectNew{{toc}} in {{include(...)}}2019-07-22 11:48Wiki
31768RedmineFeatureNewCompletion Date in Issue Table2019-07-22 09:55Issues
31756RedmineFeatureNewAdd more values to done ratio2019-07-19 13:17Issues
31755RedmineDefectNewCouldn't download Redmine by curl in Debian buster2019-07-22 09:40
31752RedminePatchReopenedShow assigned people when displaying tickets which are related to a specific versions2019-07-18 17:28Issues
31748RedmineDefectResolvedWorkflow can't prevent users to create new issue for specific tracker2019-07-24 06:35Issues workflow
31746RedminePatchNewAdd redmine:plugins:test:system task2019-07-17 15:19
31745RedmineDefectNewMail notifications do not honor 'only_assigned' mail_notification setting2019-07-16 16:36Issues
31742RedmineDefectNewThe color of h4 in the comment also changes when #note-1 is specified2019-07-18 08:56UI
31739RedmineDefectNewSeverity custom field saved random values like AS3, AS2, HTML5 in the database2019-07-16 08:34Database
31736RedmineFeatureNewOut of Office/Vacation user status2019-07-15 20:11Accounts / authentication
31735RedmineFeatureNewSelect the language on login2019-07-15 19:46UI
31734RedmineDefectNewIssue Information Not Being Transfered To CSV In Reports Tab Of Spent Time Section. 2019-07-17 05:05Issues
31731RedmineDefectNewissues page - not logged in user (HTML structure errors)2019-07-15 16:14Issues
31725RedmineFeatureNewStart Redmine version numbering in reverse order (newer towards older) when submitting bugs on this instance2019-07-15 09:40
31724RedmineDefectNewWrong spent time calculation via svn commit log2019-07-19 12:19SCM
31718RedmineFeatureNewRestrict assignee based on other field selected option2019-07-14 08:33Issues
31717RedmineDefectReopenedServidor de correo no está configurado2019-07-15 16:35Email notifications
31715RedmineDefectNewReceiving email and email notification2019-07-12 18:52
31714RedmineFeatureNewAllow to add custom fields of type date to calendar view2019-07-12 09:37Calendar
31710RedmineDefectNewAssigned on search issues not ordered by name2019-07-11 20:43

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