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27609RedmineDefectNewThe requested URL /redmine was not found on this server.2017-11-22 06:53Hook requests
27603RedmineFeatureNewSupport for LDAP jpegPhoto or thumbnailPhoto2017-11-22 09:58LDAP
27599RedmineDefectNewsymbols in redmine ticket2017-11-20 20:11Issues
27589RedminePatchNewRequest for a hook under the project members list (Project / Settings / Members tab)2017-11-20 12:51Hook requests
27587RedmineDefectNewHiding users from seing each other2017-11-20 10:51Issues permissions
27586RedmineDefectNew"Uncheck all" icon at the upper left corner in workflow status transitions page is not working2017-11-20 09:05Administration
27584RedmineDefectNewREST-API projects modules not working XML2017-11-19 23:03REST API
27566RedmineDefectNewUndesirable behavior of Custom Fields and Journal2017-11-19 10:59Custom fields
27560RedmineDefectNewRJS is messing up Nginx proxy for static files2017-11-18 11:24UI
27559RedminePatchNewDefault branch should be always first in the graph2017-11-18 09:28SCM
27549RedmineDefectNewRewite url filter issue redmine2017-11-17 04:17Issues
27546RedmineDefectNewWiki PDF export of .png images not working properly2017-11-16 15:11PDF export
27543RedmineDefectNewKey/value-pair custom field type not available to all customisable contents2017-11-16 11:53
27540RedmineFeatureNewExtending the 30 character limit for custom filed name2017-11-16 00:00Custom fields
27538RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackRedmine installation documentation incorrectly suggests setting uploaded file permissions to 0755, making them executable for everybody2017-11-15 15:42Documentation
27533RedmineDefectNewCannot change the priority of the parent issue in issue query context menu when parent priority is independent of children2017-11-15 12:18Issues list
27530RedmineFeatureNewSet default target version when moving issues to another project2017-11-14 18:45Issues
27529RedminePatchNewAttachment Added in Issue not saves in journal2017-11-22 03:49Attachments
27528RedmineFeatureNewCustom fields list type improvement2017-11-14 13:03Custom fields
27523RedmineFeatureNewMore options for project manager2017-11-13 12:16Administration
27518RedmineDefectNewredmine custom queries for watcher 2017-11-13 05:40
27512RedmineDefectNewTotals on custom fields with different role contexts2017-11-10 19:01Custom fields
27510RedminePatchNewGroups active method2017-11-10 14:36Groups
27507RedminePatchNewCzech help files localisation2017-11-10 13:42I18n
27506RedminePatchNewCzech localisation2017-11-10 12:56I18n

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