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32305RedmineDefectNewUse of notextile tag disables Redmine revision links2019-10-20 07:29Text formatting
32302RedmineFeatureNewFilter projects after bookmarks2019-10-20 01:13
32299RedmineDefectNewCannot add some filters in Gantt if Issue tracking module is disabled for the project2019-10-18 10:41Gantt
32297RedminePatchNewRemove the code for Rails less than 3.0 in lib/plugins/open_id_authentication/init.rb2019-10-18 09:00Code cleanup/refactoring
32296RedminePatchNewIgnore rubocop offense2019-10-19 13:01Code cleanup/refactoring
32293RedmineDefectConfirmedRedmine does not start if optional openid gems are not installed2019-10-20 06:52Gems support
32289RedmineDefectNewDon't try to generate thumbnails if convert command is not available2019-10-17 02:28Attachments
32278RedmineFeatureNewDisplay Global Roadmap without any tracker2019-10-17 10:12Roadmap
32253RedmineDefectNewLast Mercurial version supported2019-10-14 13:55Documentation
32249RedmineFeatureNewShow attachment thumbnails by default2019-10-15 09:17Attachments
32248RedmineFeatureNewChange the default value for "Days displayed on project activity" setting2019-10-14 04:33Activity view
32246RedmineDefectNew[Redmine API] functionality to export whole wiki2019-10-13 22:01Wiki
32242RedmineFeatureNewTotal hours by fixed version REST API2019-10-15 04:28REST API
32240RedmineFeatureNewAdd download buttons in Files columns of the issues list2019-10-12 02:08Issues list
32238RedminePatchNewGerman translation update2019-10-10 11:23Translations
32223RedmineDefectNewDisable sprockets to avoid Sprockets::Railtie::ManifestNeededError raised by sprockets 4.0.02019-10-20 11:16Gems support
32201RedmineDefectNewIssue auto-assignment to JPL based on Website category2019-10-08 06:36Website (
32199RedmineDefectNewSecurity notification is not sent when an admin changes the password of users2019-10-08 06:43Email notifications
32196RedminePatchNewAllow import time entries for other users2019-10-19 10:43
32194RedmineDefectNewCalendar page lacks buttons to manage custom queries2019-10-10 16:31Calendar
32193RedmineDefectNewAdd turn on/off button to control sending security notifications2019-10-09 09:44Security
32191RedmineDefectNewDuplicate associated revisions when using multiple repositories for a project2019-10-07 19:28SCM
32183RedmineDefectNewNotification sub-events for "Issue updated" does not cover all events which consist its parent2019-10-07 06:44Email notifications
32181RedmineFeatureNewAuto Status Change from New to In Progress2019-10-02 11:08Issues workflow
32178RedmineFeatureNewConditioned Custom Fields2019-10-01 10:50Custom fields

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