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27082RedmineFeatureNewАБУ - поиск и заказ. Оптимизация и ускорение загрузки программы.2017-09-26 20:20
27079RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackcannot chose multiple value for a custom field2017-09-26 16:40Custom fields
27075RedmineFeatureNewUpdate workflows/permissions to take into consideration global role/tracker permissions2017-09-26 08:38Administration
27074RedmineFeatureNewJournalize changes for administrative functions.2017-09-26 08:28Administration
27072RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackCan't update Redmine : [...] activesupport [...] `require': No such file to load -- ../lib/redmine/Pagination (LoadError)2017-09-25 17:05Issues
27071RedmineDefectNewError testing LDAPS Connection: "Unable to connect (hostname X.X.X.X does not match the server certificate)"2017-09-25 17:19LDAP
27070RedmineFeatureNewSet 'Parent task' attribute via email issue creation2017-09-25 17:24Email receiving
27067RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackMissed task for redmine:plugins:test2017-09-25 05:44
27066RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackissue parents is wrong2017-09-26 16:31
27063RedmineDefectNewTracker configuration, issue status field can't be updated2017-09-23 23:25
27048RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackunable to update issues through API2017-09-21 12:09Custom fields
27043RedmineDefectNewSVN repos with spaces allow for browsing but not file viewing2017-09-20 04:11SCM
27038RedmineDefectNewLost Password link on login page is not accessible 2017-09-19 17:51UI
27035RedmineFeatureNewWorkflow Standard fields2017-09-19 13:07Issues workflow
27034RedminePatchNewPatch for updated Chinese translation2017-09-19 15:33Translations
27025RedminePatchNewRegex support for excluded mail attachments2017-09-19 06:50Email receiving
27024RedminePatchNewLinks on custom field values don't have "external" class2017-09-18 16:59Custom fields
27009RedminePatchNewClarify consequences of disabling the login_required setting2017-09-16 16:08UI
27008RedminePatchNewAdd new subtask - parent issue id is lost in some cases2017-09-16 08:12Issues
26974RedmineDefectNewCollapse macro conflicts with header section edit buttons2017-09-15 13:27Wiki
26968RedmineFeatureNewIntegrate Mediawiki's VisualEditor2017-09-13 15:44Text formatting
26908RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to have hooks inisde application.js and application.css via asset pipeline 2017-09-12 22:20Plugin API
26892RedmineDefectNewLink to user in wiki syntax only works when login is written in lower case2017-09-12 12:10Text formatting
26880RedmineDefectNewCannot clear all watchers when copying an issue2017-09-20 10:34Issues
26869RedminePatchNewUse number input field instead of text input for Gantt months field2017-09-14 05:48UI

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