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23416RedmineDefectNewVitaliy Podoba django book2016-07-24 14:39Documents
23415RedmineDefectNewVitaliy Podoba django book2016-07-24 14:39Documents
23414RedmineDefectNewDatepickers don't show in Firefox2016-07-24 07:29Calendar
23413RedmineFeatureNewsynchronize Textile and Markdown documents2016-07-23 17:46Documentation
23412RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackCannot read git repository with .git in name2016-07-24 10:08SCM
23410RedmineDefectNewError if create new issue and there is no project2016-07-23 09:50
23404RedmineFeatureNewSupport for Pretty URLs?2016-07-22 15:17Issues
23403RedmineFeatureNewMake default search scope configurable2016-07-22 14:24Search engine
23401RedmineFeatureNewAdd status column to detailed timelog2016-07-22 18:55Time tracking
23394RedmineDefectNewAuto-assign on category selection does not work when assignee is a required field2016-07-21 13:09
23392RedmineFeatureNewRemove subtask from parent task2016-07-21 11:51UI
23391RedmineDefectConfirmedwrong css in issue descendats tree2016-07-21 04:38UI
23390RedmineFeatureNewLoad Issue show form async2016-07-20 15:55Performance
23389RedminePatchNewPrint Styles get overriden by responsive media query2016-07-20 13:07UI - Responsive
23388RedminePatchNewUpdated German translation for 3.3.0.stable2016-07-24 01:16Translations
23387RedminePatchNewTraditional Chinese textile and markdown detailed help translation (to r15723)2016-07-20 10:49Translations
23386RedmineFeatureNewAdd an ability to edit the link type for a linked issues2016-07-20 09:48Issues
23385RedmineFeatureNewAllow sharing a version to a particular project2016-07-20 09:33Project settings
23378RedminePatchNewSpeedup Project Settings with many members2016-07-19 23:00Performance
23377RedmineDefectNew"status" field should not be displayed when "new version" form is displayed as modal dialogue from the issue form2016-07-21 10:48Issues
23376RedminePatchNewDownloading of attachments with MIME type text/javascript fails2016-07-19 17:51Attachments
23357RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackBroken links in email notification2016-07-18 14:14Email notifications
23349RedmineFeatureNewForce comment on status change2016-07-19 10:51Issues workflow
23348RedmineFeatureNewFound in version values should be grouped by project/subproject2016-07-15 14:51
23347RedmineDefectNewMySQL: You can't specify target table for update in FROM clause2016-07-15 14:04Database

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