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19707RedmineFeatureNewAbility to limit member management to certain roles2015-04-25 10:39Permissions and roles
19706RedminePatchNewIssue show : optimizations2015-04-24 18:16
19704RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackapp/view/issues/show.html.erb partial action_menu called twice2015-04-24 18:05
19695RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackError occured when need to search word 2015-04-23 11:46
19693RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackContext menu is unaware of the field permissions2015-04-25 11:49Issues
19679RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackOne user reseave values in head of other users2015-04-22 11:48Issues
19664RedmineFeatureNewSet "I don´t want to be notifed of changes that I make myself" through the REST API2015-04-20 10:57REST API
19662RedmineFeatureNewAdding members without leaving issue editor2015-04-19 22:36Project settings
19660RedmineDefectNewIssue relation removal is not displayed properly on the issue histsory2015-04-19 18:11Issues
19658RedmineFeatureNewQuery for issues snapshot from journals/as they were at date in past2015-04-17 23:34Issues
19657RedmineDefectNewCan't move one level up the last activity item.2015-04-17 19:45Administration
19656RedmineDefectNewActivities do not correspont to project when adding time from my page.2015-04-17 19:55Time tracking
19655RedminePatchNewSet a back_url when forcing new login after session expiration2015-04-17 21:55Accounts / authentication
19652RedmineFeatureNewRuby 2.2 support of Redmine 2.6 (Rails 3.2)2015-04-17 12:02Rails support
19649RedmineFeatureNewLink values to URL for multi-value text custom field2015-04-16 21:56Custom fields
19648RedmineFeatureNewAbility to show the Issue Assigne photo instead of Author photo2015-04-16 20:18Issues
19640RedmineFeatureNewProject version wise tracker2015-04-16 06:17Projects
19629RedmineFeatureNewFlags in Issue list2015-04-15 12:25
19628RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackPadding in Issue textarea2015-04-20 15:47
19627RedmineDefectNewCannot set task.Parent = Grandparent2015-04-15 09:54Issues
19625RedmineFeatureNewAbility to disable plugin from Admin area2015-04-15 09:04Plugin API
19622RedminePatchNewFilter previous *status / assigned_to / priority / tracker* [ + date ranges ]2015-04-14 14:30Issues
19602RedmineDefectNewNon-Reporter role cannot see issue list2015-04-13 11:07Issues permissions
19600RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackcan't open attcment files that have hebrow file names2015-04-13 12:56Attachments
19599RedmineDefectNewRedmine does not honnor RFC822 4.4.3 reply-to field in incoming emails2015-04-13 04:35Email receiving

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