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32561RedmineFeatureNewfeature: add support to add multiple instance for a single filter2019-12-06 16:23Issues filter
32558RedmineDefectNewDistinct can be removed 2019-12-06 04:07
32548RedminePatchNewAdd new hook in projects/settings/_issues.html.erb for custom fields2019-12-05 05:57Hook requests
32546RedmineDefectNewIssue relations filter lacks "is not"2019-12-03 15:10Issues filter
32545RedmineFeatureNewPlugin API for adding a new notification2019-12-02 10:08Email notifications
32543RedmineFeatureNewAbility to choose home page after login2019-12-02 09:30Accounts / authentication
32542RedminePatchNewFix ruby 2.7 warning: The last argument is used as the keyword parameter2019-12-02 09:11Ruby support
32537RedmineDefectNewRake taks works on redmine 3.4 but does not work on 4 while for Redmine 4 it works in console2019-11-30 00:12Custom fields
32532RedmineDefectNewSQL to get count does not work correctly when grouping issues using created_on when setting config.time_zone2019-11-29 09:09Issues filter
32529RedmineDefectNewThe end of the URL is replaced with "undefined" in IE11 and Edge2019-12-01 11:27
32528RedmineFeatureNewCustomize language options for highlight tag insertion in the Wiki toolbar2019-12-05 05:57Text formatting
32526RedmineFeatureNewUpdate Rails to 5.2.42019-12-05 07:32Rails support
32525RedmineDefectNewCSV related tests fail with Rails 5.2.42019-11-29 16:11Rails support
32523RedminePatchNewImprove javascript performances on query edition2019-11-29 10:57Performance
32522RedminePatchNewAdd Project.find_by_name to target_project2019-11-29 14:06Email receiving
32519RedmineFeatureNewReport more precise error in failed requests (bounced emails) from incoming emails2019-11-26 17:37Email receiving
32518RedmineDefectNewIncoming mails handled by MailHandler sometimes logs with the wrong locale2019-11-26 17:21Email receiving
32515RedmineDefectNewlocales: the "task" should be named as "issue"2019-11-26 07:14Translations
32493RedmineFeatureNewAdd capability to make an attachment\s obsolete and to collapse all obsolete attachments and focus only the necessary ones (like bugzilla)2019-11-21 02:15Attachments
32489RedmineFeatureNewChange progress of a ticket via commit message2019-11-20 08:23SCM
32484RedmineFeatureNewWhen a group is selected in the user custom field field,Enable the same handling as the user on the issue list screen.2019-11-18 18:35
32479RedmineDefectNewIssue filter: operator not support "is + AND"2019-12-06 16:21Issues filter
32477RedmineDefectConfirmedExport PDF of WikiPage in Markdown Format with right toc2019-12-06 01:08PDF export
32476RedmineDefectNewSorting on multiple value fields is not working2019-11-21 08:35Issues list
32475RedmineDefectNewchanging status applies field permissions before save2019-11-15 02:03Issues permissions

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