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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
26026RedmineDefectNew12017-05-24 04:08
26025RedmineDefectNewchshb11112017-05-24 01:58
26024RedmineFeatureNewDownload all files of all projects2017-05-23 15:50Documents
26023RedmineDefectNewCategory filter only shows categories of current project2017-05-23 13:31Issues filter
26017RedmineFeatureNewGet also labels for key/value custom fields by API2017-05-22 20:40REST API
26016RedmineDefectNewRedmine is slow to some users2017-05-22 18:25Performance
26015RedmineFeatureNewUpgrade Redmine used by Website redmine.org2017-05-22 16:28Website (
26010RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackcan't create Thread2017-05-22 07:02Issues
26007RedmineFeatureNewcustom field as datatype User that shows in my page the issues refer and sends an email notification to user refered by the custom field2017-05-21 10:14Custom fields
26004RedmineDefectNewSettings / Issue tracking: Can't move issue column between available and visible2017-05-20 09:26Issues list
26002RedmineDefectNewIssues can be assigned to this role - didnt work correctly2017-05-19 18:17Issues
26001RedmineFeatureNewRecode IP Address and Device Name to issue2017-05-19 16:49Issues
25999RedmineFeatureNewView repository content by default (instead of the history)2017-05-21 10:07UI
25996RedmineDefectNeeds feedback ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid2017-05-18 09:01Database
25988RedmineFeatureNewPreview files by default instead of downloading them2017-05-21 15:28UI
25925RedmineFeatureNewFold away "Change properties" when adding an issue note2017-05-17 10:33UI
25924RedmineFeatureNewadd project name and issue subject for redmine log file when user delete issue2017-05-17 11:36Issues
25876RedminePatchNewGantt chart shows % done even if the field is disabled for the tracker2017-05-17 15:04Gantt
25868RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackCan't upload over 2GB file2017-05-17 16:04Attachments
25867RedmineDefectNewAssignable users should respect database collation2017-05-18 21:58Database
25861RedminePatchNewCSV Importer - handle UndefinedConversionErrors2017-05-16 11:50Importers
25859RedmineDefectNewEnable OpenID sign-in for this own instance2017-05-16 09:32Website (
25853RedminePatchNewMove left bottom links from project settings above2017-05-15 21:56UI
25846RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackRepository directory listing: ActionView::Template::Error (incompatible character encodings: ASCII-8BIT and UTF-8)2017-05-15 13:57SCM
25842RedmineFeatureNewAdd table border to email notifications2017-05-15 09:44Email notifications

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