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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
20263RedminePatchNewRedmine load hook2015-07-07 15:43
20257RedmineDefectNewRead-only essential items at the time of ticket editing2015-07-07 09:29
20252RedmineDefectNewEmail notifications of issue updates do not process text formatting on custom long text2015-07-07 02:23Email notifications
20251RedmineDefectNewtest/ui/timelog_test_ui.rb always fail on trunk2015-07-06 13:38
20244RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackUpgrade from 2.6 to 3.0 (Stable) :: Is not a valid date by all Date fields2015-07-07 10:56Issues
20234RedmineDefectNeeds feedbacktime_entries.json returns error 500, Invalid Argumends2015-07-06 16:30
20231RedmineFeatureNewoffline documentation2015-07-04 17:05Documentation
20230RedmineFeatureNewissue-dependecies gantt-chart PDF2015-07-02 16:30Gantt
20229RedmineDefectNewlabels of 24month PDF print of gantt-chart are not readable2015-07-02 15:31Gantt
20228RedmineFeatureNewAssign issues to groups as group level option2015-07-02 15:06Groups
20221RedmineFeatureNewTime entry query : column week2015-07-01 18:45Time tracking
20214RedmineDefectResolvedCan not assign an issue to a user with limitted Issues visibility2015-07-02 13:57Issues permissions
20206RedmineDefectNew"View all issues"lists issues nevertheless role has no "View Issues"2015-07-04 10:41Issues
20199RedminePatchNewRussian translation for 3.1.02015-07-07 13:13Translations
20197RedmineFeatureNewFilter Issue by attribute of the Version2015-06-29 13:42Issues
20192RedmineDefectNewIssueLink in email notification contains SUB-URI part twice2015-06-29 19:29Email notifications
20187RedmineFeatureNewSet create date for Issue throw REST API2015-06-27 19:26REST API
20161RedmineFeatureNewGroup Result / Several levels2015-06-24 14:52
20153RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAjax indicator ajaxComplete/ajaxStop do not fire at (document).ready2015-06-27 12:12
20143RedmineDefectNewMailhandler cannot handle 4-byte characters2015-06-29 11:18Database
20134RedmineFeatureNewIssues from open projects on my page issue list - addition filter on issue list 'my open projects'2015-06-19 12:22My page
20129RedmineFeatureNewFilter by subtasks to some level of depth2015-06-18 20:35Issues
20127RedmineDefectNewThe description column in the issues table is too short (MySQL)2015-06-19 23:04Issues
20126RedmineFeatureNewIndex by date: Show the current a revision number and add a link to show the diff2015-06-18 15:22Wiki
20124RedminePatchNewQuery option, The sql for field to allow groups option.2015-06-18 11:35

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