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28239RedmineDefectNewredmine3.3,issue charts plugins install successed ,but run it :Error Loading Chart: No adapter found2018-02-23 10:55
28238RedmineDefectNewredmine3.3下issue charts插件安装成功之后出不来图,报错Error Loading Chart: No adapter found2018-02-23 10:53
28237RedmineFeatureNewAdd label next to the markers in the Gantt 2018-02-22 16:38Gantt
28234RedmineFeatureNewAdd CSV Import for Time Entries2018-02-22 17:49Importers
28233RedmineDefectNewIssuesPdfHelperTest fails when run in isolation2018-02-22 11:31
28232RedmineDefectNewSql error when adding custom field in issues list2018-02-22 10:58Custom fields
28229RedminePatchNewRemove unused i18n string "setting_app_subtitle"2018-02-22 00:40Code cleanup/refactoring
28213RedmineFeatureNewSupport external ID when importing issues2018-02-21 13:42Issues
28208RedmineDefectNewAnonymous icon is wrongly displayed when assignee is a group2018-02-18 04:31UI
28207RedminePatchNewTest improvements for footnotes formatting syntax2018-02-18 00:05Text formatting
28205RedmineDefectNewWrong values in status combo2018-02-17 15:32Issues workflow
28200RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackImprove the UI/UX of the 'issue description edit' feature2018-02-17 03:01Issues
28199RedmineFeatureNewShow whole file with differences in Repository tab2018-02-16 15:58SCM
28198RedmineFeatureNewSupport issue relations when importing issues2018-02-19 17:06Issues
28193RedmineDefectNewwatcher list can not be edited after issue is created2018-02-15 13:01Issues
28192RedminePatchNewImprovement of German translation2018-02-21 07:23Translations
28191RedminePatchNewExtend roles API with all additional fields2018-02-14 19:55REST API
28190RedmineDefectNewApache passenger stopped work after upgrade passenger from 5.1.12 to 5.202018-02-14 13:03Administration
28189RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackSubprojects don't appear under the rights projects2018-02-14 19:58Projects
28188RedmineDefectNewNo Access-Control-Allow-Origin2018-02-14 09:50Accounts / authentication
28180RedmineDefectNewRole-base cross-project issue query visibility calculated incorrectly2018-02-12 14:25Issues filter
28171RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackWhen exporting to PDF from the issue navigator (several issues) textile is not exported correctly2018-02-11 16:30PDF export
28170RedmineFeatureNewFilter issues by "Associated revisions"2018-02-09 17:04Issues filter
28169RedminePatchNewEnable and add underline button to the toolbar for Markdown formatting 2018-02-17 22:35Text formatting
28167RedmineFeatureNewProposal: Allow administrator to specify kind of status change in Workflow2018-02-09 14:27Issues

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