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26730RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackContext Menu is broken on 3.4.22017-08-21 13:52UI
26728RedminePatchNeeds feedbackcount > 0 vs exists?2017-08-21 07:58Code cleanup/refactoring
26727RedminePatchNeeds feedbackudpate_all 2017-08-21 07:54Code cleanup/refactoring
26726RedminePatchNeeds feedbackcollect(&:id) could be pluck(:id)2017-08-21 07:58Code cleanup/refactoring
26721RedminePatchNeeds feedbackuse find_by instead of detect2017-08-21 08:03Code cleanup/refactoring
26714RedminePatchNewpluck instead of map in issue_query2017-08-18 19:50Code cleanup/refactoring should be changed to .pluck2017-08-17 06:05Code cleanup/refactoring
26709RedminePatchNewUse correct http status codes2017-08-17 01:26REST API
26708RedmineDefectNewDiff formatting results empty lines if they contains HTML tags2017-08-16 22:49Text formatting
26705RedmineDefectConfirmedUnable to download file if custom field is not defined as visible to any users2017-08-20 06:36Custom fields
26703RedmineDefectNewMissing German translations in 3.4.22017-08-16 10:29I18n
26699RedmineDefectNewAnonymous user should have their icon2017-08-19 02:40UI
26691RedmineDefectNewN + 1 queries when rendering the Gantt2017-08-15 18:59Performance
26689RedminePatchNewAdd title to author's and assignee's icon 2017-08-15 02:20UI
26685RedminePatchNewCheck of child classes of all levels is added for Redmine::SubclassFactory::ClassMethods2017-08-14 17:01
26682RedminePatchNewURL-escape the ! character in generated markup for dropped uploads2017-08-16 04:56Text formatting
26680RedmineFeatureNewShow default assignee when creating new issue2017-08-14 14:55Issues
26679RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackEdit Journal - Can't verify CSRF token authenticity2017-08-14 15:39
26677RedmineFeatureNewHTTP code 401 on login failure2017-08-14 15:52Accounts / authentication
26674RedminePatchNewAdditional css for query column headers2017-08-14 11:38UI
26671RedminePatchNewUse the new pagination style in gantt2017-08-14 07:58UI
26668RedmineDefectNewCreate "Documentation support" subsection in the "Non Code Related" section of the "Contribution" page.2017-08-13 10:26Documents
26667RedmineDefectNewFiltering time entries after issue's target version doesn't work as expected in some cases2017-08-20 12:15Time tracking
26664RedminePatchNewTraditional Chinese translation (to r16952)2017-08-11 08:51Translations
26662RedminePatchNewAdd border around issue history to prevent accidental deletion of an issue2017-08-11 06:24UI

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