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21966RedmineFeatureNewProyecto: "Proyecto de renovación estratégica basado en T.I.C. para comercios especializados locales”.2016-02-06 15:56Projects
21963RedminePatchNewGerman translations for 3.2 (for r15124)2016-02-05 20:38Translations
21961RedminePatchNewTraditional Chinese translation (to r15147) 2016-02-05 09:38Translations
21960RedmineFeatureNewNotification for overdue task to a specific person (Not assignee)2016-02-05 08:19Email notifications
21958RedmineFeatureNewAutomatical reverse links to wiki/forums from issues2016-02-05 08:06
21957RedmineFeatureNewOption ignore whitespace in Wiki diff2016-02-05 05:05Wiki
21956RedmineFeatureNewLinks to modules2016-02-04 20:38Text formatting
21955RedmineFeatureNewLink to a repositories2016-02-04 20:08Text formatting
21950RedmineFeatureNewAPI Metadata2016-02-04 13:35REST API
21949RedmineDefectNeeds feedback500 error when adding attachment to issue with name 90989623640.xls 2016-02-05 12:10Attachments
21948RedmineFeatureNewRestrict display of the release year in the footer2016-02-04 09:12Security
21947RedminePatchNeeds feedbackImprove page header title for deeply nested project structures (+ improved XSS resilience)2016-02-05 01:57UI
21944RedminePatchNewBugfix: Hide custom field link values from being shown when value is empty2016-02-03 22:41Custom fields
21942RedminePatchNewCzech lang typo2016-02-03 17:21Translations
21938RedmineFeatureNewIssues display start / due dates on Parent task even if calculated from subtasks2016-02-05 08:34Issues
21931RedminePatchNewSimplified Chinese translation for trunk2016-02-03 03:41Translations
21930RedmineFeatureNewChange priority depending on the due date2016-02-02 22:17Project settings
21927RedmineFeatureNewEmail notification about overdue issues2016-02-03 18:57Issues
21926RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackInternet Explorer 11: Filter not working2016-02-03 08:31Issues filter
21924RedmineFeatureNewFormatting buttons on long text custom fields2016-02-02 10:58Text formatting
21923RedmineFeatureNewnet-ldap 0.12.0 - 0.12.1 dropped support of UTF-82016-02-02 13:04LDAP
21909RedmineFeatureNewIssues visibility in roles: Issues where user is a watcher2016-02-04 02:07Issues permissions
21900RedmineDefectResolvedMoving a page with a child raises an error if target wiki contains a page with the same name as the child2016-01-31 14:17Wiki
21869RedmineFeatureNewAdd number of filtered items in a query title2016-01-28 13:41
21867RedminePatchResolvedAdd column `estimated_hours` for CSV import.2016-01-30 16:19Importers

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