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22940RedmineDefectNewWhy I received mail that contain underscore instead of space in from redmine.2016-05-31 11:31Email receiving
22939RedmineFeatureNewDrop down list for projects in header2016-05-31 09:53UI
22932RedmineDefectNew"Group by" row from issues listing has the colspan attribute bigger with one than the number of columns from the table 2016-05-31 11:36UI
22923RedmineFeatureNewExport Wiki to ODT2016-05-30 12:51Wiki
22922RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackerror, issue view page in ubuntu 14.0.4 chrome2016-05-30 13:44Issues
22915RedmineFeatureNewAdditional filetypes (pdf,tif,tiff) for thumbnails generation2016-05-27 16:49UI
22913RedminePatchNewAuto-select fields mapping in Importing2016-05-27 15:55Importers
22912RedmineDefectResolvedSelecting a new filter on Activities should not reset the date range2016-05-28 13:31Activity view
22911RedminePatchResolvedError raised when importing issue with Key/Value List custom field2016-05-28 13:37Custom fields
22898RedminePatchNew!>image.png! generates invalid HTML2016-05-30 12:51Text formatting
22895RedmineFeatureNewEntering issue comments at the same time shouldn't be synced2016-05-25 11:38Issues
22885RedmineDefectNewWhen I register a task linking a "Parent task", the system gets too slow2016-05-24 22:10Performance
22884RedmineFeatureNewBetter mean for "Assignee" and best practice2016-05-24 14:55
22861RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAllow themes to override responsive style sheet.2016-05-30 10:17Themes
22858RedmineFeatureNewAdd Admin Restriction2016-05-19 19:43Administration
22850RedminePatchNewSpeedup remove_inherited_roles2016-05-25 18:23Performance
22843RedmineDefectNewMarkdown code blocks not inserted properly2016-05-18 11:06Text formatting
22831RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackRest api no longer return estimated time ,hours spent for master tickets2016-05-16 16:16
22822RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackTracker configuration page don't show actual project hiearchy2016-05-15 17:35Administration
22819RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackInternal Error while create new issue2016-05-17 14:51Administration
22810RedmineFeatureNewRequest: adding tracker id/name to REST /time_entries response (like we already have project info in responses)2016-05-26 07:34REST API
22807RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackrbpdf 1.19.0 breaks the encoding2016-05-12 19:09PDF export
22802RedmineFeatureNewAdd the posibility to set/change the position of an issue in a version2016-05-12 09:03Issues planning
22798RedminePatchNewfetching of Git changesets sometimes fails due to non existant revisions in prev_db_heads2016-05-17 17:40SCM
22795RedminePatchNewrender custom field values of enumerations in API requests2016-05-26 11:24REST API

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