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19209RedmineDefectNewAulas de Informática na ONG Atitude Cooperação2015-02-27 00:45Time tracking
19208RedmineFeatureNewRecursos2015-02-27 00:33Rails support
19207RedmineFeatureNewMetodologia2015-02-27 00:27Project settings
19206RedmineFeatureNewConteúdo Programático2015-02-27 00:36Project settings
19205RedmineFeatureNewObjetivos específicos das aulas2015-02-27 00:24Project settings
19204RedmineFeatureNewAulas de Informática na ONG Atitude Cooperação2015-02-27 00:21Database
19203RedmineFeatureNewThe image is blocked (Bugs/support) 2015-02-26 20:28Attachments
19199RedmineDefectNewAcknowledgment of receipt2015-02-26 19:31Email notifications
19198RedmineDefectNewAn error occurred while sending mail (SMTP-AUTH requested but missing secret phrase)2015-02-26 16:59
19197RedminePatchNewMissing notification if assignee was a group2015-02-26 14:46Issues
19193RedmineDefectNewCustom Field definition inconsistency2015-02-26 09:19Issues
19192RedmineDefectNew"rake" command is showing error, `x64_mingw` is not a valid platform. 2015-02-26 09:21
19190RedmineFeatureNewhow to add image in email footer2015-02-26 06:04
19189RedmineDefectNewMultiple users cannot access the same page. 2015-02-26 12:27Performance
19188RedminePatchNewAdd Hooks to Issue Show View above and below floating changesets2015-02-25 22:01Plugin API
19187RedmineDefectNewRoadmap links in subproject 2015-02-25 17:30Roadmap
19185RedmineDefectNewUpdate Wiki Install/Upgrade guide for 3.x version and get gid of DEPRECATION WARNING: You didn't set config.secret_key_base2015-02-25 13:56Documentation
19182RedmineFeatureNewPatch to the Redmine Mail Handler for specifying a custom CA bundle2015-02-25 09:40Email receiving
19181RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackSomething wrong with sl.yml file: expects it to return a hash, but does not2015-02-25 18:47Translations
19179RedmineDefectNewVery slow performance on editing issues when projects have inherit members checked2015-02-25 07:57Performance
19174RedmineDefectNeeds feedback500 Internal error: NoMethodError2015-02-26 04:13
19173RedmineDefectNewTrac Migrate Script with Redmine 3.02015-02-24 20:43Ruby support
19172RedmineDefectNew"gem update bundler" suggestion for "`x64_mingw` is not a valid platform"2015-02-25 12:03
19171RedmineFeatureNew"any open / none open" filter for ( follows / blocked ) relationships2015-02-24 17:07Issues
19169RedmineFeatureNewProject link shown as "Project name" for user with no access to it2015-02-24 14:03

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