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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
22701RedmineFeatureNewMulti-Pass CSV import to improve parent issue imports2016-05-02 15:26
22695RedmineDefectNewRevision content message is not escaped2016-05-01 12:28Issues
22694RedmineDefectNewAssociated revision content is not escaped2016-05-01 12:28Issues
22693RedminePatchNewAdd styles for pre in email notifications2016-04-30 09:40Email notifications
22676RedmineFeatureNewStatic issue list URLs2016-04-30 08:01Issues
22675RedmineFeatureNewSave search option2016-04-29 13:55Search engine
22670RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackEmail reminder sent even if ticket is closed2016-04-29 13:28Email notifications
22668RedminePatchNewJapanese translation update (r15354)2016-04-29 04:23Translations
22657RedmineFeatureNewRFE: Add option to display the Watchers list in all email notifications2016-04-28 06:37Email notifications
22656RedmineFeatureNewRFE: Add ability to toggle login permission for accounts2016-04-28 06:33Accounts / authentication
22638RedmineDefectNewcreating with REST API new issue on a project without any tracker enabled return misleading error message2016-04-26 23:50REST API
22635RedmineDefectConfirmedGet news notification even though unwatch2016-04-26 17:16News
22634RedmineFeatureNew"File" type custom field2016-04-30 06:15Custom fields
22621RedmineFeatureNewLinked/conditional custom fields2016-04-23 15:48Custom fields
22611RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackunable to use rest api2016-04-22 09:11Security
22608RedminePatchNew Enable filtering versions on Project -> Settings -> Versions2016-05-01 07:42Project settings
22607RedminePatchNewSearch in custom fields and issues2016-04-21 22:16Search engine
22601RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability not to emit "update emails" when doing mass-update of tickets2016-04-22 22:38Email notifications
22600RedmineFeatureNewAdd warning when loosing data from custom fields when moving tickets between projects2016-04-21 08:58Issues
22597RedmineFeatureNewAdd time - select activity: use radion button instead of select list (usability)2016-04-21 06:21
22596RedmineFeatureNewUser wise document 2016-04-21 05:40Documents
22594RedmineFeatureNewOptimize retrieve_previous_and_next_issue_ids2016-04-21 00:08
22593RedmineFeatureNewOAuth registration and login (Facebook, Google ..)2016-04-21 01:58Accounts / authentication
22581RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackVersion 3.2.1. and on Version 3.2.0. add new custom field creates internal server error2016-04-29 11:39
22575RedminePatchNewEnable updating private_notes property on journal edit form2016-05-02 03:51Issues

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