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21328RedmineDefectNewpdf: Vietnamese Italic is not shown2015-11-25 07:52PDF export
21327RedmineFeatureNewLooking for a plugin that will help see clearly in my tickets list2015-11-25 06:43Plugin Request
21312RedminePatchNewFix exception in when authenticating anonymous users2015-11-25 03:14SCM extra
21311RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackNothing happen when project in issue is changed.2015-11-24 13:38Issues
21309RedmineFeatureNewCustom field link - validate link2015-11-25 11:58Custom fields
21292RedmineDefectNewimage in child wiki not show when exporting wik to pdf2015-11-21 15:13PDF export
21290RedmineFeatureNewWatch on version2015-11-21 12:05Roadmap
21282RedminePatchNewRemove left position from gantt issue tooltip2015-11-19 17:01Gantt
21267RedmineDefectResolvedtask redmine:attachments:prune doesn't physically delete attachment files2015-11-18 11:51Attachments
21263RedmineDefectNewList in Sidebar2015-11-19 16:10
21262RedmineFeatureNewOn the Fly creation from LDAP - email collision2015-11-17 20:55Accounts / authentication
21260RedmineDefectConfirmedA user who cannot see issue can be watcher2015-11-23 09:46Issues
21259RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackFiles Module Information is so limited2015-11-18 09:11Files
21258RedminePatchNewUse <ul> to do pagination, styling in a GitHub like manner with improved handling in responsive mode2015-11-21 09:39UI
21257RedminePatchNewUse PDF icon for "Also available in PDF"2015-11-24 01:46UI
21256RedminePatchNewUse CSS instead of image_tag() to show icons for better theming support2015-11-17 15:32UI
21249RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to filter issues by assigned version attributes e.g. release date2015-11-17 08:57Search engine
21234RedmineFeatureNewNotificationsysten Changes2015-11-13 17:44Email notifications
21231RedmineDefectNewWorkflow setup issues2015-11-13 15:56Administration
21227RedmineDefectNewEmail reminders sent for closed issues2015-11-13 10:54Email notifications
21224RedmineFeatureNewAssign a priority to a category2015-11-12 12:57Issues
21222RedmineDefectNewActiveRecord::StatementInvalid when trying to update user_setup2015-11-12 11:53Database
21219RedmineDefectNewDate pickers images for start/due date fields are not shown for issues with subtasks2015-11-16 13:36Issues
21218RedmineDefectNewText with apostrophe (') followed by italic does not render2015-11-11 10:57Text formatting
21210RedmineDefectNewIssues and Spent Time of closed subprojects are included on the overview page, but are not included on the issues, gantt or spent time details/report pages2015-11-10 22:14Projects

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