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27229RedmineDefectNewpublic_suffix requires Ruby version >= 2.02017-10-19 14:34Gems support
27228RedmineDefectNewoutgoing email doesn't work after 3.4.3 upgrade2017-10-19 14:40Email notifications
27202RedmineDefectNewif attachment filename contain semicolon ";" we get RecodNotFound error on web server puma2017-10-16 15:55Attachments
27165RedmineDefectNewDelete_all_members2017-10-11 13:45Projects
27153RedmineDefectConfirmedCustom query breaks calendar view with error 5002017-10-16 00:12Calendar
27126RedmineDefectNewBreadcrumbs and Drop-down List corrupted2017-10-05 05:34UI
27110RedmineDefectNewChanging the tracker to a tracker with the tracker field set to read-only won't work2017-10-17 05:43Issues
27108RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackBug in creation of "custom queries" to view issues in a given way2017-10-15 14:21
27101RedmineDefectNewProject identifier model constraint doesn't match with text_project_identifier_info and JS-generated identifiers2017-09-29 17:17Project settings
27071RedmineDefectNewError testing LDAPS Connection: "Unable to connect (hostname X.X.X.X does not match the server certificate)"2017-10-19 14:48LDAP
27067RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackMissed task for redmine:plugins:test2017-09-25 05:44
27048RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackunable to update issues through API2017-09-21 12:09Custom fields
27043RedmineDefectNewSVN repos with spaces allow for browsing but not file viewing2017-09-20 04:11SCM
27038RedmineDefectNewLost Password link on login page is not accessible on iOS VoiceOver2017-10-19 08:21UI
26974RedmineDefectNewCollapse macro conflicts with header section edit buttons2017-09-15 13:27Wiki
26892RedmineDefectNewLink to user in wiki syntax only works when login is written in lower case2017-10-11 17:24Text formatting
26880RedmineDefectNewCannot clear all watchers when copying an issue2017-09-20 10:34Issues
26836RedmineDefectNewFiltering issues via context menu should not reset selected columns2017-09-04 10:47Issues list
26785RedmineDefectConfirmedWrong columns after CSV export2017-09-24 03:41Issues filter
26778RedmineDefectNewWrong CSS class for themes if its name includes "_" or " "2017-09-17 18:38Themes
26708RedmineDefectNewDiff formatting results empty lines if they contains HTML tags2017-08-16 22:49Text formatting
26705RedmineDefectConfirmedUnable to download file if custom field is not defined as visible to any users2017-10-15 13:38Custom fields
26699RedmineDefectNewAnonymous user should have their icon2017-10-16 01:10UI
26691RedmineDefectNewN + 1 queries when rendering the Gantt2017-08-15 18:59Performance
26679RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackEdit Journal - Can't verify CSRF token authenticity2017-08-14 15:39

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