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30177RedminePatchNewThumbnail lifecycle: reuse thumbs from identical files, delete thumbs when diskfile is deleted2018-12-12 02:22Attachments
30176RedmineDefectNewAnonymous users cannot upload attachment if added to project member 2018-12-11 06:56Attachments
30170RedminePatchNewChange Japanese translation for "note"2018-12-12 14:11Translations
30168RedmineDefectNewInconsistent wrapping of "splitcontentright" and "splitcontentleft" containers2018-12-10 00:12UI
30167RedminePatchNewReplace ajax-indicator with a waiting cursor2018-12-09 23:23UI
30165RedmineDefectNewNon used images in Wiki pages are not easily to identify2018-12-09 18:38Wiki
30164RedmineDefectNewMissing images in a wiki page are not visualized2018-12-09 18:38Wiki
30163RedminePatchNewRemove unnecessary tests in test/unit/initializers/patches_test.rb2018-12-09 17:41Code cleanup/refactoring
30162RedminePatchNewWiki page collapse block image is not displayed in exported PDF.2018-12-09 16:01PDF export
30161RedmineDefectNewIncorrect supported Ruby version in doc/INSTALL2018-12-09 17:48Documentation
30125RedmineDefectNewCan't be distinguished when deleting multiple attachments with the same file name in one action.2018-12-09 02:07Attachments
30118RedmineFeatureNewRuby 2.6 support2018-12-10 14:46Ruby support
30117RedmineFeatureNewConditional fixing keywords2018-12-06 13:55Issues workflow
30115RedminePatchNewVersion fixed_issues extension : use a module to be able to override2018-12-06 17:21Code cleanup/refactoring
30114RedmineDefectNewInstalling xpath with Bundler fails in Ruby <=2.22018-12-06 08:24Gems support
30112RedmineFeatureNewOption to stop sending reminders on non-working days2018-12-06 06:44Email notifications
30104RedmineDefectNewCannot change Project inside Issue2018-12-07 06:33Issues
30099RedmineDefectNewConsecutive line breaks in a pre element are not rendered in Textile2018-12-05 03:58Text formatting
30086RedmineFeatureNewUse HTTP status code 403 instead of 401 when REST API is disabled2018-12-10 21:28REST API
30074RedmineDefectNewPuma shouldn't be included in the Gemfile2018-12-01 20:06Gems support
30073RedmineDefectNewAjax Request Returns 200 but an error event is fired instead of success2018-12-01 19:41REST API
30070RedmineDefectNewUnable to update assignee with rdm-mailhandler.rb2018-12-01 14:36Email receiving
30069RedmineFeatureNewIntegrate Redmine with GitLab (or other free CI system for open source) to run tests2018-12-02 11:07
30067RedmineDefectNewAbout installation2018-12-01 07:57Performance
30055RedmineDefectNewKeep it from one job to the next2018-12-05 08:45

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