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29661RedmineDefectNewInternal server error when trying to reply to forum topic2018-09-23 04:01Website (
29660RedmineFeatureNewControl over HTTP Referrer Configuration2018-09-22 13:23Security
29654RedmineFeatureNewAdding a text box in the settings page to take recursive data2018-09-21 08:18Project settings
29649RedminePatchNewRake task to export wiki to HTML/PDF2018-09-20 19:45Wiki
29643RedmineDefectNewIssue filter broken for custom fields that are 'remote'2018-09-19 09:51Issues filter
29631RedmineFeatureNewAdd support to include repository file content in Wiki2018-09-17 21:10Wiki
29625RedmineDefectNewapplication.css imported by themes not covered by cache control versioning2018-09-18 01:28Themes
29622RedmineDefectNewAdding a 'Custom Field' to 'Activities (time tracking)' prevents time entry on project change2018-09-17 10:36Time tracking
29617RedmineFeatureNewPage link embeds/Open graph2018-09-21 10:32Text formatting
29614RedminePatchNewredmine:email:read and rdm-mailhandler.rb should use safe_receive instead of receive2018-09-15 16:26Email receiving
29607RedmineDefectNewAllow project column to break into new line in time entry table2018-09-18 09:37UI
29606RedminePatchNewSupport self-signed LDAPS connections2018-09-14 10:04Accounts / authentication
29605RedmineDefectNewRedmine doesn't recover from DB timeouts with TinyTds and MS SQL2018-09-13 14:08Database
29601RedmineDefectNewWhen using 'svn checkout' to acquire Redmine, Redmine::VERSION::revision should be 'Last Changed Rev'2018-09-18 03:46Administration
29596RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackFilter by subproject not working2018-09-12 22:39Issues filter
29595RedmineFeatureNewHyperlinks with dash | m-files://2018-09-12 14:00Text formatting
29594RedminePatchNewAdd view hook to insert content between issue details associated changeset section2018-09-12 10:09Hook requests
29589RedminePatchNew"Default status" of "New tracker" page needs to set initial value.2018-09-18 03:46Administration
29588RedmineFeatureNewThere should be a way to avoid adding paragraph to a Textile block 2018-09-11 23:59
29581RedmineDefectNewIssues in paginated views may be lost because sorting criteria are not unique2018-09-20 10:22Issues list
29520RedmineFeatureNewIssues Section/Tab -Allow user to select 'Subtasks' column to see on issues list very similar the way currently 'Related Issues' column is available.2018-09-08 04:23Issues list
29513RedmineFeatureNewRedmine usability on Percona XtraDB cluster2018-09-07 13:07Database
29512RedmineDefectNewTest failures with in development mode2018-09-06 10:56
29511RedmineDefectNewcpu 100%2018-09-06 09:47
29503RedmineFeatureNewHow can I hide wiki versions from Search Engines2018-09-09 03:14SEO
29501RedmineFeatureNewAllow addition of watcher group via bulk edit context menu2018-09-05 13:56Issues
29496RedmineDefectNewEmail addresses which includes slashes are wrongly linked2018-09-16 03:38Text formatting
29492RedmineFeatureNewInformation custom field2018-09-04 17:41Custom fields
29491RedmineFeatureNewAlias in "custom fields" and in "category"2018-09-04 17:31Custom fields
29490RedmineFeatureNewAbility to restrict time logging on certain tracker types2018-09-04 08:33Time tracking
29489RedminePatchNewIssue macro for flexible linking to issues2018-09-12 16:57Wiki
29482RedminePatchNewQuery system for Projects page2018-09-18 07:35Projects
29476RedmineDefectNewUpdate net-ldap to 0.16.02018-09-14 07:13Gems support
29473RedmineFeatureNewHandle Ctrl+Enter while editing issue2018-09-12 16:44UI
29470RedmineFeatureReopenedPossibility to mark tracker as "Subtask only"2018-09-01 16:18Issues
29461RedmineDefectNewReceiving E-Mails via IMAP strips attached emails if "truncate after these lines is configured"2018-09-12 16:43Email receiving
29459RedminePatchReopenedAdd admin flag to users API2018-09-20 17:19REST API
29454RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackError 500 while creating new issue2018-09-01 08:01Issues
29451RedmineFeatureNewReplace tables with components based on nested div containers2018-08-29 09:12UI - Responsive
29450RedmineDefectNewAddressing the test issues problem on Redmine.org2018-08-28 16:00Website (
29449RedmineFeatureNewIssues from closed projects are displayed on user's My Page2018-09-07 20:35My page
29443RedmineFeatureNewUpdate mail gem to 2.72018-08-27 13:58Gems support
29442RedmineDefectNewVendor-defined characters in ISO-2022-JP break issue's subject2018-08-27 13:22Email receiving
29441RedminePatchNewRemove code related to JRuby and unsupported Ruby versions2018-09-19 17:03Code cleanup/refactoring
29426RedmineFeatureNewAdd Admin as Manager on Project Creation2018-08-22 16:28Projects
29424RedminePatchNewConvert migration file from 4.2 to 5.22018-08-22 13:44Database
29418RedmineDefectNewUser cannot set version sharing to hierarchy or tree2018-08-21 22:25Roadmap
29416RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackDo not show Git revisions 2018-08-26 20:58SCM
29406RedminePatchNewuse sorted instead of sort2018-08-18 15:08Code cleanup/refactoring
29405RedmineFeatureNewSupport header Content Security Policy 2018-08-18 14:31Security
29402RedmineFeatureNewInclude attachment editing permissions into the Field permissions in the workflow2018-08-17 15:07Issues workflow
29395RedminePatchNeeds feedback[Feature] Pagination between repository entries and attachments of the same container2018-09-21 07:40Attachments
29391RedminePatchNewShow version status in Roadmap and Version pages2018-09-17 16:18UI
29378RedminePatchNeeds feedbackMore call_hooks for projects, issue statusses, time entries, etc.2018-08-23 13:22Hook requests
29365RedmineDefectNewMailHandlerTest#test_add_issue_with_localized_attributes fails with mail gem 2.7.02018-08-14 11:14Gems support
29354RedmineFeatureNewDue Date alert email notifications2018-08-10 04:48Email notifications
29321RedmineFeatureNewMove the watchers list to issue section2018-08-09 18:12UI
29312RedmineDefectNewSpent time report does not show all logged time entries with parent task in different projects2018-08-01 16:45Time tracking
29300RedminePatchNewNew issue can't select read-only tracker2018-08-05 07:49Issues workflow
29291RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackNoMethodError: undefined method `migrate' for Redmine::Plugin::Migrator:Class2018-07-31 08:20Plugin Request
29289RedminePatchNewWrap subprojects in the overview section with an unordered list to improve customisation.2018-08-04 08:39UI
29286RedmineFeatureNewAdd default spent time activity per role2018-09-09 02:45Time tracking
29285RedminePatchNewAdd "Assign to me" shortcut to issue edit form2018-09-09 02:44UI
29275RedminePatchResolvedUpdate French translations2018-08-24 17:37Translations
29272RedmineFeatureNewCreate several relations at the same time2018-07-25 07:27REST API
29268RedmineDefectNewCan't include attachments or relations with Issues API2018-07-25 10:27REST API
29263RedminePatchNewMove issue attributes to their own section in issue page2018-07-23 23:20UI
29259RedminePatchNewAttachments Controller squanders CodeRay's capabilities2018-08-11 00:24Attachments
29254RedminePatchNewStart date and due date in issue email notification2018-07-24 07:38Email notifications
29250RedmineDefectNewProblem with high RAM usage 2018-07-26 11:33Performance
29245RedminePatchNewGender neutralized child/parent adjectives for some latin languages2018-07-25 22:12I18n
29227RedmineDefectNewCode modifier @ disables generation of URL links2018-07-12 12:44Text formatting
29225RedmineFeatureNewAdd role condition to << my projects >> filter2018-07-19 13:17Issues filter
29219RedmineFeatureNewConfigure email truncation per tracker or project2018-07-10 16:55Email receiving
29218RedmineFeatureNewCannot lock a Wiki page using REST API2018-07-10 16:14REST API
29216RedminePatchNewReplace the searchbox label in the header with a placeholder2018-07-30 03:58UI
29214RedmineFeatureNewButton to copy PRE block content to clipboard2018-07-09 18:58UI
29209RedmineDefectNewLong text custom fields don't accept values longer than 64KB if backend database is MySQL2018-07-09 02:17Custom fields
29208RedmineFeatureNewIDN support for email addresses of user accounts2018-09-16 03:16Accounts / authentication
29203RedmineFeatureNewAdd a button all/none to add watchers 2018-07-26 11:31UI
29195RedmineDefectNewRegular expression for Long text formatted custom fields does not work multiline2018-07-05 06:31Custom fields
29193RedmineFeatureNewFinish Restoring Guide 2018-08-06 15:08Documentation
29187RedmineFeatureNewAdd image to a wiki page who's attached to another wiki page2018-07-17 11:24Text formatting
29185RedminePatchNewAdd my_page to the application menu2018-07-05 18:03UI
29184RedminePatchNewAdd home to the application menu2018-07-05 06:49UI
29183RedmineFeatureNewSwap positions of "Members" and "Latest news" on overview page2018-07-15 02:07UI
29172RedmineDefectNewMarkdown: External links broken2018-07-03 17:38Issues
29171RedminePatchNewAdd missing index to custom_values2018-07-04 14:42Performance
29164RedmineFeatureNewMake the terms overwrite from the Redmine administration screen.2018-07-01 17:15Administration
29161RedminePatchNewAvoid SQL errors when adding a project custom field as a time report criteria2018-09-20 19:26Custom fields
29160RedminePatchNewRemove unused and broken method CustomField.visibility_condition2018-06-30 08:07Code cleanup/refactoring
29158RedmineDefectNewAPI don't shows value label of a costum field2018-07-01 02:16REST API
29151RedminePatchNewAdd honorific suffixes ("san") in Japanese translation2018-07-04 12:40Translations
29142RedminePatchNewJapanese translation improvement (password related strings)2018-06-27 16:18Translations
29128RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAPI: Issue Relation create does not work2018-06-28 09:36REST API
29094RedmineDefectNewEmail reply looses indentation in pre-block2018-07-01 02:16Email notifications
29076RedmineDefectNewDont return to Parent Task on Submit2018-07-05 01:41Issues
29069RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAPI reports wrong date for time spent if issue start date is greater than spent_on date2018-07-03 09:12Time tracking
29055RedmineDefectNewSearching for issue number with REST API redirects to issue HTML page2018-06-19 14:00REST API
29048RedmineFeatureNewWiki page permission level2018-06-22 17:19Wiki

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