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29048RedmineFeatureNewWiki page permission level2018-06-18 21:36Wiki
29045RedminePatchNewChange Japanese translation for Tracker2018-06-19 10:36Translations
29043RedmineDefectNewDropdown Project Search list is sorted in weird order2018-06-18 05:25Projects
29041RedmineFeatureNewUpdate session token only once per minute2018-06-18 11:06Performance
29038RedmineDefectNewthumbnail macro causes attachment file not found and broken filename and link 2018-06-17 17:29Attachments
29036RedmineDefectNew"Assigned to" filter on the issues page works only on second attempt2018-06-16 09:56Issues filter
29034RedmineFeatureNewOption to collapse/expand issue sections2018-06-15 07:07UI
29033RedminePatchNewMove attachments to their own section in issue page2018-06-15 13:47UI
29028RedmineDefectNewRedmine generates notification emails that fail DMARC and will therefore often be rejected or quarantined2018-06-16 06:03Email notifications
29027RedmineFeatureNewAdd more structure to the issues view by using tabs2018-06-14 22:59UI
29023RedmineDefectNewCan't see subtask created in a issue 2018-06-13 04:06Issues
28996RedminePatchNewUpdate Redmine::Plugin document2018-06-14 04:21Documentation
28969RedmineFeatureNewSearch titles only: make configurable or remember last value2018-06-06 11:33Search engine
28967RedmineDefectNewcould the RESTAPI be used in the plugin with auth again?2018-06-06 07:20REST API
28953RedmineDefectNewIssue content gets lost if user deletes an attachment2018-06-05 10:28Issues
28950RedmineFeatureNewDue date redmine 2018-06-05 09:50Email notifications
28947RedmineFeatureNewShow the existing attachments on the wiki editing page2018-06-17 18:01Wiki
28940RedminePatchNewreduce allocations2018-06-17 18:23Performance
28934RedminePatchNew[Rails 5.2] support migration context2018-06-02 00:38Performance
28933RedminePatchNewMigrate to Rails 5.22018-06-12 10:00Gems support
28930RedmineDefectNew[Rails 5.2] sanitize dangerous query statements2018-06-01 22:09Code cleanup/refactoring
28925RedmineDefectConfirmedCustom field values for enumerations not saved2018-06-19 02:49Custom fields
28920RedmineDefectNewRedmine::VERSION::revision method may fail due to hardcoded svn command name2018-06-03 06:40Administration
28916RedmineFeatureNewCan export the Gantt to a colorful, one color for each member?2018-05-31 08:48Gantt
28895RedminePatchNewview_projects_copy_only_items hook2018-05-28 10:02Hook requests
28882RedmineDefectNewGDPR compliance2018-05-25 14:34Website (
28878RedmineDefectNewEmail does not support Russian-language domains.2018-05-27 14:00Accounts / authentication
28874RedmineDefectNewMailHandler does not log exceptions caught2018-05-24 17:32Email receiving
28871RedmineDefectNewAdding the window AD activity directory to verify redmine permissions is failed2018-05-27 04:18
28868RedmineFeatureNewAdd Close/Reopen button on admin#projects page2018-05-24 02:30Administration
28865RedmineDefectNewCustom Version "2018-05-23 15:51Custom fields
28864RedmineDefectResolvedInternal Server Error on query with users2018-05-28 15:00Custom fields
28861RedminePatchNewAdd a date item to the context menu2018-06-13 22:33UI
28832RedminePatchNewAllow email to create and reply to forum messages2018-05-22 22:21Email receiving
28827RedmineFeatureNewAppointment scheduling2018-05-21 13:11Issues
28823RedmineFeatureNewMulti-format markup for text fields2018-05-21 08:21Text formatting
28819RedmineFeatureNewIssue visibility: issues where custom field=certain value2018-05-19 16:44Custom fields
28807RedmineDefectNewCannot search in a case-insensitive manner2018-05-28 04:39
28795RedmineDefectNewFeature Request: Track Updated Date on Journal Entries2018-05-16 23:19Issues
28793RedmineDefectNewRedmine replaces tabs with spaces in code blocks2018-05-16 18:57Text formatting
28774RedmineDefectResolvedInternal Error when Submit the Description with Vietnamese in Unicode fonts2018-05-15 10:44Issues
28773RedmineDefectNewPDF export does not display most Vietnamese characters.2018-05-19 16:32PDF export
28771RedminePatchNewAllow adding multiple entities when performing multiple searches in modals2018-05-22 06:28UI
28770RedmineDefectNewRest API with Curl API Key?2018-05-14 13:29
28734RedmineDefectConfirmedEdit This Section broken by formatted code2018-05-19 03:43Text formatting
28724RedmineFeatureNewReset the API key when changing/resetting user passwords?2018-05-09 16:38Accounts / authentication
28708RedmineDefectNewProject display should have text belonging to project in same column2018-05-27 08:22Projects
28705RedmineDefectNew403/Not allowed on issue view for non member users2018-05-08 11:02Permissions and roles
28678RedmineFeatureNewAlow to filter projects where the specific role is used2018-05-05 09:24Projects
28672RedmineDefectNewBrowsing of single file projects using SVN does not work2018-05-02 13:12SCM
28669RedmineDefectNewProject filter is (sometimes) ignored in CSV export2018-05-01 05:34Issues filter
28662RedminePatchNewReplace "Cancel" buttons from the modals with "Cancel" link2018-05-13 02:09UI
28638RedmineFeatureNewFilter by issue statuses on reminder task2018-04-26 14:21Email notifications
28636RedmineDefectNewCannot find an issue from a closed subproject2018-04-26 09:18Issues list
28624RedmineDefectResolvedHow to hide "Non member" and "Anonymous" from admin/groups page.2018-04-28 13:18
28618RedminePatchNewDatepicker is called incorrectly2018-04-24 14:12Calendar
28616RedmineFeatureNewHandle image orientation of attachments and thumbnails2018-04-24 13:53Attachments
28609RedmineDefectNewError 404 on configure plugin2018-04-23 14:08Plugin API
28605RedminePatchNewAdd the missing icon class to the items with icons from the contextual menu2018-04-26 02:45Code cleanup/refactoring
28603RedmineFeatureNewedit issue subject as bulk2018-04-22 15:28Issues
28602RedminePatchNew[Gantt] Move edit and delete buttons for queries to the buttons section2018-05-08 13:15Gantt
28595RedmineDefectNewPlease remove font definition from the body element.2018-04-21 09:21UI
28594RedmineFeatureNewPlease remove letter-spacing as it looks ugly.2018-04-23 02:13Website (
28576RedmineDefectNewRedmine rejects e-mail but adds the attachment2018-04-23 18:32
28565RedmineDefectConfirmedPDF export has too many whitespace2018-04-30 02:40PDF export
28564RedminePatchNewJSON API responses cannot have elements named 'request' or 'response'2018-05-20 06:11REST API
28563RedmineDefectNewDue date is not visible2018-04-16 17:59Issues filter
28558RedmineDefectNewOpenLDAP2018-04-21 03:59Accounts / authentication
28552RedmineFeatureNewWatcher can't see issue when it assign to user from another group2018-04-13 09:21Groups
28551RedmineFeatureNewrest api groups permissoins2018-04-13 09:13REST API
28539RedmineFeatureNewjournal query2018-04-12 11:43
28536RedmineFeatureNewUpgrade Redmine for dummies2018-04-11 20:06Documentation
28529RedmineDefectNewPlugin settings trouble2018-04-11 12:27Plugin API
28511RedmineFeatureNewIssue versions - target version/fixed in version2018-04-09 15:41Issues planning
28510RedminePatchNewShow issue assignee gravatar in roadmap and version page2018-04-24 06:16UI
28509RedminePatchNewhu.yml for Redmine 3.42018-04-09 11:45Translations
28506RedmineDefectNewError Setup Redmine with Win102018-04-09 07:04
28502RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackSupport issue[assigned_to_id]=me when prefilling issues2018-06-10 05:42Issues
28501RedmineDefectNewUpdate copyright year to 20182018-04-07 09:12Code cleanup/refactoring
28492RedmineFeatureNewClose sub-tasks when closing a parent task2018-04-05 11:11Issues
28471RedmineFeatureNewMake "Subtasks" section headers a links to issue query2018-03-31 07:00Issues
28466RedmineFeatureNewdefault assignment based on tracker2018-04-02 06:30Issues
28461RedmineFeatureNewMake defaults for version sharing configurable2018-04-02 06:34Project settings
28447RedmineDefectNewfields_for produces a broken <label for=“”> value2018-03-28 05:08UI
28440RedmineDefectNewAfter commit missing file2018-04-28 09:28Attachments
28414RedmineDefectNewDoes Redmine compatible with MySQL 5.7 or not ?2018-04-11 09:51Database
28413RedmineFeatureNewProject Visibility class2018-06-09 09:30UI
28412RedmineFeatureNewReject plugin same ID with registered one2018-04-02 07:01Plugin API
28409RedmineDefectNewTotal estimated time value not visible when tracker has estimate time field disabled2018-05-28 07:09Issues
28404RedmineDefectNew"Cancel" does not cancel a ticket update2018-03-22 12:49UI
28392RedmineDefectNewStyles for h4, h5 and h6 wiki headings are not defined2018-03-22 14:12Wiki
28388RedmineFeatureNewRFE: System-configurable options to control email rejection criteria2018-03-20 23:03Email receiving
28383RedmineDefectNewcustom field filter on issues list requires other filters to be respected2018-03-20 16:02REST API
28372RedminePatchNewCzech localisation update2018-03-19 14:50Translations
28356RedmineDefectNewJump to a project not showing whole project name2018-03-18 12:11UI
28352RedmineFeatureNewDate custom field color2018-03-17 07:12Issues
28343RedmineDefectNewError to save custom query2018-03-28 09:37Issues filter
28340RedmineDefectNewPlugin Tutorial doesn't work2018-05-10 10:22Documentation
28339RedmineDefectNewSome parts are unseen with dark theme.2018-05-25 11:20UI
28338RedmineFeatureNewMake Redmine Email Delivery compatible with ActiveJob2018-03-26 16:27Email notifications

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