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30467RedminePatchNewSet footer sticky2019-01-19 13:29UI
30466RedminePatchNewRemove unused i18n key "label_all_time"2019-01-19 07:43Code cleanup/refactoring
30464RedmineFeatureNewShow estimated hours on the overview page as well as spent hours2019-01-19 11:29UI
30462RedmineFeatureNewUpdate Developer Guide for Redmine 42019-01-18 14:16Documentation
30459RedmineDefectNewSwitch edit/preview tabs with keybord shortcuts2019-01-18 11:53UI
30457RedmineDefectNewMailHandler.safe_receive does not output any error log2019-01-17 18:03Email receiving
30451RedminePatchNewMove #main-menu outside of the #header to follow directly after the #header insetad2019-01-19 17:40UI
30448RedminePatchNewRemove wrapper2 and wrapper3 wrapping containers2019-01-19 13:02UI
30445RedminePatchNewRemove unnecessary bgl and bgr wrappers from the footer2019-01-17 20:36UI
30441RedmineDefectNewAttachments with unicode uppercase names are not shown in wiki2019-01-16 13:49Attachments
30440RedmineDefectNewCustom Key/value List restrained with text length2019-01-16 13:16Custom fields
30438RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackInternal error after replying isuess 2019-01-15 21:21
30437RedmineDefectNewdb upgrade /Validation failed: Name has already been taken/2019-01-15 15:24Issues
30435RedminePatchNewChange #main block to a flexbox + additional minor fixes to it's direct children.2019-01-18 10:08UI
30434RedmineDefectNewLine height is too large when previewing files with syntax highlighting if the line terminators are CRLF2019-01-15 12:04Attachments
30433RedminePatchNewFlash notices to behave like flash notices :)2019-01-16 18:02UI
30431RedmineDefectNewUseless "Delete issues" tracker permission is shown on the role page for Anonymous and Non-member2019-01-15 07:09Permissions and roles
30429RedmineFeatureNewAutomatic language detection in syntax highlighting2019-01-16 09:45Text formatting
30428RedmineDefectNewAPI upload documentation is wrong2019-01-14 20:51Documentation
30425RedmineDefectNewProblem with Email Receiving2019-01-14 15:58Email receiving
30421RedminePatchNewIssue tracking table on user profile page2019-01-18 09:18UI
30419RedmineFeatureNewDrop support for MySQL 5.52019-01-13 23:56Database
30411RedmineDefectNewFilesystem adapter does not show correct size for large files2019-01-19 16:13SCM
30407RedmineFeatureNewCustom reporting for Redmine2019-01-11 09:35Issues filter
30371RedmineDefectNewTextile formatter generates broken link if a URL is followed by a tag2019-01-10 10:51Text formatting

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