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31260RedminePatchNewChange Japanese translation for permission names2019-04-26 02:37Translations
31259RedmineDefectNewRedmine Datepicker does not show in Firefox 2019-04-25 15:55Calendar
31257RedmineFeatureNewAllow link name (masking the URL)2019-04-24 16:35Custom fields
31256RedminePatchNewgerman translation for missing parts2019-04-25 00:33Translations
31241RedmineDefectNewintermittent 500s ActiveRecord::ConnectionTimeoutError2019-04-25 22:00
31239RedmineDefectNewTranslation missing: text_select_apply_tracker2019-04-25 08:20Translations
31232RedmineDefectNewText may unexpectedly be enclosed in pre tags when an issue is created via HTML email2019-04-21 15:54Email receiving
31231RedmineFeatureNewBetter conversion of HTML tables when receiving emails2019-04-20 10:05Email receiving
31230RedminePatchNewFix: migration fails in MS SQL-Server2019-04-20 14:30Database
31225RedmineFeatureNewShow how many days are left until the due date in reminders2019-04-19 08:57Email notifications
31224RedminePatchNewMy page, add Time Entry queries2019-04-24 00:34My page
31215RedmineFeatureNewMacro child_pages should support reverse order2019-04-17 10:32
31212RedmineFeatureNewAdd the possibility of having a field that tracks a change of status of related issues associated with a task2019-04-16 13:26Custom fields
31206RedmineFeatureNewTracker change, avoid to set blocked status for user changing issue2019-04-23 22:42Issues workflow
31204RedminePatchNewAdd hover styles to buttons2019-04-21 11:28UI
31198RedmineDefectNewDisplay URL LINK in the ticket2019-04-12 18:07Issues
31196RedmineDefectNewjQuery version in use is old and insecure2019-04-12 12:18Security
31186RedmineDefectNewRest API - create issue with custom fields2019-04-10 15:16REST API
31177RedmineDefectNewProblem when editing Time Entry.2019-04-09 13:14Time tracking
31155RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackTime Tracker not calculating Problem2019-04-08 07:01Time tracking
31154RedmineFeatureNewReject setting RFC non-compliant emission email addresses2019-04-09 01:36Administration
31153RedmineDefectNewDisplay horizontal scroll bar of files table when overflow occurs on small screen2019-04-09 15:42UI - Responsive
31152RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackF5 (refresh) doesn't bring me to the same page, but bring me in another page2019-04-08 08:41Activity view
31151RedminePatchNewAdd AppServer to Technical Information page2019-04-05 14:49Administration
31143RedmineFeatureNewCustom field to get the URL to direct access the issue2019-04-04 12:15Issues

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