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21386RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackCannot logon with LDAP2015-12-01 05:07LDAP
10840RedmineFeatureNewallow "stay logged in" from multiple browsers2015-11-30 15:04Accounts / authentication
21382RedmineDefectNewWatcher deletion of inactive user not possible for non-admin user having delete issue watchers permission2015-11-30 12:22Issues
21381RedmineDefectNewRedmine 3.1.0 - Bazaar comments in utf-8 cyrillic symbols2015-11-30 08:49SCM
21379RedmineDefectNewPlugin author is not able to delete plugin versions2015-11-29 23:37Website (
21378RedminePatchNewInclude Documents in Projects API2015-11-29 21:31REST API
13654RedmineDefectConfirmedCan't set parent issue when issue relations among child issues are present2015-11-29 14:12Issues
21123RedmineDefectResolvedExtend a content_type field for Attachment2015-11-29 11:54Attachments
21125RedmineFeatureNewRemoving attachment after rollback transaction2015-11-29 06:52Attachments
5005RedmineFeatureNew"New issue" link near roadmap issue lists.2015-11-29 06:17UI
21258RedminePatchNewUse <ul> to do pagination, styling in a GitHub like manner with improved handling in responsive mode2015-11-29 06:03UI
18875RedmineDefectNew[Rest API][custom field]Why "GET /custom_fields.xml" required the System manager's privilege?2015-11-29 02:23REST API doesn't have a privacy policy2015-11-28 20:18Website (
11707RedmineFeatureNewMoving comments/files from one issue to another 2015-11-28 11:34Issues
19017RedmineDefectNewWiki PDF Export: <pre> not rendered with monospaced font2015-11-28 07:29PDF export
21312RedminePatchResolvedFix exception in when authenticating anonymous users2015-11-28 07:00SCM extra
16948RedmineDefectResolvedBroken anonymous repository access for public projects with Apache 2.4 ( 07:00SCM extra
21375RedmineDefectNewWorking External URLs not documented2015-11-28 00:38Documentation
21373RedmineFeatureNewclosing automatic of issues2015-11-27 19:46
12822RedmineFeatureNewAllow testing of javascript features2015-11-27 13:32Code cleanup/refactoring
1176RedmineFeatureNewRecurring Tasks2015-11-27 13:29Issues
21360RedmineDefectNewTarget version in Issues view2015-11-27 13:14Issues
12811RedmineFeatureNewASCII-8BIT to UTF-8 problems -update net-ldap with net-ldap-1 -v0.4.02015-11-27 09:17Gems support
6571RedmineFeatureNewTotalise numeric columns2015-11-27 09:09Issues
10048RedmineDefectNewSecondary sorting after sorting by parent task2015-11-27 09:01Issues

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