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25198RedmineFeatureNewAdd rank in search result as data attribute2017-03-26 13:47Search engine
25416RedmineDefectReopened"My account" broken with mysql (keyword admin should be escaped on MySQL 8.0)2017-03-26 06:40Database
25197RedmineDefectNewduplicating groups with same project names (sub-project) in issues list2017-03-26 05:48Issues list
5664RedmineFeatureNewCopying documents too when copying a project2017-03-24 18:58Documents
5457RedmineFeatureNewMove files and documets to another project2017-03-24 18:56Documents
25419RedmineFeatureResolvedPortfolio Project Management - Specific use case as an example for a Plugin2017-03-24 12:26Plugin Request
9432RedmineFeatureNewDefault value for the private issue flag2017-03-23 21:08Issues
16195RedmineFeatureNewRole with Issue visibility Permission as "View Issues within current users' group"2017-03-23 19:57Groups
25418RedmineFeatureNewAllow Custom Field Lists to list working links2017-03-23 14:28Custom fields
20287RedminePatchNewAdministration: Using grids instead of tables2017-03-23 14:02Administration
8757RedminePatchNewAdd hook for bulk edit post-save state2017-03-23 13:55Hook requests
24992RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackMailHandler: an unexpected error occurred when receiving email: invalid byte sequence in UTF-82017-03-23 13:00Email receiving
25130RedmineDefectNewsupport of agglutinative languages like Hungarian/Magyar2017-03-23 10:34Translations
25411RedmineDefectNewCustom fields - bulk edit - adding new values or selctions overwrites existing values or selections2017-03-23 09:52Custom fields
21375RedmineDefectNewWorking External URLs not documented2017-03-23 04:47Documentation
25400RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackDocumentation for Rest API issue listing seems incorrect2017-03-23 04:30Documentation
25392RedminePatchNewChange Russian translation for field_due_date and label_relation_new2017-03-23 04:00Translations
25355RedmineDefectNewUnable to edit tracker on issue with status "new" if not "create an issue" selected on profil2017-03-22 19:05Permissions and roles
25402RedminePatchNewstop misusing distance_in_words2017-03-22 17:40Translations
25397RedminePatchNewRussian translation update (r16388)2017-03-22 08:15Translations
16482RedmineDefectNewWrong search query for timelog, when timezone not UTC2017-03-22 04:55Time tracking
3647RedmineFeatureNewData Import/Export System2017-03-22 03:12Importers
1113RedmineFeatureNewLink LDAP groups with user accounts2017-03-21 22:09Accounts / authentication
5742RedmineFeatureNewAssociation of an LDAP group to a Redmine group2017-03-21 22:08LDAP
6202RedmineFeatureNewOn-the-fly group addition based on LDAP sources2017-03-21 22:08LDAP

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