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17023RedmineDefectNewThe error flash message on session expiration is not in the language of the user but of the user of the previous request2014-08-20 22:27I18n
10914RedmineFeatureNewInclude is_private setting in xml/json output 2014-08-20 21:05REST API
10189RedmineDefectNewInline image does not work with spaces in file name2014-08-20 18:31Wiki
17718RedminePatchNewBody delimiters to truncate emails do not take uncommon whitespace into account2014-08-20 18:29Email receiving
17713RedmineDefectNewsend_reminders not reliable2014-08-20 00:12Email notifications
17570RedminePatchNewrfpdf gem patch2014-08-19 23:33PDF export
16260RedmineDefectNewAdd Subtask does not work correctly from tasks with Parent Task field disabled2014-08-19 20:46Issues
16069RedminePatchNewAllow configuration of API limit instead of hardcoding at 1002014-08-19 20:45REST API
1266RedmineFeatureNewFeature: Allow setting multiple target-milestones2014-08-19 20:42Roadmap
5283RedmineFeatureNewAllow more than one parent project i.e. share subprojects2014-08-19 10:22Projects
5457RedmineFeatureNewMove files and documets to another project2014-08-19 08:28Documents
17550RedmineDefectNewSpent time in exported CSV is wrong2014-08-19 05:57Time tracking
17520RedmineDefectNewWhen I edit a saved Query I lose my project focus2014-08-19 05:55
17517RedmineDefectNewAttempting to Add a Related Issue Multiple Times Sequentially Causes 5002014-08-19 05:44UI
17511RedmineDefectNewWiki URL 404 when using markdown2014-08-19 05:34Wiki
1159RedmineFeatureNewAllow Issue Description to be Searchable as a Filter2014-08-18 15:59Issues
13718RedmineFeatureNewExtend JSONP callback handler syntax support2014-08-18 14:43REST API
17705RedminePatchNewImprove incoming email issue subject recognition2014-08-18 13:56Email receiving
17699RedminePatchNewParse email with header "From" in parentheses format2014-08-18 12:53Email receiving
15021RedmineFeatureNewService Level Agreement (SLA), more user-friendly email configuration, add any other notifications2014-08-18 07:24Project settings
1739RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to change issue owner2014-08-18 05:17Issues
17700RedmineDefectNewExcessive DB querying when Allow Group Issue Assignment is enabled2014-08-17 06:56Performance
17679RedmineDefectNewAttached inline image not working2014-08-16 02:11Wiki
11609RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackOverride redmine routes.rb in a plugin in redmine 2.x2014-08-15 23:17Plugin API
5536RedmineFeatureNewSimplify Wiki Page creation ("Add Page")2014-08-15 21:26Wiki

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