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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
23217RedmineDefectNewMouse Issue2016-07-01 06:13
10999RedmineFeatureNewTicket list filter: More flexible filter conditions2016-07-01 03:09Issues filter
23215RedmineFeatureNewAdd the possibility to filter issues after Target Version's Status and Due Date2016-07-01 03:06Issues filter
10412RedmineFeatureNewTarget version filter shoud not show closed versions2016-07-01 00:35Issues
17720RedmineFeatureNewNeed to be able to filter by "updated by"2016-06-30 17:54Issues filter
23212RedmineFeatureNewProject tree size and counter2016-06-30 17:53Projects
4939RedmineFeatureNewList of tasks filtered as OR and not AND2016-06-30 17:52Issues filter
233RedminePatchNewPer project themes patch2016-06-30 17:45Themes
23209RedmineFeatureNewSearch critera should be extended to cover searching the user id names in journals2016-06-30 17:29Search engine
22327RedmineFeatureNewSort Projects by status and custom field values2016-06-30 16:44Projects
22966RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability search/filter project by project's custom fields2016-06-30 16:44Projects
23206RedmineDefectNewWrong filters are applied when exporting issues to CSV with blank filter2016-06-30 16:39
23019RedmineDefectNewMarkdown doesn't recognize mails2016-06-30 13:10Text formatting
8241RedmineFeatureNewAdvanced notification: per user, per project configurable schedule, event filter and notification format2016-06-30 10:08Email notifications
23196RedminePatchResolvedSpeed up Project.allowed_to_condition2016-06-29 20:44Performance
11888RedmineDefectNewNo e-mail notification for non-members who are watchers2016-06-29 19:19Email notifications
7773RedmineDefectNewOnly Redmine administrators can get users from REST API2016-06-29 19:06REST API
23189RedmineDefectNewSpent time by filter, offset by one day2016-06-29 18:15Time tracking
23180RedminePatchResolvedMake the issue id from email notifications linkable to issue page2016-06-29 17:34Email notifications
23198RedmineDefectNewGroup by Category does not group across projects2016-06-29 16:30Issues
23172RedmineDefectResolvedTickets can be assigned to users who are not available in specific tracker2016-06-29 15:59Issues
23010RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackActiveRecord::StaleObjectError in issue bulk update2016-06-29 15:15Issues
23195RedmineDefectNeeds feedbacksearch occurred 500 error2016-06-29 15:15Search engine
5262RedmineFeatureNewDifferent priority levels for different trackers2016-06-29 10:04
23175RedmineDefectResolvedTicket overview table on project page (from 3.2) exposes trackers to user roles with insufficient permissions2016-06-28 22:58Projects

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