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19693RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackContext menu is unaware of the field permissions2015-04-25 11:49Issues
19707RedmineFeatureNewAbility to limit member management to certain roles2015-04-25 10:39Permissions and roles
8757RedminePatchNewAdd hook for bulk edit post-save state2015-04-25 03:50Plugin API
12506RedmineDefectNewWiki links incomplete in generated mail2015-04-24 22:29Email notifications
19706RedminePatchNewIssue show : optimizations2015-04-24 18:16
19704RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackapp/view/issues/show.html.erb partial action_menu called twice2015-04-24 18:05
11088RedmineFeatureNewTime reporting via email2015-04-24 17:30
18552RedmineFeatureNewConfirmation after send email to redmine2015-04-24 13:27Email receiving
13715RedmineFeatureNewshow SCM identifier (repository) in associated revisions2015-04-24 04:20SCM
1712RedmineFeatureNewadd custom fields that are calculations of other fields2015-04-23 20:34Custom fields
17698RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackDate format is incorrect2015-04-23 17:08Roadmap
11805RedmineFeatureNewLink to issue on spent time report2015-04-23 16:00UI
19488RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to configure selectable issue states when creating new ticket2015-04-23 14:21Issues workflow
14979RedmineDefectNewDelete Issues Relation2015-04-23 13:11Issues
19695RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackError occured when need to search word 2015-04-23 11:46
19564RedmineFeatureResolvedHide custom field durint pdf export2015-04-23 11:01Custom fields
19493RedmineFeatureNewAdd watchers to issues collection2015-04-23 10:32Issues
19679RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackOne user reseave values in head of other users2015-04-22 11:48Issues
2585RedmineFeatureNewAdd Modules to hide/display Overview, Activity, Roadmap2015-04-22 11:30Projects
7322RedmineFeatureNewadd ability to filter the activity page2015-04-22 09:40
13347RedmineFeatureNewFiltering by issue subject with wildcard2015-04-21 22:10REST API
1248RedmineFeatureNewPermissions - Edit own issues2015-04-21 18:31Permissions and roles
6277RedminePatchNewREST API for Search2015-04-21 16:37REST API
6523RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackSort order doesn't treat german "umlaute" correct in user listing2015-04-21 14:40I18n
11969RedmineFeatureNewSubtask display fields2015-04-21 13:39Issues

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