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20983RedmineDefectNewFiche technique2015-10-13 21:44
20982RedmineDefectNewCSS HTML_MS2015-10-13 19:06
20981RedmineDefectNewJS HTML_MS2015-10-13 19:06
20980RedmineDefectNewTạo Server cho HTML2015-10-13 19:04
20979RedmineDefectNewJSP HTML_MS2015-10-13 19:03
20978RedmineDefectNewTìm hiểu SPring MVc HTML_Ms2015-10-13 19:01
20977RedmineDefectNewViết API cho HTML_MS2015-10-13 19:00
20976RedmineDefectNewHibernate cho HTML_MS2015-10-13 18:58
20975RedmineDefectNewSet up Spring HTML_MS2015-10-13 18:54
20974RedmineDefectNewDự án HTML_MS2015-10-13 18:32
16484RedmineFeatureNewAdd default timezone to Redmine config2015-10-13 18:29Administration
20973RedmineFeatureNewAEC - Gestão de Pessoas2015-10-13 17:38Projects
11697RedmineDefectNewProblem with Wiki export to PDF / HTML / TXT — 'include' does not includes2015-10-13 15:20Wiki
668RedmineDefectNewDate input fields don't respect date format settings2015-10-13 13:52UI
6277RedminePatchNewREST API for Search2015-10-13 12:24REST API
20732RedminePatchNewMailHandler: Select project by subaddress ( 05:22Email receiving
20967RedmineFeatureNewActivity section doesn't show entries for some Issue changes2015-10-13 00:33Activity view
2585RedmineFeatureNewAdd Modules to hide/display Overview, Activity, Roadmap2015-10-12 12:26Projects
12005RedmineFeatureNewMightful workflow field enhancement: hide2015-10-12 11:35Issues workflow
19974RedmineFeatureNewIssues PDF export looses picture formating2015-10-12 04:51PDF export
10525RedmineFeatureNewA new button to hide/show the sidebar2015-10-11 21:43UI
6687RedmineFeatureNewMaking an issue a subtask leads to loss of issue-property values2015-10-11 21:11Issues
18004RedmineFeatureNewDo NOT hide category and version fields on issue form when no category or version is configured2015-10-10 22:26Issues
5385RedmineDefectNewAll issue statuses shown when creating status filter2015-10-10 13:31Issues
1159RedmineFeatureNewAllow Issue Description to be Searchable as a Filter2015-10-10 09:20Issues

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