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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
18250RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackSubversion Password2014-10-31 23:36SCM
18249RedmineFeatureNewMove DEFAULT_MYPAGE to configuration file2014-10-31 15:25My page
14829RedminePatchNewPatch for setting parent page via REST API2014-10-31 09:55REST API
4687RedmineFeatureNewAdd copy project permission2014-10-31 09:34Projects
18014RedmineFeatureNewRename "New repository" -> "Add repository"2014-10-31 06:30SCM
5450RedmineFeatureNewMove wiki page to other project2014-10-30 22:13Wiki
18245RedmineFeatureNewDocuments REST API2014-10-30 22:13REST API
3848RedmineFeatureNewAllow the current user to record the time spent by another one.2014-10-30 20:59Time tracking
18243RedmineFeatureNewDisplay list of page attachments in edit mode2014-10-30 16:12Wiki
18237RedmineDefectNewFrom a rake task context, impossible to create an IssueRelation normally2014-10-30 09:06Issues
14099RedmineFeatureNewFilter delayed issue2014-10-30 07:27Issues
17582RedmineFeatureNewadvanced awesome calculated computed custom fields2014-10-30 07:08Custom fields
3816RedmineFeatureNewAllow pasting screenshots like it's done in Jira2014-10-30 03:48UI
285RedmineFeatureNewTracker role-based permissioning2014-10-29 23:17Issues workflow
13654RedmineDefectConfirmedCan't set parent issue when issue relations among child issues are present2014-10-29 19:57Issues
4864RedmineFeatureNewGlobal statistics about Redmine usage2014-10-29 16:29Plugin Request
12510RedmineDefectConfirmedIssues PDF export - Spent time2014-10-29 15:39PDF export
18223RedmineDefectNewTable renders wrong is a space is after | symbol.2014-10-29 10:07Text formatting
8897RedmineFeatureNewBe able to reorder tasks/issues in the Gantt chart2014-10-28 21:29Gantt
6417RedmineFeatureNewAllow collapse/expand in Gantt chart2014-10-28 21:28Gantt
14397RedmineFeatureNewGantt sorting as a configurable setting2014-10-28 21:28Gantt
18220RedmineFeatureNewAllow Redmine to run as a Rails Engine2014-10-28 20:23
18148RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackhook controller_account_success_authentication_after not called with auth_sources2014-10-28 19:26Accounts / authentication
16437RedminePatchNewParent task is not wrapped in the Issues list2014-10-28 19:19Issues
8157RedmineDefectNewRedmine do not send notification emails if a recipients email address is not valid2014-10-27 19:01Email notifications

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