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15309RedmineFeatureNewEncrypt email notifications and accept encrypted incoming mail2015-09-04 07:05Email notifications
4895RedmineFeatureNewGnuPG support2015-09-04 07:01Email receiving
20482RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackSuper admin with more than one admin2015-09-04 04:00
20595RedmineFeatureResolvedHierarchical Numbering on headers2015-09-03 23:59Text formatting
20673RedmineDefectResolvedRedmine REST API gives WATCHDOG_CRITICAL on 404 errors2015-09-03 23:26REST API
588RedmineFeatureNewTimelog move/delete2015-09-03 21:49Time tracking
15029RedmineFeatureNewWhen filter by "blocked by" = "any", take into account if blocking issue is already closed (so no really blocking)2015-09-03 20:28Issues
4885RedmineFeatureNewOption to make time log comments field mandatory2015-09-03 20:12Time tracking
20473RedminePatchNewRespect the user's timezone when querying issues2015-09-03 10:48Issues
20663RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackupgrade redmine 2.3 to 3.1 - filters2015-09-03 09:59
12444RedmineFeatureNewAbility to "set as default" settings when creating users2015-09-02 18:24Administration
20661RedminePatchNewShow visible spent time link for users allowed to view time entries.2015-09-02 15:29UI
8016RedmineFeatureNewDrag-and-drop issue (ticket) ordering2015-09-02 12:58Issues
20282RedmineDefectConfirmedCannot Change Project Settings on a Sub-Project if User Role is not permitted to create Sub-Projects.2015-09-02 08:08Project settings
20655RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackRedmine and SVN link server 500 I early contact ruby for several days Everybody to help Log as follows2015-09-02 08:06
20463RedmineDefectConfirmedInternal error when moving an issue to a project without selected trackers and active issue tracking2015-09-02 05:51Issues
20465RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackMailHandler: ignoring email with Auto-Submitted:auto-generated header2015-09-02 05:36Email receiving
20456RedmineDefectResolved3.1-stable/3.1.0: missing commits (omitted from being merged from trunk)2015-09-02 03:20
1712RedmineFeatureNewadd custom fields that are calculations of other fields2015-09-01 23:03Custom fields
20632RedminePatchNewTab left/right buttons for project menu2015-09-01 19:31UI
13259RedmineFeatureNewDrag and drop issue on calendar2015-09-01 16:51Calendar
11832RedmineFeatureNewInteractive calendar2015-09-01 16:50Calendar
20471RedmineFeatureNewOption to highlight the issue tickets or mark them in bold which has latest replies from the users.2015-09-01 14:46Issues workflow
1838RedmineFeatureNewBulk import for LDAP users2015-09-01 11:25Accounts / authentication
20650RedmineDefectNewRemoving Field "Start Date" breaks Calender2015-09-01 09:32Calendar

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