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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
17784RedmineDefectNewError via REST API for creating an Issue2014-09-02 23:07REST API
17783RedmineDefectNewcreate task and make connection 2014-09-02 22:14Issues
17776RedmineFeatureNewAdd an option for the wiki start page to be "index by title"2014-09-02 14:12Wiki
14281RedmineDefectNewParent issue auto complete does not follow to the "Allow cross-project issue relations" administration setting2014-09-02 13:48Issues
6225RedmineFeatureNewAutocomplete for custom fields of type "list"2014-09-02 11:20Custom fields
9754RedmineFeatureNewAdvanced theming with better template engine2014-09-02 10:47UI
17773RedmineFeatureNewShort link in my table2014-09-02 09:54
2585RedmineFeatureNewAdd Modules to hide/display Overview, Activity, Roadmap2014-09-02 09:28Projects
1011RedmineFeatureNewAdd voting to tickets2014-09-02 09:12Issues
5450RedmineFeatureNewMove wiki page to other project2014-09-02 09:05Wiki
17770RedmineDefectNewvery simple fix: that causes many sites to break, and much confusion - incorrect use of .js suffix2014-09-01 16:37
12146RedmineDefectConfirmedRequired (list-, user- or version) custom field "fixed version" with Multiple values allows nil value during status transition2014-09-01 14:26Custom fields
17132RedmineFeatureNewadd ability set "private note" visibility for specific role2014-09-01 11:58Issues permissions
17769RedmineDefectNewExport CSV export not activated custom fields2014-09-01 11:23Custom fields
17737RedmineDefectNewUnable to change the "Activity" value from dropdown "Activity" on the feature2014-09-01 11:08Custom fields
17768RedmineDefectNew(Probably) incorrect display of RTL languages2014-09-01 10:31I18n
17581RedmineDefectNewDrag & Drop does not work with Safari 5.12014-09-01 10:31Attachments
17602RedminePatchNeeds feedbackInclude enabled modules in projects API2014-09-01 09:33REST API
17600RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackCalendar error 500 after install2014-09-01 05:37Calendar
17599RedmineDefectNewPermission "Add notes" is not working2014-09-01 03:34Permissions and roles
11313RedmineFeatureNewAutomatic closing of resolved issues2014-08-30 19:42Issues workflow
12312RedmineFeatureNewRaise 60-character limit for document titles2014-08-30 11:30Documents
13781RedmineDefectNewCJK(Chinese/Japanese/Korean) characters are not shown in PDF on non CJK locales2014-08-30 09:13PDF export
9909RedmineFeatureNewset default search scope of a project2014-08-29 16:12Search engine
8628RedmineDefectNew"Related to" reference may yield circular dependency error message2014-08-29 11:05Issues

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