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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
20248RedmineFeatureNewTest2015-07-06 04:04Documents
20244RedmineDefectNewUpgrade from 2.6 to 3.0 (Stable) :: Is not a valid date by all Date fields2015-07-05 16:41Issues
20231RedmineFeatureNewoffline documentation2015-07-04 17:05Documentation
20234RedmineDefectNeeds feedbacktime_entries.json returns error 500, Invalid Argumends2015-07-04 11:27
20206RedmineDefectNew"View all issues"lists issues nevertheless role has no "View Issues"2015-07-04 10:41Issues
20029RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackmails are not formatting in redmine 3.X either mardown or textile defined2015-07-04 06:23Email notifications
15110RedmineDefectNewWiki annotate is showing wrong versions in which lines were last changed2015-07-04 05:04Website (
20019RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackSetting the default columns for the issue list does not work2015-07-04 04:38Administration
3224RedmineFeatureNewBetter project list2015-07-03 19:08Projects
2117RedmineFeatureNewAlternative view for "Projects" page2015-07-03 19:07UI
19924RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAdding subtask takes very long2015-07-03 17:01Performance
16069RedminePatchNewAllow configuration of API limit instead of hardcoding at 1002015-07-03 16:22REST API
8095RedmineFeatureNewAllow overriding the default text formatting in each project2015-07-03 16:08Text formatting
4885RedmineFeatureNewOption to make time log comments field mandatory2015-07-03 15:31Time tracking
10377RedmineFeatureNewnewly created issues do not include parent information2015-07-03 05:58Email notifications
8177RedmineFeatureNewCustom Field with mathematical calculation2015-07-02 20:05Custom fields
17582RedmineFeatureNewadvanced awesome calculated computed custom fields2015-07-02 20:01Custom fields
20230RedmineFeatureNewissue-dependecies gantt-chart PDF2015-07-02 16:30Gantt
20229RedmineDefectNewlabels of 24month PDF print of gantt-chart are not readable2015-07-02 15:31Gantt
20228RedmineFeatureNewAssign issues to groups as group level option2015-07-02 15:06Groups
20214RedmineDefectResolvedCan not assign an issue to a user with limitted Issues visibility2015-07-02 13:57Issues permissions
20018RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackDuplicate activities in time entry report2015-07-02 13:30
20000RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackVisible to Role and Required is not shown during ticket update.2015-07-02 11:37Issues
3543RedmineFeatureNewImprove 'long text' custom fields2015-07-02 07:13Custom fields
3726RedmineFeatureNewTrackers per Role2015-07-02 06:34Permissions and roles

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