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21942RedminePatchNewFix Czech translation for field_time_entries_visibility2016-02-08 00:38Translations
21969RedmineFeatureNewAdd a wiki action to list (lost/hidden) pages which are not referenced in the parent page2016-02-07 21:26
7842RedmineFeatureNewCreation new users by non-admin user2016-02-07 11:04Accounts / authentication
5513RedmineDefectNewThe length of Name filed in add new category does not match max length2016-02-07 08:38UI
1142RedmineFeatureNewCC list for issues2016-02-07 06:02Email notifications
6117RedmineFeatureNewsubtasks default to parent issue target version2016-02-07 05:29Roadmap
9875RedmineDefectNewMoving parent task leaves subtasks behind2016-02-07 05:27Roadmap
21967RedmineFeatureNewAdministration of "My account" page2016-02-06 22:44Administration
202RedmineFeatureNewTextilization of Documents, News and Timelog-entry comments2016-02-06 13:53Text formatting
21682RedmineDefectNewDocumentation for nginx configuration is outdated and broken2016-02-06 05:13Documentation
21677RedmineFeatureNewUse localised decimal separator for hours in the web UI2016-02-06 04:27UI
21666RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackMy Page tables overlapping on smaller resolution2016-02-06 04:23My page
21963RedminePatchNewGerman translations for 3.2 (for r15124)2016-02-05 20:38Translations
9850RedmineFeatureNewDifferentiate available shared versions in version-format custom field drop-downs by prepending its project name2016-02-05 15:12UI
17576RedmineFeatureNewAbility to choose, in administration page, the behaviour of status during copying issues2016-02-05 13:54Issues
21949RedmineDefectNeeds feedback500 error when adding attachment to issue with name 90989623640.xls 2016-02-05 12:10Attachments
21961RedminePatchNewTraditional Chinese translation (to r15147) 2016-02-05 09:38Translations
21938RedmineFeatureNewIssues display start / due dates on Parent task even if calculated from subtasks2016-02-05 08:34Issues
21960RedmineFeatureNewNotification for overdue task to a specific person (Not assignee)2016-02-05 08:19Email notifications
21958RedmineFeatureNewAutomatical reverse links to wiki/forums from issues2016-02-05 08:06
21957RedmineFeatureNewOption ignore whitespace in Wiki diff2016-02-05 05:05Wiki
15686RedmineFeatureNewCannot use branch names with slash in links2016-02-05 04:59Text formatting
21947RedminePatchNeeds feedbackImprove page header title for deeply nested project structures (+ improved XSS resilience)2016-02-05 01:57UI
482RedmineFeatureNewdefault assignment setting2016-02-04 23:18Issues
21208RedmineFeatureNewAdd an Approval section2016-02-04 20:58Issues workflow

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