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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
19952RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackRedmine is in error with Fedora 222015-05-27 04:28Rails support
5418RedmineFeatureNewAdd Gravatar and edit link to "My account" page2015-05-26 22:32UI
8929RedmineFeatureNewPermission needed to view only your own time logs2015-05-26 21:28Time tracking
19097RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackResponsive layout for mobile devices2015-05-26 18:04UI
19947RedmineFeatureNewBrowse repository in sub projects2015-05-26 15:50
19882RedmineFeatureNewClean up plugin directory2015-05-26 13:33Website (
3517RedmineFeatureNewAssign an issue to person based on the issue status2015-05-26 12:56Issues workflow
5490RedmineDefectNewsubtask priority/start date/due date2015-05-26 10:53Issues
1380RedmineFeatureNewDeleting an issue only marks it as being deleted2015-05-26 09:03Issues
19602RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackNon-Reporter role cannot see issue list2015-05-26 08:57Issues permissions
19485RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackColumn 'address' in where clause is ambiguous2015-05-25 13:16Database
19939RedmineFeatureNewNew X-Redmine-Issue-Priority header, and modification of X-Redmine-Issue-Assignee2015-05-25 11:25Email notifications
19937RedmineFeatureNewCopy Time entry or make One Time entryfor date range Redmine2015-05-25 07:23Issues
19880RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackIncorrect syntax for links in Markdown2015-05-24 15:06
4951RedmineFeatureReopened"Accept Ticket" Link When Viewing Issue2015-05-24 15:01Issues
9759RedmineFeatureNewHTML minification and compression2015-05-24 11:49Code cleanup/refactoring
11088RedmineFeatureNewTime reporting via email2015-05-24 06:29Time tracking
18552RedmineFeatureNewConfirmation after send email to redmine2015-05-24 05:58Email receiving
19934RedmineFeatureNewHide log time entry block available in issue edit form when status is 'New'2015-05-23 12:54Issues
19933RedmineDefectNewWatcher not notified upon issue creation2015-05-23 12:12Email notifications
19904RedmineDefectResolvedThere is no option "Move issue" in Roles and permission menu2015-05-23 09:21Documentation
19815RedmineDefectResolvedBulk issue copy copies subtasks and attachments even if option is unchecked2015-05-23 09:09Issues
19840RedmineDefectResolvedMissing validation for description size of versions2015-05-23 08:52Project settings
19925RedmineDefectNewArabic settings page - Icons are not aligned correctly2015-05-22 23:55I18n
4511RedmineFeatureNewAllowing to add user groups as watchers for issues2015-05-22 17:23Issues

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