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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
12330RedmineFeatureNewIntegrate Kerberos Authentication2016-05-24 11:27Accounts / authentication
8313RedmineFeatureNewRestrict Assignee List by Role2016-05-23 18:40Issues workflow
22861RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAllow themes to override responsive style sheet.2016-05-21 08:58Themes
22483RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackShow PDF attachments and repo entries instead of downloading them2016-05-21 08:48Attachments
22607RedmineFeatureNewSearch in custom fields and issues2016-05-21 08:21Search engine
22600RedmineFeatureNewAdd warning when loosing data from custom fields when moving tickets between projects2016-05-21 05:40Issues
15416RedmineFeatureNewRole-based issue custom field visibility for projects2016-05-20 17:44Project settings
19179RedmineDefectNewVery slow performance on editing issues when projects have inherit members checked2016-05-20 11:29Performance
14018RedmineFeatureNewAllow tracker field appear empty on new issues' creation (force user to choose tracker)2016-05-20 09:56Issues
11898RedminePatchNewInheritable issue categories2016-05-20 05:12Issues
12579RedmineFeatureNewAbility to assign issues to multiple users2016-05-19 22:59Issues
22858RedmineFeatureNewAdd Admin Restriction2016-05-19 19:43Administration
22601RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability not to emit "update emails" when doing mass-update of tickets2016-05-19 18:33Email notifications
8157RedmineDefectNewRedmine do not send notification emails if a recipients email address is not valid2016-05-19 17:14Email notifications
22712RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackpicture's in email notification2016-05-19 16:05Email notifications
22597RedmineFeatureNewAdd time - select activity: use radion button instead of select list (usability)2016-05-19 14:20Time tracking
22594RedmineFeatureNewOptimize retrieve_previous_and_next_issue_ids2016-05-19 14:02Code cleanup/refactoring
22850RedminePatchNewSpeedup remove_inherited_roles2016-05-19 10:18Performance
10412RedmineFeatureNewTarget version filter shoud not show closed versions2016-05-19 08:56Issues
16523RedmineFeatureNewRESTful API: Expose custom fields project relations2016-05-18 21:30REST API
11295RedminePatchResolvedAdd class-attributes to custom fields on issue show page2016-05-18 13:40Custom fields
22281RedmineDefectNew results in a 403 Forbidden2016-05-18 12:19Website (
22843RedmineDefectNewMarkdown code blocks not inserted properly2016-05-18 11:06Text formatting
22005RedmineFeatureNewRake task for converting from Textile to Markdown2016-05-18 10:58Text formatting
22798RedminePatchNewfetching of Git changesets sometimes fails due to non existant revisions in prev_db_heads2016-05-17 17:40SCM

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