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18473RedmineDefectNewProjekt App2014-11-27 12:36Projects
16218RedmineFeatureNewEnable/Disable creation of copied to/from relations2014-11-27 11:58Issues
18447RedmineFeatureResolvedAbility To Specify Filter For Attachments in Email2014-11-27 11:56Email receiving
1881RedmineFeatureNewAdd related issue2014-11-27 11:38Issues
1266RedmineFeatureNewFeature: Allow setting multiple target-milestones2014-11-27 11:22Roadmap
10422RedmineFeatureNewAbility to filter by and view columns relating to Related Issues/Subtasks2014-11-27 11:20Issues
482RedmineFeatureNewdefault assignment setting2014-11-27 11:11Issues
10976RedmineFeatureNewCustom fields thats choosing another issue - such as the field used in the 'Sub task' and 'Related'2014-11-27 11:10Custom fields
18472RedmineFeatureNewDue date and custom fileds in e-mail2014-11-27 11:10
18471RedmineFeatureNewReports sending to e-mail2014-11-27 11:05Activity view
18470RedmineDefectNewskin care laperins2014-11-27 10:35
16098RedmineFeatureNewOn relation change/add notification setting2014-11-27 10:26Email notifications
16818RedmineDefectNew'copied_to' shouldn't conflict with other relation types2014-11-27 10:21Database
18469RedmineFeatureNewPlace Status button at the very bottom or top2014-11-27 09:23Issues
18468RedmineFeatureNew"Submit and return" for edit issue screen2014-11-27 09:20Issues workflow
18464RedmineDefectNewUse of PRE tag in Issue description results in wrapped text with latest Google Chrome, Redmine 2.6.02014-11-27 08:44UI
5294RedmineFeatureNewAdd a "last comment by" column to the issues list2014-11-27 08:29Issues
5458RedmineFeatureNewExtend Start/Due date to include time2014-11-27 06:56Issues
2585RedmineFeatureNewAdd Modules to hide/display Overview, Activity, Roadmap2014-11-26 01:35Projects
17132RedmineFeatureNewadd ability set "private note" visibility for specific role2014-11-26 01:35Issues permissions
13654RedmineDefectConfirmedCan't set parent issue when issue relations among child issues are present2014-11-25 20:55Issues
18440RedminePatchNewJournals could be ordered using the create_on attribute instead of the id2014-11-25 17:05Issues
18437RedmineDefectNewError during migration from 2.5 to 2.6 : Mysql2::Error: Duplicate entry2014-11-25 15:49Database
18126RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting up version hierarchy2014-11-25 07:58Roadmap
18433RedmineFeatureNewHow can I configure my redmine send mail server2014-11-24 19:16

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