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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
23729RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackUnable to update some issues2016-08-31 17:17Issues
23215RedmineFeatureNewAdd the possibility to filter issues after Target Version's Status and Due Date2016-08-31 16:38Issues filter
23414RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackDatepickers don't show in Firefox2016-08-31 14:38UI
23610RedmineFeatureNewAdd setting to reset an issue status when copying from another one2016-08-31 13:38Issues
21055RedminePatchNewAdd Authentication mode filter in the Users admin page2016-08-31 11:34Administration
23470RedmineDefectReopenedDisable "Select project modules" permission does not apply to the new project form2016-08-31 11:27Project settings
23634RedmineFeatureNewRestrict permissions for anonymous role2016-08-31 10:45Permissions and roles
23731RedmineFeatureNewAttrubute value Inhereting2016-08-31 10:40Administration
5969RedmineDefectConfirmedAttachments with size zero are ignored2016-08-31 09:28Attachments
23728RedmineFeatureNewCalculate estimated and used costs2016-08-31 04:23Time tracking
10989RedmineFeatureNewPrevent parent issue from being closed, while it's child issues are still open2016-08-31 00:55Issues
23633RedmineDefectNew"Issues visibility" and "Time logs visibility" on RolesController#new screen are invisible on r15668 and later2016-08-30 23:46Permissions and roles
23596RedmineDefectResolvedFilter on issue ID with between/lesser/greater operator does not work2016-08-30 21:28Issues filter
23655RedmineDefectResolvedRestricted permissions for non member/anonymous on a given project not working2016-08-30 21:26Permissions and roles
23700RedmineDefectResolvedCreating a wiki page named "Sidebar" without proper permission raises an exception2016-08-30 21:21Wiki
23725RedminePatchNewUpdated Brazilian translation for 3.3.0.stable2016-08-30 19:17Translations
8241RedmineFeatureNewAdvanced notification: per user, per project configurable schedule, event filter and notification format2016-08-30 10:00Email notifications
23717RedmineFeatureNewAllow HTML View in description diff2016-08-30 09:31UI
23668RedmineFeatureNewAdd a separate permission to "Edit descriptions"2016-08-29 15:14Permissions and roles
23555RedmineFeatureNewAdd cancel button to create/edit item page (issues, files, news, etc.)2016-08-29 14:13UI
23518RedmineFeatureNewDisplay comments in reverse chronological order: position of action_menu and edit partials.2016-08-29 13:56Issues
3517RedmineFeatureNewAssign an issue to person based on the issue status2016-08-29 12:34Issues workflow
23708RedminePatchNewToo long words in subtasks break layout2016-08-29 10:05UI - Responsive
1380RedmineFeatureNewDeleting an issue only marks it as being deleted2016-08-29 09:28Issues
8757RedminePatchNewAdd hook for bulk edit post-save state2016-08-29 06:25Hook requests

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