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26266RedminePatchNewRussian translation for 3.4.02017-06-26 18:52Translations
26265RedminePatchNewJapanese translation update (r16691: user link documentation)2017-06-26 15:03Translations
26091RedminePatchNewAllow to filter by any visible version on the global issues view2017-06-26 14:46Issues filter
26264RedminePatchNew Simplified Chinese translation for 3.3-stable2017-06-26 14:38Translations
26263RedminePatchNewSimplified Chinese translation for 3.2-stable2017-06-26 14:37Translations
8241RedmineFeatureNewAdvanced notification: per user, per project configurable schedule, event filter and notification format2017-06-26 12:51Email notifications
26261RedminePatchNewUpdated Simplified Chinese translation file2017-06-26 11:14Translations
25203RedmineDefectNewEmail delivery error: end of file reached while sending reminder2017-06-26 09:52Email notifications
26104RedminePatchNewQuick jump to issue only if searching for issues2017-06-25 17:03Search engine
25616RedmineFeatureNewChange format of the changelog (both on and in the shipped changelog file)2017-06-25 13:19Documentation
26090RedmineDefectNewSome small issues found during review of r16029 for #24407.2017-06-25 11:09Translations
25538RedmineFeatureNewDrop support Ruby 2.2.1 and ealier2017-06-25 10:57
306RedmineFeatureNewFull Text Search of files?2017-06-25 02:46Search engine
12579RedmineFeatureNewAbility to assign issues to multiple users2017-06-23 21:27Issues
20289RedmineFeatureNewAdd category-id to issue's CSS classes when present2017-06-23 20:28Issues
26043RedminePatchNewWhen creating a new wiki page from a button, want to set the parent page automatically.2017-06-23 18:55Wiki
10167RedmineFeatureNewProject Import/Export2017-06-23 15:11Projects
5957RedminePatchNewExport all users' information2017-06-23 12:04Administration
25799RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackIssue Import - Dynamic Parent pasks2017-06-23 10:20Importers
19102RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackRedmine doesnt scale with large amount of projects2017-06-22 20:12Performance
17900RedminePatchNewAllow change value of the time_entry object via controller_issues_edit_before_save hook from a plugin2017-06-22 17:47Issues
26237RedmineFeatureNewREST API for related wiki page in version2017-06-22 12:50
13888RedminePatchNewFix message-id mail header to be invariant respect daylight savings2017-06-22 02:12Email receiving
26002RedmineDefectConfirmedIssues can be assigned to this role - didnt work correctly2017-06-21 18:30Issues
26222RedmineFeatureNewautamtique filling of a date after status change 2017-06-21 18:04

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