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19522RedminePatchNewproblem in exporting Arabic text to csv using english locale2015-03-30 11:19Issues
19521RedmineFeatureNew11112015-03-30 11:13
19520RedminePatchNewAuthentication exception handling2015-03-30 09:36LDAP
3195RedminePatchNewissue's start date could be the latest due date of predecessors2015-03-30 02:26Issues
19517RedmineDefectNewCopy issue with new project2015-03-30 01:01Issues
13583RedmineDefectNewSpace between lines in nested lists not equal2015-03-29 15:32UI
19444RedmineDefectNewFix typo in wiki_syntax_detailed.html2015-03-29 12:19Documentation
12677RedmineFeatureNewPrivate attachments for issues2015-03-29 07:58Attachments
16373RedmineFeatureNewTextFormatting help for Markdown formatting2015-03-29 07:26Documentation
19509RedminePatchNewChange Japanese translation for field_login2015-03-29 06:11Translations
19226RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to display diff directly in comment2015-03-29 05:40Text formatting
18934RedmineFeatureNewSupport LDAP Password Changing2015-03-29 05:29LDAP
19508RedmineFeatureNewPlugin update check to handle dashes as well as underscores2015-03-28 16:32
6571RedmineFeatureNewTotalise numeric columns2015-03-28 15:56Issues
19181RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackSomething wrong with sl.yml file: expects it to return a hash, but does not2015-03-28 03:10Translations
8307RedmineFeatureNewAutomatically update parent issue status based on child issue statuses2015-03-27 16:09Issues
19443RedmineDefectNewEmail notification sent when assignee changes (if assignee was a group) even if 'Assignee updated' option on the Email notifications tab is unchecked2015-03-27 14:20Email notifications
18397RedmineFeatureNewOutline numbering2015-03-27 12:41Text formatting
7349RedmineFeatureNewPer-project email notification settings2015-03-27 12:04Email notifications
19501RedmineFeatureNewAssign issue to <<author>>2015-03-27 11:54Issues
19489RedminePatchNewTranslation for Spanish Panama2015-03-27 08:30Translations
13715RedmineFeatureNewshow SCM identifier (repository) in associated revisions2015-03-27 00:03SCM
2705RedmineFeatureNew"Jump to a project..." drop-down should list public projects2015-03-26 17:22UI
19185RedmineDefectNewUpdate Install/Upgrade guide for 3.x version and get gid of DEPRECATION WARNING: You didn't set config.secret_key_base2015-03-26 17:20Documentation
19493RedmineFeatureNewAdd watchers to issues collection2015-03-26 13:31

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