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16730RedminePatchNewFix ordering in ApplicationHelper method principals_options_for_select2014-04-23 22:43Issues
16743RedmineDefectNewProject list lists all projects, even if user is not added to them2014-04-23 17:04Accounts / authentication
16742RedmineFeatureNewCreation multiple issues at once2014-04-23 16:47
14595RedmineDefectResolvedCSV don't use filter for some users2014-04-23 15:01Issues
16561RedmineFeatureNewPrivate files2014-04-23 14:09Files
16740RedmineDefectNewInternal error after update from Redmine 2.2 to 2.5.1 in app/helpers/custom_fields_helper.rb2014-04-23 13:52Custom fields
1273RedmineFeatureNewNeed a way to re-sync repository history2014-04-23 11:42SCM
3760RedmineFeatureNewE-mail notifications for issue update/creation should include the attachments in the email2014-04-23 10:25Email notifications
16739RedmineDefectNewcustom_fields.json only returns single tracker instead of array of trackers2014-04-23 09:37Custom fields
16424RedmineDefectNewModule configuration isn't documented in "Create project" API REST2014-04-23 05:50Documentation
16422RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackIn attachment.rb thumbnail function could not return target correct2014-04-23 05:48Attachments
5901RedmineFeatureNewREST API to expose the Redmine version2014-04-23 00:41REST API
13314RedmineFeatureNewShow issue description change on the Activity view2014-04-22 23:26Issues
5490RedmineDefectNewsubtask priority/start date/due date2014-04-22 18:56Issues
3143RedmineFeatureNewAdd an 'Add Note' function to issue, to avoid optimistic-lock of issue' update when user just want to add a note2014-04-22 18:33Issues
2647RedmineFeatureNewRepository browsing shall respect ACLs in repository2014-04-22 15:19SCM extra
16727RedmineFeatureNewredmine ldap sync plugin should allow syncing a particualr user2014-04-22 14:55Plugin API
8362RedmineFeatureNewActivate Redmine (this websites) Gantt Chart2014-04-22 12:12Website (
7773RedmineDefectNewOnly Redmine administrators can get users from REST API2014-04-22 11:46REST API
16552RedmineFeatureNewCompatibility with CKEditor2014-04-22 09:19Text formatting
16729RedmineFeatureNewproperties of issue dynamically available in wiki2014-04-22 01:28Wiki
16410RedmineFeatureNewBulk delete wiki attachments.2014-04-22 00:38Wiki
16412RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackUpdate theme2014-04-20 01:58Website (
14509RedminePatchNewAdd view hook to associated revision partial2014-04-20 00:22Plugin API
4367RedmineFeatureNewAbility to delete an issue status that is in use2014-04-19 19:06UI

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