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6586RedminePatchNewCalendar view hook Request2014-09-20 01:33Hook requests
17830RedmineDefectNewUser creation: clear/plaintext password sent via unencrypted email2014-09-20 00:06Security
16948RedmineDefectNewbroken anonymous repository access for public projects ( 23:26SCM extra
17919RedmineFeatureNewNot seeing List Of Associated Subtasks in a parent Issue2014-09-19 18:42REST API
17917RedmineDefectResolvedDefect plugin, help me make it work.2014-09-19 14:19Core Plugins
17720RedmineFeatureNewNeed to be able to filter by "updated by"2014-09-19 09:57Issues
11565RedmineFeatureNewchange assignee on commit message2014-09-19 09:53SCM
14491RedmineDefectNewMailHandler: Unable to determine target project (when allow_override=project and project=unassigned is used)2014-09-19 09:49Email receiving
17914RedmineDefectNewChild task due date change does not affect Parent Task Due Date change2014-09-19 06:45Issues
17913RedmineFeatureNewFormula based custom field calculation2014-09-19 06:43Issues
1048RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackDay grouping on Activity view ignores user's time zone2014-09-19 05:58UI
14658RedmineDefectNewWrong activity timezone on user page2014-09-19 05:56
14303RedmineDefectNewCan't add members into project2014-09-19 00:29Projects
16159RedmineDefectNewWrong calculation of spent time field on Issues report2014-09-18 19:02Time tracking
17550RedmineDefectNewSpent time in exported CSV is wrong2014-09-18 18:41Time tracking
16092RedmineDefectNewParent/subtask: calculation of estimated hours2014-09-18 18:32Time tracking
700RedmineFeatureNewHome: Latest Projects2014-09-18 15:43UI
17889RedmineFeatureNewSearches should be twice faster2014-09-18 14:34Search engine
3796RedmineFeatureNewInline images are not inserted in issues created via email2014-09-18 11:55Email receiving
17907RedmineFeatureNewGive 'version' another meaning2014-09-18 08:45
17897RedmineDefectResolvedEmails does not send to assignee if issue's author doesn't have permission to change assignee field2014-09-18 08:02Issues permissions
17904RedmineDefectNewgroup membership cannot be added to a project via REST API2014-09-18 06:07REST API
17718RedminePatchNewBody delimiters to truncate emails do not take uncommon whitespace into account2014-09-18 05:38Email receiving
17902RedminePatchNewCSV encoding should be UTF-8 in French locale2014-09-17 17:29I18n
17900RedminePatchNewAllow change value of the time_entry object via controller_issues_edit_before_save hook from a plugin2014-09-17 16:34Issues

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