Redmine trunk upgraded to Rails 2.3.11

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 5 years ago

Redmine development branch (aka trunk) now runs with the latest Rails 2.3.x release (2.3.11).
So if you're using Redmine trunk, don't forget to install the Rails 2.3.11 gem next time you update your Redmine source code:

gem install rails -v=2.3.11


Added by Chris Wolf over 5 years ago

There is no Rails "2.3.11"

Added by Chris Wolf over 5 years ago

I would have included more details, but then I get kicked off with a message claiming that I was submitting spam. In any case, "gem install rails v=2.3.11" comes back after many seconds saying no such version. I also checked on the Rubyforge download page (which, I guess I'm not allowed to paste here)

Added by Chris Wolf over 5 years ago

I knew this would be embarrassing when I posted the above message... as I should have known - the problem was on my end. There was a DNS outage a month ago, so I hardcoded IP address back then to get gem working, but I forgot to remove it.
Sorry about that.

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 5 years ago

Added by Fabian Becker about 5 years ago

Are there any plans to migrate to Rails 3.0.x/3.1 any time soon? Really would like to get rid of Ruby 1.8.7 on my system.