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Ajax Redmine Issue Dynamic Edit

Change your issue's attributes without refreshing the page

Dynamically update attributes and custom fields directly in the details block of the issue without refreshin...

By Hugo Zilliox



Redmine Auto Resubmission

Redmine plugin to resubmit / follow up (German: "Wiedervorlage") an issue after it has been put away. Choose from list, if you want the issue to reappear tomorrow, in a week, or in a month. The time intervals can be chosen freely. On resubmission the i...

By Stephan Wenzel



Easy Gantt

This drag & drop Redmine Gantt plugin makes planning of tasks and projects easy as never before! It is a must have for all Redmine users that are serious about project management.

"Redmine solution for perfect project visualization and easie...

By Petr Pospisil



Mindmaps Plugin

Redmine Mindmap plugin brings this essential and very efficient project management technique of mind mapping to every Redmine users. Mind mapping is a simple and modern way of project planning → fast, efficient, visual, intuitive and creativity support...

By Petr Pospisil



Redmine All Thumbnails

Plugin to show every issue attachment as either thumnailable image or as a file icon

By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine Attachment Categories

Plugin for Redmine. Add free configurable categories to attachments. In all attachment views the category tag is shown next to the filename or the thumbnail.

By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine Attribute-Quickies

With only one click set any arbitrary preconfigured combinations of issue attributes, custom fields and time entries, add comments to journals and add attachments like a custom workflow

By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine Fetch Email Attachments

Plugin to attach email attachments from emails to issue edit dialog. In issue edit click one button and fetch email attachments from a scanner.

By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine Issue Attachments

Browse all issue attachments of all issues in current project in arbitrary queries. Queries can be saved like issue queries. Download bulk pdf attachments as combined pdf's, combined pdf's for double sided printing or as zip archive. Other bulk att...

By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine Issue To Email

Plugin to bulk export issues to email containing all attachments as email attachments. Email issues look like real issue with clickable attachments.


  • Keeps theme style
  • Email issues lo...

By Stephan Wenzel


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