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Set assignee on commit plugin

Set specified user as issue's Assignee via repository commit with "fixing keywords"

Commit repository with “fixing keywords”, specified user will set as issue's assignee.

By team 888



Redmine cancel button

Finally you can cancel the process update notes. Supported languages(locales) from redmine core.

By Kamil Franckiewicz



Move Comments

The plugin allows you to move a comment made to wrong issue to the right one.

By Mikhail Voronyuk


Google Analytics PlugIn

Redmine plugin to insert a Google Analytics (or e.g. Piwik) tracking code into Redmine based on user roles.

This is a git fork of Eric Davis' google_analytics_plugin plugin which was discontinued and then forked by Raphael Kallensee.


By Tobias Fischer


Subtask columns

This is a forked of Subtask_list_columns by 'SMS-IT: S.Parfenov, E.Redkozubov'. All credit goes to the original authors

This plugin is an alternative to Subtask_list_columns and could not be used t...

By Quan VN


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