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Redmine Preview Inline

Plugin to show attachments inline in issues, documents and edit dialog

By Stephan Wenzel


Jira to Redmine Importer

Import data from Atlassian Jira to Redmine

By Bartłomiej Ekiert



This plugin is used to create group chats in instant messengers.

The redmine_2chat can be used to create a group chat associated with an issue and record its logs to the Redmine archive. Associated group chats can be easily created via the Create <P...

By Igor Olemskoi (Southbridge)


Redmine Bots

This plugin provides common stuff to build redmine plugins that involve Slack/Telegram API usage.

By Igor Olemskoi (Southbridge)



Bestest Side-Bar Annihilator

This plugin adds a button that hides or shows Redmine's side-bar. No per-view/per-controller state, no z-index hacks that interferes with fullscreen views, no nonsense. When it's hidden, it stays hidden until you choose to show it again.


By Martin Blom


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