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Easy Time Sheets

These are time sheets for bulk time spent entries. Users create week time sheets, managers can lock - approve them.

Time sheet is a table, where rows are tasks or projects and columns are week days and user enter time spent time into the cells.


By Petr Pospisil


Closes Resolved Issues

This is a plugin for Redmine, which closes resolved issues after x days.
In the configuration plugins, enter the number of days after resolved.

This is my first plugin, please, if you find an error, please contact me, thank you

By Jogi 1j




«Hierarchy» — plugin for synchronization of Redmine with Active Directory (LDAP) and creating a hierarchy of company in Redmine.

Eliminates the need to create users, departments, and many others in Redmine by hand.


By Vladimir Pitin


Risk Management

Redmine risk management

Risk management is a plugin for Redmine (a project management web application), allowing to manage the risks for a given project

By Timóteo Bica




Redmine plugin for manage project risks.

  • Add, edit and delete risks for the project
  • Add, edit and delete actions for the risk
  • Risk change history
  • Action change history

By Letícia Fernandes


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