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Redmine More Filters

Redmine plugin to provide necessary filters in queries
begins with, ends with,
does not begin with, does not end with,
tomorrow, next week, next month

Use case(s)

For date filters with future dates, the plugin adds "tomorrow", "next week...

By Stephan Wenzel


Custom Workflows plug-in

This plug-in provides a great functionality for those who is familiar with the Ruby language.
It allows to customize workflow by defining own rules of issues processing. It's possible:

  • To change issue properties if some conditions are met;
  • To ...

By Karel Pičman



Redmine User Text Box

Redmine plugin to provide a user text box on my page

Add a formatted text box to my page, with everything you can do on a wiki page. Use User Text Box to create a menu with dozens of shortcuts and links


By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine Repositories Sort

Redmine's current repositories view only shows files sorted by name. This plugin adds clickable column headers by which repository entries can be sorted by name, file time, author and filesize. Sort can be ascending or descending.

Sort is maintained...

By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine Project Theme

This plugin provides project specific themes

When working with many projects it is advantegous to clone existing themes and change only some aspects like main menu bar color or background colors. This way it is easy to recognize in which project one...

By Stephan Wenzel


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