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Redmine Rate

The Rate plugin provides an API that can be used to find the rate for a Member of a Project at a specific date. It also stores historical rate data so calculations will remain correct in the future.


By Alexander Meindl




RedmineUP Tags Plugin helps you keep your issues organized and accessible

Tags are one- or two-word descriptive keywords that help you organize and categorize issues

  • Easy tagging "as you type"
  • Tags merging
  • Three displa...

By Kirill Bezrukov


Redmine reveal

Plugin that transforms wiki pages in presentations that can be viewed with a browser.
Presentations are build using the slide and the subslide wiki macros (other macros are available) and run by the excellent revealjs...

By Michele Tessaro


Email Fiddler

A Redmine plugin to enable fliddling with the notification emails subjects

The main goal for this plugin is to enable GMail's email grouping to better function with Redmine notification emails.

By Rafael Vargas


Redmine Telegram Common Plugin

This is the dependency for the following plugins:

By Igor Olemskoi


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