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Redmine Installer

Plugin into Redmine to easily handle installing and upgrading Redmine

This Redmine plugin acts as wrapper above gem [].

Just copy this plugin into [redmine]/plugins/redmine_installer folder and ru...

By Petr Pospisil



chosen plugin for redmine select

By shengfeng li


Advanced Roadmap v2

The Advanced Roadmap v2 plugin for Redmine is a plugin that allows to:

  1. Show more information into the Roadmap view:
    • A total for the roadmap is displayed, so you can easily check the whole project status.
    • Each version has more info about th...

By Michel Loiseleur



reports of all members

By ric hard



Redmine Members Google Map plugin

This plugin for adds a wiki macro that will generate a Google Map showing member locations based on a custom user field.

Users can enter a text location that Google can interpret if they wish to be visible on any project wikis that use the macro.


By David T


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