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Permission to upload files in issues

This plugin add a new permission in administration of roles (Upload files)

if the permission is not checked, uploading files in issues is not allowed.

By Sébastien Pochiero


Auto Watchers From Groups

Add functionality to automatic add all members of group when issue(s) assigned to this group

Groups affected this automatic watching could be specified on plugin settings page

By Alexander Kuznecov



Magic My Page

«Magic My Page» — is a plugin for the issue tracker «Redmine» with ample opportunities of personal page customization and allowing effectively use of Redmine in a corporate environment.

p{margin: 5px; font-size: 15pt; display:...

By Vladimir Pitin



Redmine Draw ERD

Generate Entity Relationship Diagrams of Redmine.

By ogomori takashi


Quick View

Quick View is a plug-in that can be viewed on the page of the issues description of the issue.

Support items:
- issue tree
- core fields
- custom fields
- description
- attachments
- history

By Akira Saito


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