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Redmine SSL Auth CN

This Redmine plugin enables authentication using SSL client certificates. This plugin expects the (common name) CN of the certificate to be your username, & CN must be unique.

By Steve Simpson


Accept plugin

People having worked with TRAC are used to "accept" issues, which basically states that someone will now actively work on a specific issue. Redmine apparently also supports custom issue statuses, such as "accepted", but it requires more than one click ...

By Stefan Zugal


redmine autowatch

This is not my own work. I only merge three auto watch plugins and add some options. Please see readme for details. It works with my redmine 2.6.5 on ruby 2.0, rails 3.2, debian (bitnami ruby stack 2.0.0-22 x64). Please feel free to give comment and fe...

By Quan VN



Service Desk

«Service Desk» — is a plugin which automates the process of requesting services between departments.

With plugin «Service Desk» you will receive a turnkey solution that allows any employee to request services from any of the structural unit of y...

By Vladimir Pitin


Redmine issue completion

Redmine issue completion plugin helps you to fill some fields on issue close event. It fills percent to 100% in any status with “Issue closed” selected. You do not need to configure Issue done ratios in tracker configuration, so you can use floating pe...

By Andrey Shpak


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