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A Redmine plugin to get global statistics.

With redmine_stats you can have a global information about issues, and not project specific. See total open/closed issues, the users who have more issues assigned to, the users who close mo...

By Luís Fontes



Redmine Mailchimp Sync

This plugin allows you to keep your Redmine users synced to Mailchimp! The first version allows you to select opt-in options. When a user is created or updated, the user is subscribed to your Mailchimp list. I have tested this plugin with 2.6.1 and 2.5...

By Mike Sweetman



Worktime Log

Redmine Worktime Log Plugin

Release Candidate: 0.0.1


Hey folks.

In one work Worktime Log - is just a Stopwatch plugin with extended projects / users / issues summary. I'm pretty sure that plugin will help you track your t...

By Jared Denison




«Goals» — is a plugin that allows to manage a company by objectives and implementing the strategic planning function in Redmine.

With plugin «Goals» you will be able to engage in strategic planning, can create strategic goals and assign them to ...

By Vladimir Pitin



Redmine Issue Templates Notes Plugin

Redmine Issue Templates Notes Plugin and a plugin for creating and managing notes on tasks. Very useful when creating notes is extensive and problematic due to the size of the text files of the same.

By Bruno Fonseca


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