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Issue To-do Lists

This plugin allows to create individual to-do lists per project with the ability to add issues and order them manually, no matter what issue priority these issues have.


  • Create to-do lists per project
  • Add individual issues per to-d...

By Dennis G.


Redmine d'Anthès

This plugin allows straightforward integration of d'Anthès within Redmine.

It comes in replacement of Redmine Pusher Notifications.

By Nicolas Rodriguez


Mail Reminder

This plugin is original from discussion made by Michael Kling ,
I have forked it and try to maintain this plugin.


Because we didn't like to configu...

By Jethro Yu


Redmine Email Images

The plugin address this issue:

Email clients are not logged in and can't load images in email notifications from redmine. You can either allow downloading attachments for anonymous users or include images as attac...

By Dima Kalachov



Redmine plugin to send feedback when fetch email finished, so sender will know what is happening. It will send MailHandler log information back to sender when something goes wrong.

You should enable it in plugin configuration first.

By James Lin


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