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Custom JavaScript

Allows to input JavaScript directly from Redmine to customize Redmine any function you desire.
Edit the JavaScript in the plugin's configuration page. Path to configuration is /settings/plugin/redmine_custom_js

By Martin Denizet


Copy parent issue id

This Redmine plugin also copies parent issue id, when a issue is copied.


Copy parent issue id, when a issue is copied.


By Hirokazu Onozato



"This Plugin allows developers to integrate Latch on his/her Redmine service. Latch is a service that lets end-users add an extra level of security to their online accounts and services.
With this version of the Plugin, developers can pair and unpair...

By Elevenpaths IT


My Page Queries

Add Saved Queries to "my page" in Redmine

By David Robinson


Code hightlight Button

This is an small extension for redmine, which adds a code highlight button to the default editor.

Select a text and press the “code”-button, choose your desired language and


    <code class="ruby">

By Jan Jezek


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