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Redmine Omniauth uLogin

This is fork of the redmine_omniauth_google plugin rebuilded for uLogin multiprovider.

By Alexey Marochkin



Incoming Email Project Configuration

This plugin allows for the configuration of which project should be used for issues created from email per user.

How to use it
  • The plugin configuration page allows for the allocation of a default project per user.
  • This project will be used...

By Mark Whitfeld




This plugin is an attempt to support sequent issue numbers in the project scope for Redmine. To be able to use per-project issue numbers the plugin prepends the project key to the issue ID, so the final issue ID looks like #PROJECT-123.


By Andriy Lesyuk



Permission to upload files in issues

This plugin add a new permission in administration of roles (Upload files)

if the permission is not checked, uploading files in issues is not allowed.

By S├ębastien Pochiero


Auto Watchers From Groups

Add functionality to automatic add all members of group when issue(s) assigned to this group

Groups affected this automatic watching could be specified on plugin settings page

By Alexander Kuznecov


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