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Amazon S3 attachment storage

This Redmine plugin stores file attachments on Amazon S3 instead of the local filesystem.

Note that the plugin is currently in a pre-release state.

By Lucas Jenß



Redmine Budget

Keep track of profit, cost and analyze overall financial performance across your projects.

Redmine provides extensive possibilites of planning and organizing work more agile to deliver faster and make our craft even better.

+This plugin is commer...

By Omega Code



Redmine Schedule

Schedule is a workforce scheduling solution for Redmine that makes it easy to change plans, find replecements and get people to work.

Interacive interface for managi...

By Omega Code


Redmine 2FA

Two-factor authorization plugin


  • Telegram
  • SMS
  • Google Auth

By Igor Olemskoi


Home Page Redirector

Redirect the Home page onto the My Page for signed-in users. Useful for Redmines very little information is actually displayed onto the home page.

By Jean-Marc Lagacé


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