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Redmine Agreement

redmine_agreement plugin adds the user agreement to Redmine

By Igor Olemskoi


Boolean query

This plugin allow using simple OR between filters and boolean filter within a text field. Please see readme on how it works.

By Quan VN




This is a simple redmine plugin for materials and devices' fundamental management.
For basic account management of device, equipment, books or other items. Record the material's usage or storage information instead of manual management.

*Version of...

By Tigergm Wu


Issue Statistics

According to given

  • time interval,
  • intervention status and time
  • resolve status and time

Issues are statistically analyzed;

  • Issue counts on Trackers vs Statuses table for each priority.
  • Issues that expired intervention and resolve...

By Emre Can Kucukoglu



Issue Charts

This plugin provides the capability to create simple charts and graphs for your issues using Chartkick ( Create issue visualizations based on standard fields as well as custom fields!

By Mike Sweetman


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