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Human Resources Management Plugin

This plugin could be a helpful tool for project managers.

Allows the followings:
  • set user attributes:
  • Working Hour / Week
  • Experience Level
  • Skills
  • Filter by new user attributes when searching for new project members
  • Administra...

By Lorik Viktor


Wiki macros to link to custom query and misc.

Plugin features

This plugin contains some miscellaneous wiki macros,

  • link to issues with specified custom query.
  • link to gantt chart with specified custom query, start year, term of manths, and zoom.

Plugin usage


By Toru Takahashi



Redmine Queries For Time Report

Redmine plugin that adds Queries to Time Report like Time Entry Queries.

It allows to add such saved queries to My Page

Be careful, because of the nature of Time Report, records count will not be limited to 10 records, unlike other ...



Subtask List Enhanced

This plugin provide tree table (using and show/hide closed issues to subtask-list.

Inspired by

By Boris Gorbylev




list and filter all timelog entries in redmine.

this is a fork of the original plugin by eric davis.

By intera jk


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