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Done ratio via time


This plugin allows computing issue done ratio via estimated/spent time ratio.


The plugin is useful if you use real work hours for estimated efforts and accurately register spent efforts in hours. In this case, estimated and ...

By Tecforce Corp


Issues by Date Grouping

Allows grouping issues by Start date, Due date, Created and Closed in Redmine at /issues in Group results by selection field.

Plugin was based on the patch that was posted at ht...

By Senya Senya



That Issue Reply Button

This Redmine plugin adds a Reply button to the action menu of the issue page. Unlike the native Edit button this button opens the issue edit form with notes form (and attachments) only (i.e., without issue attributes and spent time form).


By Ty Roden




Redmine plugin to list CodiMD PADs in Redmine.

By Alexander Meindl



Redmine Lookout Plugin


  • It lists the information such as job number, status, subject, category, owner and spent time in a project in a list.
  • Results for job number, category and owner fields can be sorted.
  • When a job is clicked, job status times ...

By Mehmet Yılmaz


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