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Redmine IM Link

Adds link(s) after watcher names to directly call skype or slack or ms teams as needed (Anything that has a URI like sip:, skype:, mailto:, etc) - dynamically builds link for each user as specified in setups. Can be used to directly open Skype, or popu...

By Matthew Paul


Redmine Translation Terms

Redmine Translation Terms

Tested with Redmine 3.4.6, 3.4.7. En, en-GB and it locales are supported.

Allows to customize specific terms in Redmine translations, and allows third party plugins to support translations containing customizable ter...

By Massimo Rossello



Redmine Layim


该插件仅支持Redmine 4及以上版本,因为自从Redmine 4开始基于Rails 5构建,内置了ActionCable的WebSocket技术,可以进行实时的信息订阅及发布,不需要另外建立WebSocke系统。目前仅支持中文(This is currently only supporting Chinese Language.)。


By Tigergm Wu


Redmine Custom Email Reminder

This plugin allows you to write custom scripts to notify users about some events.
Send notification to assignees if issue has no updates for 30 days.

By Andrey Lobanov (RedSoft)


Redmine Better Overview

Provides a better projects overview.

  • Subprojects displayed as a table including stats about open/closed/total issues
  • Project description styled in a box
  • Project homepage styled in a box
  • Project custom fields styled in a box


By Massimo Rossello


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