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Customize core fields

Let's customize Redmine core fields

This Redmine plugin lets you customize core fields behaviour.
You will be able to hide or show core fields based on the user roles per project.

By Vincent Robert


Attachable Items

Attach customizable items that can have custom fields to issues.

By Emre Can Kucukoglu


XMPP MUC notifications

This plugin is intended to provide basic integration with XMPP messenger (Jabber), by sending notifications of updates to issues to a XMPP MUC (multi user chat) room.

By Julien M



Redmine Zendesk Ticket Updater

Comment on zendesk tickets when redmine issues are updated.

By Stephen Davidson



request environment authentication

this plugin adds an optional authentication method to redmine to authenticate with a variable in the request environment (rails request.env, set by the server or proxy server). this variable can be custom named. one use case is login with single-sign o...

By intera jk


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