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Redmine Custom Email Reminder

This plugin allows you to write custom scripts to notify users about some events.
Send notification to assignees if issue has no updates for 30 days.

By Andrey Lobanov (RedSoft)


Redmine Better Overview

Provides a better projects overview.

  • Subprojects displayed as a table including stats about open/closed/total issues
  • Project description styled in a box
  • Project homepage styled in a box
  • Project custom fields styled in a box


By Massimo Rossello


Redmine Themes

Brings a selection of free Redmine themes. Requires redmine_pluggable_themes.

Because of size of contained themes, the plugin can be downloaded from its homepage.

By Massimo Rossello


Redmine Pluggable Themes

Allows Redmine plugins to provide themes just like other assets.

Possible use cases:

  • Easier installation of themes
  • Theme enhancements integrated with code extensions
  • Deployment of customer-specific customizations including theme, in a sin...

By Massimo Rossello




Export Redmine Issues data and create printable, customisable PDF reports with Redmine Reporter plugin

  • Use customisable report templates
  • Export single and multiple issues to PDF
  • Export from issue page and filtered query resul...

By Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)


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