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Redmine Issue Clipboard

Redmine plugin which allows you to copy commit message to clipboard with just one click.

By Krzysztof Kucharski


Automatic Watchers by Category

This plugin allows you to automatically add watchers by category when an issue is created.
A tab on the project menu will be available to configure the watchers


Clone or download the project to plugin folder (Be sure the folde...

By Luís Fontes



Redmine Bootstrap Theme

Simple light bootstrap theme.

By Sandeep Kumar



Git Remote

Redmine plugin to automatically clone and fetch referenced repositories. This plugin defines a new repository type, GitRemote, which allows you to associate a remote repository with your Redmine project.

By Alex Dergachev



Invoice Plugin

This plugin makes your Redmine also invoicing system - it allows you to issue invoices from your projects.

Invoices can be issued in 3 ways:

  • with manual invoice items
  • from the tasks and their estimated time
  • from the time entries


By Petr Pospisil


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