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Admine Monitor

This pluging will monitor all Redmine's internal errors and display it for your review.
it will also do:
1) capture error message, location and backtrace
2) enable opening a task for dealing with the error
3) display a user frandly message on error...

By yossi edri


Fiber Support

This is a plugin for Redmine for fully support Puma webserver and Sidekiq

By Maksim Koritskiy


Archive Issue Categories

Normal redmine behaviour when deleting unused/old issue categories is, that in old tickets that were once assigned to the now deleted category, you only see the category ID anymore instead of the category name.

So checking back on old issues is alwa...

By Tobias Fischer


Redmine reports

Plugin provides an interface for monitoring project issues.

Support | More information | Buy


By Denis Boldinov


Redmine Omniauth uLogin

This is fork of the redmine_omniauth_google plugin rebuilded for uLogin multiprovider.

By Alexey Marochkin


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