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Computed Custom Field

This plugin adds a new type of Custom Field named "computed". The value of computed field can be set by formula. In formula constructions like %{cf_id} are replaced by IDs of custom fields. Valid formula is a valid Ruby code executed when customized ob...

By Yakov Annikov


Postgresql Full Text Search

This plugin changes the default Redmine search to use PostgreSQL full text indices.

Search results will be sorted by relevance instead of modification date, hits in titles / names will generally score higher than hits in desciption / body text. Term...

By Jens Krämer



Easy Gantt

This Drag & Drop Redmine Gantt Plugin makes Planning of Tasks and Project Easy as never before!

It is a must have for all Redmine users that are serious about project management.


By Petr Pospisil


Periodic Task

This plugin automatically creates issues when a period of time passes.

In some projects there are tasks that need to be assigned on a schedule. Such as check the ssl registration once per year or run security checks every 3 months

After you insta...

By Julian Perelli


Redmine HighlightJS syntax

A redmine plugin to highlight code blocks much better than coderay! :)
135 languages with autodetection feature, 65 color themes, multi language code highlight (like http+json)
Try Your language and choose best theme for You: https://highlightjs.or...

By dominik ch


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