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Redmine Telegram Global

Plugin for sending messages to Telegram from Redmine. For all projects or only for several.

By Andry Kondratiev



Redmine Chatwork

This plugin notifies updates of tickets and wiki to your ChatWork room. You can change settings for each project by creating custom-fields.



By Yuma Hori



Vote On Issues

Vote On Issues

A plugin for redmine which allows users to up- or down-vote issues.

Current version: 1.0.2

Developed on Redmine 3.3.2


  • Install plugin
  • Enable for project
  • Enable permissions for roles (minimum requiremen...

By Ole Jungclaussen


Redmine Include Macro Extension

This plugin makes possible include wiki section.

Related issue: #3547

Caution!) This plugin will overwrite the default include macro.

{{include(Foo, Bar)}} -- to include Bar section of Foo page

By Taiki I




This is a simple Redmine plugin that functions as a container for the stuff needed to setup letter_opener_web within Redmine.


  • Redmine >= 3.2.0.


  • Installs the needed gems (@...

By Mischa The Evil


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