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11:29 Redmine Feature #18556: Add ability to configure limit of attachments at once
+1 this should be core feature.


08:35 Redmine Patch #24623: Implements permissions and restrictions to issue attachments
+1 IMHO, this should be added to Redmine core.


14:17 Redmine Defect #26485: Problems with any project settings and /my/page after upgrade to 3.4.2.stable.16838
In EasyRedmine, I had to manually add that database column...
(Also on Windows platform, though...)


14:47 Redmine Feature #409: Additional attributes for custom fields
Probably to be able to set HTML's attributes on per-field basis...
Like "disabled" or "style="background-col...


12:44 Redmine Defect #12102: Installed Redmine in a sub-URI: Links are generated not correctly
I've also performed this
So I'm not sure wh...
11:28 Redmine Defect #13077: redirect to wrong back_url behind Apache reverse proxy
This is still issue, I am on Redmine 3.4 configured running behind IIS as reverse proxy, on PUMA...


12:48 Redmine Job offers: RE: New datatypes for custom fields
I am also missing this...
12:47 Redmine Feature #28150 (New): Ability to choose Fields permissions for new issue
Fields permissions, are missing a setting, in a same way as status transmissions.
If you take a look at Status tra...


13:51 Redmine Job offers: RE: New datatypes for custom fields
Hi, documentation is detailed enough...
I know exactly what you want/need and I too need time field....


09:54 Redmine Feature #7774: Sub groups or Multi-level groups
Just a parent-child relationship would be sufficient...

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