Aleksandar Pavic

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23:11 Redmine Feature #32116: Display used theme on information page
Theme is important to investigate UI issues, there are also some commercially available themes, which use white text ...
22:23 Redmine Feature #32116: Display used theme on information page
Thanks @Go MAEDA, I've followed your code, and delivered patch for 3.3.1 I guess it will work on other 3.x versions a...


08:49 Redmine Feature #32116 (New): Display used theme on information page
*Administration | Information*
Displays various info about system, but doesn't display which theme is currently b...


11:23 Redmine Feature #32042 (New): Show in summary
Add "Show in summary" when creating/editing custom field.
Show in summary would show custom field in summary (repo...


12:24 Redmine Open discussion: Redmine query optimizations
I'm wondering if there is a way to optimize query like this...
I've found it eating-up CPU on one of my servers......


20:37 Redmine Feature #13244: Restrict log time for old days
+1 see my comments from #31984
13:58 Redmine Feature #31984 (Closed): Permission to add timelogs in past
There is permission to edit time logs,
But, what's missing is +forbid to add time log for date in past+.


14:16 Redmine Feature #3972: Translation for field values
Preferably this should be built-in feature..
So both field-names, and field-values should be translatable......
09:02 Redmine Development: Generating 99 users for testing purposes via console
Hi I want to share the following code maybe on the wiki page for developers.


17:26 Redmine Feature #31882 (New): Raise maximum length of issue status name
Currently on issue_statuses table, length of name is varchar 30, however it's not enough for issue status name in man...

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