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12:48 Redmine Feature #1193: Staff-only notes with Role-base access control
@Toshi Maruyama I wouldn't agree this should be closed...
This is not a ticket for private notes, but "role-based ...


14:03 Redmine Feature #13919: Mention user on comment/description using @user with autocomplete
Mention should actually trigger email notification (add user as watcher if it's not added)
10:05 Redmine Defect #31288: Redmine API updating time entry
XML also works...
08:42 Redmine Defect #31288: Redmine API updating time entry
It works via .json
For example, this worked for me:


14:48 Redmine Help: RE: Refresh repository in Redmine after editing commit message
FYI, I have edited wrong svn refID for one developer, first have him change text via [[


13:23 Redmine Feature #31043 (New): Search/filter users in backend
Users can have multiple email addresses.
Sometimes it's hard to find users via admin->users, if there is huge numb...


13:11 Redmine Feature #30801: Improved support for inline images
Related issues: #26157, #22910, #20391
13:09 Redmine Feature #30801 (New): Improved support for inline images
data:image is getting more and more use,
in order to make Redmine able to handle pasted base64 images via some plugi...


14:38 Redmine Defect #22910: Inline(Base64) Images are not shown anyone after update to 3.2.2
I also had to change type of column messages, field content from text to longtext in order to be able to work with ba...


12:01 Redmine Feature #5458: Extend Start/Due date to include time
+1 for this.
I propose ability to configure in settings if someone wants to display time or just date...

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