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09:30 Redmine Development: Test Session in Init.rb
Hello, i try to add an item menu by init.rb. I want that item only if my session[:xAdmin] exist, but I thinks session...


17:38 Redmine Help: RE: problem SMTP
In trace i have this message :
Email delivery error: Connection refused - connect(2)
16:56 Redmine Help: problem SMTP
Hello everyone, i have a problem with my SMTP configuration : ...


11:31 Redmine Development: Update CustomField's value in class issue
Hello, :)
I try to modify the value of a customfield when use after_create.
I have this code :...


15:50 Redmine Plugins: Show Error with thin ???
Hello everyone
I try to develop a little plugin for an entreprise. But i can't display ruby on rails's errors on ...

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