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09:22 Redmine Feature #17907: Give 'version' another meaning
Man... I would be glad if it could be implemented. Would be so useful! Couldn't it be considered?


09:00 Redmine Feature #724: change "versions" to "milestones"
As much as I appreciate Redmine, I find it sad that such a tiny improvement does not get realized. "Next major releas...


09:32 Redmine Feature #7737: Add support for searching for exact words
Should not be hard to implement. But would be very helpful!


13:53 Redmine Feature #28142: Accessing Redmine features
Why don't you use the "forum": for such questions? You won't get any a...


09:15 Redmine Defect #28035: Order of versions is not correctly ordered
Okay, I see. Doesn't look natural to me, but that's just my opinion.
I would prefer a an order independent of the ...


11:23 Redmine Defect #28035 (Closed): Order of versions is not correctly ordered
I see this with version 3.4.2 and on at different places:
* in project configuration
* in custom fiel...
10:54 Redmine Defect #28034 (New): Can assign closed/locked versions to custom field
Detected in version 3.4.2.
If I create a ticket with a tracker that has a custom field of type version (trying to ...


09:31 Redmine Feature #27541 (Closed): New optional column for issue list: number of comments/updates
Just to get a quick impression if a ticket was updated/commented at all or if it is heavily discussed. If no comment/...


08:39 Redmine Patch #20063: Add "issue#<number>" syntax for issue links
Okay, it's just a patch. Of course, the format can be changed. I just thought that it may finds its way into Redmine ...


10:25 Redmine Patch #20063: Add "issue#<number>" syntax for issue links
> In my opinion, I think it is better to track the format change in a new issue.
Isn't #26465 a new issue?

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