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08:39 Redmine Patch #20063: Add "issue#<number>" syntax for issue links
Okay, it's just a patch. Of course, the format can be changed. I just thought that it may finds its way into Redmine ...


10:25 Redmine Patch #20063: Add "issue#<number>" syntax for issue links
> In my opinion, I think it is better to track the format change in a new issue.
Isn't #26465 a new issue?
09:41 Redmine Patch #20063: Add "issue#<number>" syntax for issue links
I have created another issue for the format thing: #26465. Would you mind considering this as well?
09:39 Redmine Feature #26465 (New): Make the format of issue links configurable
Inspired by #20063-3 I thought that it would be nice to have the option to change the format of issue title displayin...


12:05 Redmine Feature #21577: The version should get a status archived like projects
My 2 cents:
# I would realize the 'New' status as well (or call it 'Planed' like in #23858). I don't find it appea...


10:52 Redmine Defect #26321 (New): Activity view should not show raw text
E.g., when one writes a comment, in the activity view the line with the description (which is in <span class="descrip...
10:30 Redmine Feature #26320 (New): Introduce time-based release schedule
Like discussed in message#53144, I would like to suggest introducing a time-based release planning. At least the very...
10:17 Redmine Feature #1869: "Unscheduled" version on roadmap
Not the right concept, IMO. I would close/reject this ticket. A roadmap is a roadmap.
Consider it also techn...
10:09 Redmine Feature #26015: Upgrade Redmine used by Website
Is it that hard to update it? I guess there are some special tweaks (e.g. plugin listing?), but it should be do...


08:45 Redmine Development: RE: Why don't you just release 3.4.0?
As I don't know the internal communication of the Redmine project, I thought you could discuss this with JPL somehow....

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