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18:58 Redmine Feature #29214 (New): Button to copy PRE block content to clipboard
It would be very nice if we have a little button near @PRE@ block, so user can copy the entire content to clipboard.


16:00 Redmine Patch #20063: Add "issue#<number>" syntax for issue links


13:44 Redmine Patch #26122: Implementation of visible conditions with inner join instead of subselect
As a speed regression, I suggest to put this on version#130


14:22 Redmine Feature #25538: Drop support for Ruby 2.2.1 and ealier, 2.2.2+ is now required
Go MAEDA wrote:
> +1 for Holger Just.
I agree.


18:28 Redmine Feature #26071: Generate markup for uploaded image dropped into wiki-edit textarea
Great, could this patch support file names with spaces too? #10189


15:04 Redmine Feature #26015 (New): Upgrade Redmine used by Website redmine.org
In the last versions, Redmine evolved a lot, with a plenty of new features, mainly (IMHO) becoming responsive.
14:49 Redmine Feature #9139: Use favicon for redmine.org
14:41 Redmine Defect #22281: http://redmine.org results in a 403 Forbidden
I just realized that http://redmine.org is now returning @HTTP 302@...


16:15 Redmine Feature #25764: Redmine site shoud send emails with HTTPS links
It's related to #20556
16:14 Redmine Feature #25764 (Closed): Redmine site shoud send emails with HTTPS links
As Redmine site supports HTTPS we should send emails with HTTPS links.
Today if you click on email link you open t...

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