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15:09 Redmine Feature #3224: Better project list
related to #29482


16:02 Redmine Patch #29482: Query system for Projects page
This looks great, current default project page is useless. We use a plugin to deal somehow with big number of p...


12:10 Redmine Patch #14735: Allow negative time entries
Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:
> Why should we allow negative time entries BTW?
Editing spent time does not leav...


09:51 Redmine Defect #29643 (New): Issue filter broken for custom fields that are 'remote'
The issue filtering is broken for all plugins that provides a custom queries implementation.
Example... when a pl...


20:40 Redmine Patch #4502: New date filter operators: tomorrow, next week, next month


12:12 Redmine Feature #28471 (New): Make "Subtasks" section headers a links to issue query
The header on issue page "Subtasks" list issues, in some way, with some defaults columns. It would be very helpful if...


16:15 Redmine Defect #28409 (New): Total estimated time value not visible when tracker has estimate time field ...
There is a tracker that does have estimate time field disabled. The issue of that tracker can have subtasks of differ...
09:05 Redmine Feature #28391: Add issue category filter and column to spent time queries
It would be great if time log query would be derived from issue query and have same filtering capability.


10:09 Redmine Feature #12704: Allow selecting subprojects on new issue form
This is long waited feature, thanks for implementing it.
The only issue it seems to have is that the select list w...


14:41 Redmine Feature #25209: Option for users to add values to list / key/value custom fields
key/values for a custom fields should be project specific, just like categories.

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