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11:11 Redmine Feature #28492 (New): Close sub-tasks when closing a parent task
I saw that: https://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/repository/revisions/16108/diff/trunk/app/models/issue...


07:45 Redmine Feature #28299 (New): Get issue by group
For the moment we can only fetch issues assigned to a particular member. It would be great to fetch issues assig...
07:43 Redmine Feature #28298 (New): Get issues by login
It would be great to fetch issues by login:
GET /issues.xml?assigned_to_login=my.login
For the moment we can...


23:50 Redmine Feature #28100 (New): Get files of all projects using API
At the moment, it's only possible to get files for a precise project.
It should be possible to get files of all proj...


22:45 Redmine Feature #26531 (New): Sections in issue fields
For the moment, you can create custom fields for your trackers. When you add a lot of them, it can become painful to ...


22:07 Redmine Feature #22966: Add ability search/filter project by project's custom fields


09:19 Redmine Feature #26422 (New): Filter project by custom field
I searched the doc and tried a lot of commands, but it appears the possibility to filter by custom field avai...
09:09 Redmine Feature #26356: Time entry list: set default column options
Merci Jean-Philippe ;)


13:36 Redmine Feature #26400 (New): Side by side diff view in wiki
I checked among the issues but didn't find any like this:
Is it possible, like it's possible for commits, to see wik...


14:33 Redmine Feature #11044: Custom field types for time and datetime
Can't we take all the new input types possible? See https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_form_input_types.asp

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