Fabrizio Sebastiani

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11:27 Redmine Defect #28693 (Closed): Irrelevant permission is required to access some tabs in project settings...
It is not clear why is necessary to give "Edit project" right to create new Forum and so let "Settings" tab to appear...


14:20 Redmine Feature #8241: Advanced notification: per user, per project configurable schedule, event filter a...


14:55 Redmine Feature #22884 (Closed): Better mean for "Assignee" and best practice
_how the *Assignee* field shall be intended best_?
# The person/group that 'has in charge' the issue, in general, ...


23:38 Redmine Patch #14318: Watchers Alerted To Changes But Cannot See Issues (potentially)
I tested right now a patch derived from Takenori TAKAKI's one attachment:allow_watchers_and_contributers_access_to_is...

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