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20:35 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine 1.3 - Problem while load_default_data
Yes, I did!
The script is still failing but you can load the default data using a feature in Redmine itself.


15:23 Redmine Help: Redmine 1.3 - Problem while load_default_data
Any ideas of what that might be:
jruby -S rake generate_session_store
>> OK
jruby -S rake db:migr...
01:18 Redmine Help: RE: Subversion Integration
Are you trying to access the project svn folder?
If your project is called testproject you should add you user to ...


03:27 Redmine Plugins: RE: How to extend the Include macro to repository file
Have you managed to import wiki files from the repository?
I'm planning to do exactly the same, any hints?


18:20 Redmine Feature #6755 (Closed): Wiki field format for type for custom field
It would be great to have a custom text field that could be wikified.


13:46 Redmine Help: RE: Problema changing database URL
The ids were imported correctly. I'm really lost on that one!


14:30 Redmine Help: Problema changing database URL
Recently we created a server for PostgreSQL and we started migrating our systems to that server.
When I tried to d...


20:17 Redmine Plugins: Is there a step-by-step tutorial for custom macro development?
I'm new to ruby and ror, and I need to write a macro to include wiki text and images from the repository.
Does any...


19:37 Redmine Plugins: Include repository files as wiki pages content.
Hi everyone,
I wonder if there is a plugin that allow you to include files (ie. *.wiki) from the source repository a...

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