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18:35 Redmine Feature #32484 (New): When a group is selected in the user custom field field,Enable the same han...
Issue 21026 suggests that group can be selected in the user custom field.
I think this is a necessary feature.
17:33 Redmine Feature #21026: Select user-groups in custom fields of type "User"
After applying this patch, groups can also be selected in the user format custom field.


14:47 Redmine Defect #32183: Notification sub-events for "Issue updated" does not cover all events which consis...
This will make the email sending condition MECE.
By the way, is Relation updated included in other attributes?...


14:54 Redmine Feature #15928: Disable email notifications for ticket's updates


18:31 Redmine Feature #643: Issue description templates
Can you solve it by using the following plug-in?
This plugin is very popular among Japanese Redmine users.


05:09 Redmine Feature #29482: Query system for Projects page


08:12 Redmine Feature #17907: Give 'version' another meaning
redmine_message_customize plugin has been created.
You can use this to override the term from the administration scr...
07:23 Redmine Feature #3099: Last activity time window.
Thanks for great patches
I don't want to repeat the blank history.
If the following patches have b...
06:02 Redmine Patch #23954: Shows the date of the last activity on Projects administration.
It worked on Redmine trunk with the same changes. note-11
Attach a screen copy of my environment.
Last activity i...


12:14 Redmine Feature #16098: On relation change/add notification setting
Just change the one line below and email will not be sent when setting the relation.
This is just a workaround.

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