Tushar Garg

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09:40 Redmine Development: How can I be a part of Redmine Development Team
I am a Ruby on Rails Developer. I have worked on Redmine Maintenance and create various plugins for our compan...


10:40 Redmine Feature #23731 (Closed): Attribute value Inheriting
Hello Sir,
In redmine, if the value of (Spent time, Estimated time or Due Date) is null in the parent issue, and t...


09:05 Redmine Plugins: RE: ToDo lists plugin
Hello Sir,
Please tell, where I have to add dispatcher function to resolve this problem, and please also tell that...
08:56 Redmine Plugins: RE: ToDo lists plugin
Thomas Löber wrote:
> david lyons wrote:
> > The problem was, they work fine in production mode, but not in develop...

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