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18:00 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineTextFormatting (#126)
rollback to version 122 (Sergey Kovalev reverted a spam edit, but accidentally reverted to the older version 120)


10:54 Redmine Feature #10975: An 'Involved In' filter
The plugin hasn't been maintained in years and isn't compatible to recent Redmine versions, but luckily the necessary...


16:38 Redmine Feature #28724 (New): Reset the API key when changing/resetting user passwords?
At the moment, Redmine won't reset the API key when a user changes his own password, or when an administrator resets ...


12:27 Redmine Defect #21181: Markdown Formatter incorrectly parses lists
Still reproducible on 3.4.2.


13:22 Redmine Defect #27300: Annoying login prompt when accessing content on
Just got the error again, so now I can add some details.
- I googled "redmine flow chart"
- I followed the link "...


15:17 Redmine Defect #27300 (New): Annoying login prompt when accessing content on
I often google for something redmine-related, e.g. "redmine plugins", and I then I follow one of the links, e....


10:29 Redmine Feature #1565: Custom query on My page
I just stumbled over that 3 custom query limit too. I would very much like to use more queries :(


15:13 Redmine Feature #571: Configurable "Display project descriptions" in project list
If you just want to get rid of the descriptions in the project list, and you don't need it configurable, use the Cust...
15:12 Redmine Help: RE: In the main projects tab hide description
If anyone else is still looking for this - I've resolved this issue by using the Custom CSS plugin ( http://www.redmi...


15:17 Redmine Feature #23404 (New): Support for Pretty URLs?
When I copy-paste a Redmine link from my browser and send this via IM to a colleague, it's not exactly obvious from t...

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