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14:04 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Issues summary
Thank you Holder.
As I guessed the evaluation team came back with this question: _Is there a “all” projects summary ...


03:51 Redmine Open discussion: Issues summary
Hi there,
I have been asked to propose bug tracking softwares and I selected Mantis and Redmine to be evaluated by t...


10:36 Redmine Help: SOLVED: yaml.rb:133:in `load': syntax error on line 68, col 0: `production:' (ArgumentError)
After hours looking around I found that for some unknown reason, development: and production: entries were duplicated...


11:56 Redmine Help: yaml.rb:133:in `load': syntax error on line 68, col 0: `production:' (ArgumentError)
Hello there,
I am new in Ruby and Redmine so excuse any irrelevant comment :o/
I just installed redmine on a Ubuntu...

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