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05:41 Redmine Patch #30445: Remove unnecessary bgl and bgr wrappers from the footer
Please ignore my previous comment. I misinterpreted some things.
04:16 Redmine Patch #30445: Remove unnecessary bgl and bgr wrappers from the footer
I think that this change will, without further action, become problematic for the redmine.org instance:


19:36 Redmine Patch #31994: Allow issue auto complete to return 10 issues when there is not search term provided
Marius BALTEANU wrote:
> Go MAEDA wrote:
> > The subject says "return last 10 updated issues" but actually the patc...


06:02 Redmine Patch #32019: Remove unnecessary scroll indicator from Gantt page
LGTM. This superfluous scrollbar was introduced by r18171 as part of #27672.


17:16 Redmine Feature #31984 (Closed): Permission to add timelogs in past
Closing as a duplicate of #13244. I'll see if I am able to look into this issue again in a decent time frame soon.


19:39 Redmine Defect #22323: Markdown newline rendering broken
Martin Cizek wrote:
> P.S. The tests at the end of @MarkdownFormatterTest@ seem to be commented out by @private@? No...
19:37 Redmine Defect #31929 (Closed): MarkdownFormatterTest#test_should_support_underlined_text is declared as ...
#28169 introduced @Redmine::WikiFormatting::MarkdownFormatterTest#test_should_support_underlined_text@. However, this...


09:06 Redmine Feature #31653 (New): Document the differences between admin and non-admin users
The differences between admin and non-admin users are not explicitly documented. This regularly but persistently lead...
04:42 Redmine Help: RE: Subtasks change priorities/dealines of parent task?
Despite that this is a 7-year old thread that is being reopened, I'll need to make a remark.
Sergey Zapunidi wrote...
04:28 Redmine Defect #31649 (New): Permissions table on wiki page [[RedmineRoles#Permissions]] is outdated.
The table containing the permissions provided by the Redmine core modules on [[RedmineRoles#Permissions]] is outdated...

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