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15:49 Redmine Defect #26090: Some small issues found during review of r16029 for #24407.
I'll keep it scheduled for 3.4.0 for now, but this is obviously not a blocker for an eventual release.
I'll work o...
15:40 Redmine Feature #25616: Change format of the changelog (both on redmine.org and in the shipped changelog ...
Let's see if we can make this change happen starting from version#119 indeed; setting proposed target.
Please ping...
14:40 Redmine Feature #26190 (Closed): Add setting to hide optional user custom fields on registration form
This feature is implemented in r16537 as part of issue #24089 (which itself isn't going to be included [in version#11...
14:40 Redmine Feature #26189 (Closed): For 3 comments or more on news items and forum messages, show reply link...
This feature is implemented in r16539 as part of issue #24089 (which itself isn't going to be included [in version#11...
14:12 Redmine Feature #7360: Issue Custom Query: Default Query
Let's try to keep this on the roadmap; setting target to unplanned.
13:52 Redmine Patch #26188 (New): Documentation (detailed syntax help & code) additions/improvements
Following #21375#note-11, I made four additional (code) documentation changes:
# -Complement external URL document...
13:23 Redmine Defect #21375: Working external URL prefixes (protocols and 'www' host part) not documented in wi...
Marius BALTEANU wrote:
> [...] I took the liberty to create a patch that specify the www, sftp and sftps as URLs. Mi...


06:56 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Highlighting in a PRE block (NOT syntax highlighting)
Phil Valentine wrote:
> Don't suppose you are aware of any plugins that allow it?
I am not aware of any that impl...
06:44 Redmine Feature #4179: Link to user in wiki syntax
Marius BALTEANU wrote:
> Here it is.
Nice. LGTM! Thanks for working on this.
@Jean-Philippe: I think that this...


20:07 Redmine Wiki edit: Rest_api_with_ruby (#13)
Prevent parsing of issue link.

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