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14:53 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
Jean-Baptiste RIGUET wrote:
> Using this plugin for a few days now, i'm confused with a small thing. In the screensh...


10:41 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
If you talking about my plugin (redmine_subtasks), you have to use trunk version of Redmine. This plugin does not wor...


11:18 Redmine Wiki edit: Plugin_List (#22)
fixed typo in 'Subtasks plugin' description.


13:19 Redmine Wiki edit: Plugin_List (#7)
Added link to redmine_subtasks plugin


16:11 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
Hans Kazan wrote:
> Aleksei Gusev wrote:
> > Thank you for the testing.
> I thank you for the time spent al...
12:12 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
I want to have some time for stabilization of this plugin for trunk version. I have found some bugs recently. When I ...


12:46 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
I have finished inital version of this patch as a plugin for Redmine. I have concentrated in just migrate all feature...


11:06 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
So, here is the version of my patch implemented with awesome_nested_set plugin. I do not recommend using this version...


15:23 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
Please, tell me what else I should fix for including this patch to official version. Thanks in advance!
15:22 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
I have reviewed the patch file. The files not related to the core was deleted, The patch was tested on 2361 revision....

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