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09:46 Redmine Patch #29632 (New): The number of sort_criteria is not limited
Only three sorting criteria can be selected on the query edit screen.
With code before r16390, only three items coul...


10:35 Redmine Feature #2529: Extend Issue Summary Report to optionally include sub projects
Redmine has the setting "Display subprojects issues on main projects by default".
!{width: 50%; border: 1px solid #c...


07:37 Redmine Defect #29581 (New): Issues in paginated views may be lost because sorting criteria are not unique
This is a problem that the issue that should be present is not displayed on the issues/index.
The same problem may e...


03:49 Redmine Patch #29482: Query system for Projects page
It's a great idea!
Query system is necessary for users who are members of many projects.
And I think the table ...


09:42 Redmine Feature #25035: Option to set current date as a default value of date format custom field
I wrote a patch to realize this feature.
Implementation for setting the default value to current date may not be t...


02:25 Redmine Feature #29306: Add assignee's icon to tooltips in gantt and calendar
The patch of #29306#note-2 displayed the author, not the assignee.
I attach the fixed patch. → attachment:add-assign...


07:44 Redmine Feature #29306: Add assignee's icon to tooltips in gantt and calendar
I wrote a patch for this feature.
!{width: 30%; border: 1px solid #ccc}result.png!


02:30 Redmine Feature #28829: Add right-click context menu to the contextual area of an issue
Thank you for your feedback.
This issue is closed, but I attach a patch to fix about some of the contents pointed ...


09:35 Redmine Patch #16045: Add "Previous Assignee" entry when changing issue assignee
Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Hmmm, strange. Which Redmine version do you use?
I tested on trunk( r17463 ) and 3.4 vers...


02:13 Redmine Feature #2471: Add my activities to my page
Thank you for committing.
I checked https://www.redmine.org/builds/ and discovered that testing this feature failed....

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