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09:22 Redmine Feature #27672: Show selected columns on gantt chart
I fixed the patch.
* Compatible the latest trunk. ( r17625 )
* I put together three patch series into one.


02:42 Redmine Feature #5275: Show tree of issues instead of a list in Roadmap
I propose to change the order of issues in the roadmap in ascending order of Parent task.
The result of applying t...
01:05 Redmine Defect #29918: Related issues section ignores the date format setting
The following changes should solve the problem....


07:56 Redmine Defect #29855: add_working_days returns wrong date
I think that applying this patch will solve the problem.
The code of the add_working_days method changes quite a bit...


01:26 Redmine Patch #29830: Issue CSV export options: checkboxes have no effect for columns activated in query
Thank you for sharing the patch.
> The csv export option modal for issues has checkboxes for the description and las...


01:35 Redmine Feature #29712: Preview and wiki toolbar for full width custom fields
#29712#note-9 code looks better than changing the FieldFormat module.
Custom fields other than IssueCustomFields d...


02:50 Redmine Defect #29730: Previous/Next link on repository page disappear when switching to "View difference...
Go MAEDA wrote:
> The patch breaks some tests. Reverted the change.
I'm sorry, I missed the result of the test.


02:59 Redmine Feature #442: Add a description for trackers
The patch written by Marius ( #442#note-27 ) also work in my current environment ( r17600 ).
In order to dis...


10:20 Redmine Defect #29816 (Closed): MyHelper::render_activity_block is not timezone aware
This is a known problem. #14658
The following code can be applied to solve the problem....


06:41 Redmine Defect #29730: Previous/Next link on repository page disappear when switching to "View difference...
By applying this patch I think that the Previous/Next link will be displayed.

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