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01:59 Redmine Defect #28469: Syntax highlighter does not work if language name is single-quoted
I think it is natural to use single quotes.
I wrote a patch to fix this defect.


01:49 Redmine Patch #28505: Update pg gem to 1.0
* pg 1.0.0
* postgresql 9.5.3
I confirmed that all the tests are green under the above conditions....
06:10 Redmine Feature #27070: Set 'Parent task' attribute via email issue creation
I wrote a patch to set the "parent task" attribute by email.


08:18 Redmine Feature #26279: Allow to overide general_csv_encoding in CSV export options window
If unavailable encoding is selected, I have changed to use the default encoding.
07:54 Redmine Patch #24827: Project roadmap each version now wrapped with "box" class
By surrounding the box with lines I can see the separation between versions clearly.
I think this change is good.


10:27 Redmine Feature #5284: "% done" should provide data in text form too
Issues/show has "% done" information next to the progress bar.
I would like to confirm the "% done" information on t...
07:41 Redmine Defect #28482 (New): Buttons are disabled when modal is opened again after exporting CSV
*Steps to reproduce:*
# Open issues/index.
# Click on the "CSV" link to open modal.
# Click the export button to e...
07:04 Redmine Feature #26279: Allow to overide general_csv_encoding in CSV export options window
Since the patch I wrote was old, it was fixed so that it can be applied to the latest trunk (17255).


09:13 Redmine Defect #5593: Meaningless settings for workflow
Marius BALTEANU wrote:
> Mizuki ISHIKAWA wrote:
> > When a patch is applied, the checkbox displayed will be checked...


08:46 Redmine Defect #28463: Permissions table for trackers should have "check/uncheck all" icon
!{width: 70%; border:1px solid #ccc}issue-tracking.png!
I tried writing a patch to add a toggle checkboxes link on...

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