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14:24 Redmine Feature #32491 (Closed): Watcher can see tickets independent from issue visibility
There is a (quite possible slightly outdated by now) patch for that feature in #23546 already.
In #8488#note-166 a...


20:00 Redmine Defect #32420: Issue redirect after login not working
Please make sure that you have configured the correct hostname in *Administration* -> *Settings* -> *Host name and pa...


18:28 Redmine Defect #32376: error 500 on profiles
Please have a look in your @log/production.log@ file and provide a stack trace or at least the full log of a request ...


16:04 Redmine Defect #32434 (Closed): Serve redmine.org over https


15:33 Redmine Feature #9787 (Closed): Get issue history
With the issues REST API, you can add @include=journals@ to get all (visible) journals of the issue.
15:19 Redmine Defect #32176 (Needs feedback): Emails are not getting triggered
In order for notification mails to be send, you need to make sure that:
* you have enabled notification mails for ...
15:04 Redmine Defect #32382: Unreliable User mention feature with PostgreSQL
Instead of @User.visible.where(:login => name, :type => 'User').first@, we should probably use @User.visible.find_by_...
14:53 Redmine Feature #32406 (Closed): [ISSUE RELATIONS] Add several relations at a time


21:45 Redmine Defect #32376 (Needs feedback): error 500 on profiles


11:36 Redmine Wiki edit: Security_Advisories (#41)
Added reference to CVE-2019-17427

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