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16:35 Redmine Patch #27009 (New): Clarify consequences of disabling the login_required setting
When an administrator disabled the @login_required@ setting and/or sets projects as public, this can have grave conse...


16:08 Redmine Feature #26823: Creating new issue with custom fields using REST api in Redmine
See [[Rest_api#Working-with-custom-fields]].
16:06 Redmine Defect #26825: Field "due date" is disabled
You probably have set the "Due date" field as required for one or more statuses. You can configure this in *Administr...


12:46 Redmine Patch #26791 (New): Send individual notification mails per mail recipient
With this patch series, we are introducing the general concept to send multiple mails per notification event. Specifi...


14:19 Redmine Help: RE: Response contains insufficient issues
By default, the API only returns open issues. To quote from [[REST issues]]:
> ...
14:14 Redmine Defect #24864: svn.redmine.org: "The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority"
The certificate itself is fine and valid. However, it appears that the server for https://svn.redmine.org does not se...


12:11 Redmine Patch #26682: URL-escape the ! character in generated markup for dropped uploads
Thank you for the review Maeda-san. I had a look at the Markdown generation but completely missed the parenthesis. I...


15:46 Redmine Feature #23119: Hook for deleted issues
You can already use the basic ActiveRecord callbacks on the @Issue@ model, which include @before_destroy@ and @after_...
15:42 Redmine Feature #26677: HTTP code 401 on login failure
The 401 status code is specifically used for Basic or Digest authentication. It has no value when using form authenti...
15:37 Redmine Defect #26679: Edit Journal - Can't verify CSRF token authenticity
See [[Submissions]]. What exactly are you doing when the error occurs? Please at least show the log entries.
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