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18:12 Redmine Feature #30476 (New): Split up the 'save custom query' form on wide screens.
The feature uses the horizontal screen space more efficient and makes the handling of the form much easier.
14:40 Redmine Feature #30471: Move "Default columns" checkbox on the query edit page from "Options" to "Columns...
It would make sense but please notice that this checkbox also disables the checkboxes for descriptions and last notes...


11:29 Redmine Feature #30464: Show estimated hours on the overview page as well as spent hours
+1 Yes, could be useful.
I would also be great to have this information in a nice bar chart. But this is a future to...


14:16 Redmine Feature #30462: Update Developer Guide for Redmine 4
Yep, I also think this should be fixed.
In the meantime you can look at my pull request for Redmine 4.0 compatibilit...
06:54 Redmine Defect #30459: Switch edit/preview tabs with keybord shortcuts
I remember this topic was also discussed in the original feature. The problem was that there can be multiple editors ...
06:40 Redmine Patch #30451: Move #main-menu outside of the #header to follow directly after the #header insetad
Yes, unfortunately you are right. This doesn't seem to be achievable at the moment. I had a hard time yesterday getti...


11:03 Redmine Patch #30451: Move #main-menu outside of the #header to follow directly after the #header insetad
In my opinion it's a "historical" chance to bring a bit more basic structure into the core of Redmine. For this reaso...


10:24 Redmine Patch #30435: Change #main block to a flexbox + additional minor fixes to it's direct children.
The patch looks good to me, although I'm not sure if the width is sufficient for the text length of everbody's saved ...
09:45 Redmine Feature #30429: Automatic language detection in syntax highlighting
It's for sure a nice improvement for Redmine.
Max Johansson wrote:
> I am thinking it would probably be bette...


06:38 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Migrating Redmine on Bitnami install to Redmine on Debian
I think all you need to move Redmine to your new system can be found in this article [[RedmineBackupRestore]].

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