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07:13 Redmine Wiki edit: Tutorials (#9)
Link is broken
07:07 Redmine Wiki edit: Tutorials (#8)


12:05 Redmine Defect #26857 (Resolved): Fix for CVE-2015-9251 in JQuery 1.11.1
Gregor Schmidt has provided an unobtrusive fix which doesn't require a jQuery update. You can find it attached.


18:46 Redmine Patch #1237 (Needs feedback): Add support for one time passwords or two-factor authentication


15:12 Redmine Patch #27676: Information leak on roadmap and versions view
Thank you for your feedback. Here's what Gregor said:
> I agree. It may be confusing, that two users may see diffe...


16:04 Redmine Wiki edit: Security_Advisories (#35)
16:01 Redmine Open discussion: Redmine Security Scanner - Check if your Redmine is secure
My colleagues from Planio have released a free security scanning tool which allows you to check your Redmine server s...


17:27 Redmine Patch #27676 (Closed): Information leak on roadmap and versions view
When limiting a role's permission to only access "Issues created by or assigned to the user", the roadmap (@/projects...


15:17 Redmine Wiki edit: Security_Advisories (#33)
Adding #25713 since a fix had been released a while ago


12:02 Redmine Open discussion: Redmine named among the Top 4 Project Management Tools for marketers
Just wanted to quickly share a recent achievement for Redmine: We've been named among the top 4 project management to...

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