Philip Dalrymple

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15:47 Redmine Help: Chrome browser getting ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED firefox and edge work fine
In Chrome for a Redmine site that is on port 9292 HTTPS with Apache on 443 to get Lets-Encrypt
returns the following...


19:52 Redmine Defect #31407 (New): relative_url_root does not correctly set the menu_items href
If I set the relative_url_root in config/environment.rb using
Redmine::Utils::relative_url_root = "/redmine"
19:12 Redmine Help: RE: Having problem with reverse proxy (Apache on redmine server)

OK I have tried a number of things and either get the server not running at all or
the same symptoms, i.e. the jav...
13:53 Redmine Help: Having problem with reverse proxy (Apache on redmine server)

I am running redmine under puma with the setup as seen at the bottom of
this message. I am trying to get reverse p...

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