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10:31 Redmine Feature #29894: View watchers on the issue list
that's indeed useful (and if not, well then do not add this column to your issues list :)


10:58 Redmine Feature #19371: Provide better solution for long parent subject on issue list per #13673
Here's a simple patch that adds a new _Parent issue subject_ query column to issue queries. This would give users an ...


09:12 Redmine Patch #13688: Chosen thumbnail has to be bigger than requested one and not smaller
Here's an alternative patch using Float#ceil. Also adds a corresponding test case.
08:51 Redmine Patch #30177 (Closed): Thumbnail lifecycle: reuse thumbs from identical files, delete thumbs when...
These patches improve thumbnail handling in two aspects:
* By changing the naming scheme for thumbnails to not use...


04:58 Redmine Job offers: RE: Need help migrate Redmine 1.3.2.stable (MySQL)
Don't forget to save / restore the @files@ folder from inside the old Redmine installation as well - it contains all ...


07:37 Redmine Feature #306: Full Text Search of files
Since the creation of this patch, the text extraction logic has been extractacted into the "Plaintext Gem":https://gi...


11:43 Redmine Patch #29838: time logging via commit message does not work when the configured activity has been...
updated version of the second patch, better method name to match the setting
11:29 Redmine Patch #29838 (New): time logging via commit message does not work when the configured activity ha...
This happened with a client at Planio, we came up with the attached patch which fixes the problem by looking up the a...


06:30 Redmine Patch #29781 (Closed): Prevent users from getting stuck with an expired password recovery token i...
A user whose password recovery token expired after it was already put into
their session would be redirected to the ...


09:09 Redmine Patch #29395: Pagination between repository entries and attachments of the same container
Go MAEDA wrote:
Could you tell me how the patch should work?
The new version of the patch is supposed to remove t...

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