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14:32 Redmine Open discussion: RE: DSGVO
Richard Rauch wrote:
> by the way...
> itself will run in same problems! I do not find any imprint ...


05:34 Redmine Defect #28669 (New): Project filter is (sometimes) ignored in CSV export
Suppose you have a project P which has subprojects P1. Further you have a global, saved issue query with a @project_i...
05:07 Redmine Feature #24782: Use POST to export Issue query results to CSV instead of GET
I think the OP is using a saved query and just has the problem that the modal CSV export options form serializes the ...
04:04 Redmine Defect #28482: Buttons are disabled when modal is opened again after exporting CSV
+1, the patch works for me


03:42 Redmine Patch #28564 (New): JSON API responses cannot have elements named 'request' or 'response'
I stumbled upon this while creating a Plugin with an API.
The problem is that @Builders::Structure@ declares @attr...


08:50 Redmine Patch #25570: unchecked use of params[:query]
As it turns out the patch causes problems when saving queries and thus I wouldn't recommend applying this.


12:42 Redmine Defect #28000: Deletion of an LDAP authentication mode may fail silently
I agree with Toshi, using the raw text in the assertion is preferable. It simplifies the statement and makes it more ...


12:51 Redmine Patch #27589 (New): Request for a hook under the project members list (Project / Settings / Membe...
This patch adds a @view_projects_settings_members_bottom@ hook under the members list in projects settings.


10:58 Redmine Patch #27336 (Closed): Render previews for audio and video files
This patch which we recently introduced at "Planio": uses the HTML 5 @audio@ and @vide...


05:57 Redmine Feature #22481: Show thumbnails for PDF attachments
I played around with this a bit and it seems that Ghostscript on Windows always opens this window, so it's pretty use...

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