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16:17 Redmine Defect #8068: LDAP Authentificaton doesn't verify certificate validity
The 'fix' (which should really be on by default or you could be sending your passwords *anywhere* :/) can be made by ...


17:37 Redmine Patch #8301 (Closed): queries/_filters.rhtml inefficient.
On my system ( fairly complex, ~30 projects, several hundred versions etc.) The issue list page is *slow* to load. ...


22:03 Redmine Plugins: Extending the Query Model
We've been implementing an in-house extension to the Query model (may OS it, but its very bespoke so not yet sure if ...


17:03 Redmine Feature #1189: Multiselect custom fields
Ughh, noticed a stupid nil mistake in my previous patch, sorry ( this one supecedes Updated-the-QueryColumn-code-to-b...


16:41 Redmine Patch #6171 (Closed): Persist 'locked' users across updates
Currently when a user has been marked as 'locked' if an update occurs to an issue that is assigned to that user, that...


18:30 Redmine Feature #1189: Multiselect custom fields
It works fine for me against the 1.0.0 tag in edavis10's github repository. I've also added a secondary patch to be ...


15:42 Redmine Wiki edit: TeamLeadMeeting0 (#4)


08:26 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
Thank you for sorting this Eric, a git repo is going to be a much saner way of getting any bugs/feature discussions i...


22:09 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
Scott Tearle wrote:
> I've jsut run Ciaran's patch against 1.9.2 and it stopped while looking for a file. Can someo...
20:49 Redmine Feature #443: Subtasking
Ivan Debnár wrote:
> Also fixes offering "closed" versions to user in this Add / Edit form.
You will still get of...

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