Mike Duchene

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21:16 Redmine Defect #960 (Closed): Right click menu can be rendered off-screen
The right click menu is always rendered below and to the right of the mouse cursor. Thus it is possible to cause thi...
21:01 Redmine Feature #959 (New): Add navigation for the concept of going "back" from where you came
There should be navigation button(s), in particular for going "back" from where one has navigated to. For example, y...
20:52 Redmine Defect #958 (Closed): Using browser "back" button in Forums resets topics per page from 50 to 25
When viewing browsing forum topics, there is an option at the bottom to switch from 25 topics per page to 50 topics p...
20:41 Redmine Feature #515: Add 'watchers' pro-actively.
Any updates on this? I really need this feature as well.

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