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18:55 Redmine Feature #25776 (Closed): Automated Plugin installer
It would be great if Redmine could support Plugins installation in a "Wordpress" manner, where user can browse a plug...


18:58 Redmine Feature #5664: Copying documents too when copying a project
Bug which is already 7 years old?!
18:56 Redmine Feature #5457: Move files and documets to another project
+1! Wee need this feature as well!


22:56 Redmine Feature #3647: Data Import/Export System
I've found an importer tool (https://github.com/leovitch/redmine_importer/wiki). Maybe it could be used with Brad's e...


23:35 Redmine Feature #3647: Data Import/Export System


18:22 Redmine Feature #4343 (Resolved): Provide return links in Administration


11:04 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Custom Fields: Counts changes and (unsuccessfull) attempts
I would be very interested in this feature.
Counting changes in Redmine for me is very important for statistic purpo...


09:37 Redmine Feature #12005: Mightful workflow field enhancement: hide
I need to hide (disable?) watchers and file attachments
09:36 Redmine Feature #12745: Disable the default "Description/Status/Priority" field
I would also like to hide (disable?) watchers and file attachments.


13:01 Redmine Feature #10922 (New): Allow tracker only for Subtask
It would be great if Redmine allows for creating new Tracker only when it is a Subtask (ideally when this Subtask's P...

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