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15:59 Redmine Patch #29482: Query system for Projects page
Can this patch please include the ability to filter projects based on their custom fields?


15:27 Redmine Patch #29441: Remove code related to JRuby and unsupported Ruby versions
It might be interesting to mention hear that the TruffleRuby team is making rapid progress, and I’ve reported a few ...


15:57 Redmine Defect #26023: Category filter only shows categories of current project
Thanks, Felix.
> On a project's issue list it will show all the categories of the current project as well as categ...


14:56 Redmine Defect #26023: Category filter only shows categories of current project
With this change, will there be a way of enabling the legacy behavior? My team uses Category as a hack to allow non-a...


12:16 Redmine Feature #27875: SQL custom query
Hope this helps you, this is tested for me on PostgreSQL but may not work so well on MySQL. I've had to write similar...


21:58 Redmine Defect #26504: Rails 5 unit and functional tests
> Should we move the tests to the new models, controllers... folders?
I don't know either, but I wanted to help ou...


07:05 Redmine Plugins: RE: Screenshots of plugins
+1...I've long hoped for this. I often install a plug-in just to get a better sense of what it does, since so many pl...
07:02 Redmine Plugins: RE: CKEditor: What should I know about it?
My limited experience is that it's great for fresh installs, but I had bad luck trying to run the rake task that migr...


02:43 Redmine Feature #12005: Mightful workflow field enhancement: hide
> This is a show-stopping issue for client access.
Totally agreed. Or for corporate clients with mandates to...
02:42 Redmine Feature #11963: Hide the estimated times on issues for certain roles
Also +1-ing #12005, since that seems more ambitious and will probably take longer to implement.

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