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14:55 Redmine Feature #26680 (New): Show default assignee when creating new issue
With new redmine version, 3.4, a default assignee can be specified (which is great).
However, contrary to a stipul...
12:09 Redmine Feature #4511: Allowing to add user groups as watchers for issues
Stephane Lapie wrote:
> The fix is committed to my github.
Stephane, thanks for your efforts.
> I suppose th...


14:33 Redmine Feature #4511: Allowing to add user groups as watchers for issues
> Stephane Lapie wrote:
> I updated upon Petr's plugin for Redmine 3.3.3-stable.
Stephane, thanks for your eff...


14:19 Redmine Feature #6166: Support german umlauts and whitespaces in login string
I ran into the same problem with Redmine version 3.2.0 and successfully used the patch above to overcome the limi...


13:32 Redmine Defect #20380: Cannot assign users to projects with IE set to compatibility mode
I'm running Redmine 3.1.0.stable and we also have/had issues when adding watchers to a ticket (as described by Karel ...


19:01 Redmine Help: RE: Unexpected error while processing request: An operation was attempted on something that...
Try to follow the instructions given here:
11:59 Redmine Help: RE: Replacing thin might be a solution
I was confronted with more or less similar error message(s) after upgrading my redmine instances to version 2.6.1.


08:19 Redmine Patch #11113 (Closed): Small glitch in German localization (Ver. 2.0.2 and Ver. 1.4.3)
Using the latest version 2.0.2.stable, I came across a small glitch in the German localization. Please find attached ...


16:45 Redmine Help: make an existing issue subtask of another issue
if I have two issues, say #23 and #87 (both top level issues), is it possible to move #87 so that it becomes a...


22:16 Redmine Defect #3722 (New): Nested projects can get in disorder
How to reproduce (using redmine SVN revision 2835):
* create project _Toplevel A_
* create project _Sublevel A_ a...

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