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09:33 Redmine Help: Access to MySQL database from another application
I'm using Redmine 0.9.2 on Windows 2008. I used the Bitnami Full installer (


18:22 Redmine Feature #4527 (New): plugin for Bugshooting
It will be great to create a plugin in order to send new bug task to redmine from the bugshooting application


14:22 Redmine Feature #4339 (Closed): Cross-Project Calendar
Create a cross-projet calendar in order to see a global calendar of all the activity with all start date and end date...


17:26 Redmine Plugins: Chart Plugin Error
I installed charts Plugin and OpenFlash but I have an error running Charts (Internal error).
This is the error that ...
15:59 Redmine Plugins: RE: Error graph plugin
This error is only with Internet Explorer (7 and 8).
With Firefox, it's ok.
15:33 Redmine Plugins: Error graph plugin
Hi !
I'm running on redmine 0.8.6 (bitnamni installer) on windows 2008.
I installed the graph plugin but Graph im...


11:18 Redmine Help: Image and files
How can I do to insert an Image to a project description or a Wiki Page using the redmine editor ?
I found the...

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