Redmine on GlassFish

Added by Arun Gupta almost 16 years ago

I posted a blog entry explaining how to deploy Redmine on GlassFish at:

Rails powered by the GlassFish Application Server provides all the good reasons on why you should consider using GlassFish instead of the traditional deployment models for Ruby-on-Rails applications.

Please let me know (responding to this thread or leaving a comment on the blog) if you are interested in this solution.

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RE: Redmine on GlassFish - Added by Thomas Lecavelier almost 16 years ago

Hi Arun,

Thank you for your post: it's very interesting. I'm please to know that Redmine run smoothly on GlassFish.

I think I'll give a try to GlassFish 3 on my production server in next weeks. I'll try to notify here my success (or failure).

Have a nice day.

RE: Redmine on GlassFish - Added by Gunnar Morling about 15 years ago

Hi all,

I made another tutorial, which explains the use of Redmine on Glassfish V2. You can find it here:

In the tutorial, Nick Sieger's Warbler is used to create a WAR containing JRuby, Redmine and all required gems. Furthermore, it is demonstrated, how to use a data source configured within the application server to access the database.

I'd be very happy on any comments,