Latest releases

Redmine releases are available in either .tar.gz or .zip format:

Version Released date Download SHA256 checksum
4.2.10 2023-03-05 redmine-4.2.10.tar.gz 6f26388c23892962552ca491d5efedabd42dac88861dd9d80bc33458f65be1e9 0cb6c1b88321e9235eb458d945e4dd57b5987663f0476e0b8cc77fefd52f64a9
5.0.5 2023-03-05 redmine-5.0.5.tar.gz a89ad1c4bb9bf025e6527c77ab18c8faf7749c94a975caf2cfdbba00eb12a481 4af5bb304c87c95b6719638236d6725b9e6573276b7aaf6aa578807b8c5b5a4e

See the Changelog for details and RedmineInstall for installation instructions or RedmineUpgrade for upgrading instructions.

You can also browse the older releases.

Source code

You can checkout the source code of Redmine from the Subversion repository. This is the preferred way to get Redmine if you want to benefit from the latest improvements and be able to upgrade easily.

The URL of the official Subversion repository is:

Alternatively, you can clone it from the Github mirror maintained by the community:

5.0 Stable

You can checkout the latest stable source with one of the following commands:


svn co redmine-5.0

It will create a directory named redmine-5.0 and you'll be able to update your Redmine copy using svn update in this directory.

Development (unstable)

You can checkout the latest development source from the trunk with one of the following commands:


svn co redmine

Third-party Redmine bundles

  • TurnKey Redmine Appliance - Provides a free lightweight Debian-based Redmine appliance (available as an ISO, virtual machine image or cloud image).

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