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11:07 Redmine Patch #13400: Calculate %done based on estimated and logged time
I would like to discuss the implementation of #24277 instead of this feature because I found it more complete and fle...


20:45 Redmine Defect #28953: Issue content gets lost if user deletes an attachment
I thought too on removing the attachments via ajax, but there are some cases that must be handled. For example, in ad...


18:03 Redmine Patch #29185: Add my_page to the application menu
Holger Just wrote:
> With this patch, there would be two top-level links to the My Page (similar to the *Projects* l...
15:08 Redmine Patch #29189: Display custom fields on group pages
Go Maeda, lets have a basic test for this feature.


23:28 Redmine Feature #29034: Option to collapse/expand issue sections
Here is a patch that can be applied on top of #29033 and can be used to test this expand/collapse feature. If the fee...
23:01 Redmine Patch #29184: Add home to the application menu
I'm not sure what to say about this change because even if I agree with the most of the arguments posted by Go Maeda,...
22:05 Redmine Patch #29190: Add link to container on attachment preview
+ 1
14:15 Redmine Defect #9551: Changing assignee should be notify the previous assignee
Harm Ant wrote:
> The issue was fixed in 2.x.
> But after upgrading to Redmine 3.4.2.stable notifications to ol...


09:40 Redmine Patch #26501: Change English translation for setting_issue_list_default_columns
I'm in favour of this change.
09:35 Redmine Feature #2665 (Closed): Filter on sub projects target version within the main project
It seems to be fixed in the current trunk, but I'm not sure in which ticket, from my checks could be #24787.
I'm c...

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