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Mermaid Macro

This plugin adds a mermaid.js graph macro to wiki formated fields.
About mermaid:




Select To Select2 Plugin


Replace all select tag to select2 in all Redmine's pages.


Maybe run other than 3.4.*

By Shuhei FURUYA


Redmine CommonMark

This plugin provides CommonMark notation.

We can use 2 indentation 3 level nested list.

* level 1
  * level 2
    * level 3

By okkez _


Redmine Auto Assign Group Plugin

This is Redmine plugin which assigns group automatically when create new users.

By Tatsuya Saito



Redmine Diff Popup

This plugin provide on pop-up show feature of diff.


  • Add pop-up show feature on issue's history diff.
  • Add switch of pop-up/default in user preferences.

By Ryuta Tobita


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