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PDF export Time_Spent

This Redmine plugin adds an export button in the time_log list that exported each time spent as a pdf format in addition to a pdf option export for all time spent list.

By Ali Hamdan



A Redmine Plugin to Work with Microsoft Project Redmine Connector.

By Chan Li


Custom Field Sql

This plugin adds "sql" format for custom fields

By Alexey Smirnov


Issue assign notice plugin

It is a plugin of Redmine that notifies Slack, Rocket.Chat, etc. that the issue assignee changed.

For details and how to use, please see the following...

By Hirokazu Onozato



Additional Tags

Multilingual Redmine Plugin for adding custom tags to issues and wiki pages.

General features

  • Easy tagging while typing
  • Permissions for adding, editing, viewing issue tags
  • Permission for adding wiki page tags
  • Centralized tag manag...

By Alexander Meindl


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