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Redmine Git Server

This Redmine plugin lets your users pull and push to/from your git repositories hosted on Redmine with HTTP - without any complex setup.

Under the hood, it relies on Grack, a Ruby/Rack Git Smart HTTP Server Handle...

By Romain Lalaut



That Meeting

This plugin allows Redmine issues to act as iCalendar events (i.e., implements iTIP and iMIP support for Redmine). Create issues using the event tracke...

By Ty Roden



Track across project with EVM

Caluclate EVM value of available(open) projects in login user.

By Hajime Nakagama


Redmine LaTeX MathJax

This is a simple little plugin which allows mathematical notation to be used within Redmine.
Initially writen by mboratko (

By Five Above Infinity


Redmine Wikiforms

This plugin provides macros for displaying input fields on and a simple report generation functionality for redmine wiki pages.

By Five Above Infinity


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