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Westaco Versions

This plugin adds the new Versions page to Redmine's application (global) and project menus. This page lists versions of all projects or of the project (and its subprojects) correspondingly. It supports a query form (with filters, columns etc) similar t...

By Westaco Express


Redmine NATH v1.0

NATH (NLP Automated Ticket Handler) is meant to automatically qualify your tracker issues passing tickets titles and description to any NLP service (see below for f...

By Alter Way



Redmine Touch-Context-Menu

Enables the context menu on a mobile touch device. The JavsScript file provided here is a modified file of the orginal context_menu.js file providing the context menu.

By Stephan Wenzel


Redmine Toggl Plugin

Redmine Toggl is a Redmine plugin to synchronize Toggl time tracking tool entries with Redmine time entries.
Requires redmine version >= 3.0.3


Synchronize Toggl entries for users that has Toggl API key set in Redmine

By ozgur yazilimas



Redmine Preview PDF

Show even large pdf attachments in Redmine's attachment preview pane prior to downloading. This plugin will show the first page of the pdf as a medium resolution image file.

By Stephan Wenzel


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