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Redmine work wechat



  • 新建问题通知
  • 更新问题通知
  • `redmine:send_work_wechat` 定期任务通知待完成任务
  • 支持 Redmine 5


  1. `cd ${REDMINE_ROOT}/plugins`
  2. `git clone`
  3. 进入插件页面配置相关参数,管理 > 插件 > Redmi...

By mingming wang


Bug Reporting Plugin by Redmineflux

The Redmineflux Bug Reporting(Fluxshot) is a handy Chrome extension that works alongside Redmine, making it super easy to take screenshots and create new issues directly from your browser. It's a game-changer for giving feedback, reporting bugs, and up...

By Redmineflux _


Workload Plugin by Redmineflux

The Redmineflux Workload Plugin is a vital addition to Redmine, empowering users to efficiently manage their team's resources and workload. By enabling users to allocate tasks and establish schedules for their team, it provides a transparent overview o...

By Redmineflux _


Knowledge Base Plugin by Redmineflux

The Redmineflux Knowledge Base Plugin is a powerful extension for the Redmine project management application that allows you to create and manage a documentation. This plugin enhances the collaboration and information-sharing capabilities of Redmine by...

By Redmineflux _


Mentions Plugin by Redmineflux

The Mention Plugin is like having a built-in shout-out system in Redmine. It lets you mention other users in issue descriptions, notes, and wiki content, and it sends them notification emails. This makes it super easy to involve specific people in disc...

By Redmineflux _


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