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Redmine Plugin Generator

Redmine Plugin Generator is a standalone plugin for Easy Redmine and generic Redmine, which is provided free of charge. Its purpose is to allow users creating new plugins and entities using a quick and intuitive tool.



By Petr Pospisil


Redmine QBO

A plugin for Redmine to connect to Quickbooks Online

The goal of this project is to allow Redmine to connect with Quickbooks Online to create Time Activity Entries for completed work when an Issue is closed.

By Rick Barrette



Automatically add LDAP users to group

Redmine plugin that automatically adds newly logged-in LDAP users to specific group that is configurated in plugin's settings.

By David Côté-Tremblay



Redmine issue closing

Manual and automatic management of issues statuses

Keep statuses actual!

Automatic issue closing - to enable issue statuses updating automatically every day. Default:disable
Find status - find issue to be changed, for example "solved"...

By Pavel Ishenin




Redmine plugin to group issues into deploys and send notifications (e-mails) when needed.

  • Redmine Logo is Copyright (C) 2009 Martin Herr and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license. See http://creativecom...

By Zapic0 Zapic0


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