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Redmine Project Specific Custom Field

Make Redmine ever more cutomizable with possibility to adapt your projects with different characteristics to your needs. Give more power to your project managers and unclatter your administration panel.

Plugin allows you to create and manage issues ...

By Omega Code



Redmine Leaves Holidays

Make your Redmine a complete system for leaves management. Integrate your leaves approval with the system time tracking and increase the transparency of the process to everybody in your organization.

This plugin allows you to automate the process of...

By Omega Code


Computed Custom Field NextGen

This plugin is a friendly take over from Yakov Annikov's Computed Custom Field. Luckily he provided me permission to keep the plugin up and running.
Many thanks Yakov!

This plugin provides a possibility to create a computed custom field. The value ...

By Darko Palic


Render Markdown in Repository

This plugin renders markdown file(.md or .markdown) in repository like GitHub.

By Makoto Kawasaki


Redmine Add Absolute Time

This is a plugin that adds an absolute time notation to the relative time notation.

(Hint: Due to the word order, it may not be displayed as expected except in Japanese)

By Ken Kubomi


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