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Token voting

Vote for Redmine issue resolution with crypto tokens.

By crypto gopher



Redmine Merge Request Links

Display links to associated Gitlab merge requests and GitHub pull requests on Redmine's issue page.

By Tim Fischbach



Redexporter plugin

Allows you expose Redmine metrics to Prometheus.
support e-mail:

  • load_average_one_minute Load average for last minute.
  • disk_total_bytes Number of total bytes for the file system.
  • disk_used_bytes Number of used bytes for t...

By Team


Redmine Encrypt

Protect attachment files with strong encryption.


GNU Affero General Public License version 3

By Felipe Batista



Redmine Preview Office

Plugin to preview Microsoft Office Documents in Redmine's preview pane. Requires that Libreoffice is installed.
Supports: docx, xlsx, pptx, doc, xls, ppt, doc, rtf, odt.

By Stephan Wenzel


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