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Bitbucket references

Reference Redmine issues in Bitbucket.

This is both a Redmine plugin...

By Seppe Stas


Multi Host

This plugin allows to have multiple entry pages for the redmine system with different urls.
All users can be bound to there URL so that if a user gets an email, they got there URL.
Also different CSS can be loaded per URL, to customize the loginpage.

By Konrad Mattheis


Auto Deputy

This plugin allows to define a deputy per project and timerange.
This allows that tickets are newer assigned to absence peoples.

By Konrad Mattheis



Issue Mail With Attachments plugin

With this plugin, you can send out newly attached files on issues via usual issue notification mails or dedicated mails as attachments.

By team 888



time logging app

this redmine plugin adds a new menu entry and separate section to log and edit ones own spent time entries in one place, in a quick way.


By intera jk


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