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This Redmine 4 plugin stores file attachments on Amazon S3 instead of the local filesystem.

!!! Actually, I don't like this solution, but it works for me and it was fast implementation ...

-> Much more I would appreciate if Redmine switch to Acti...

By Josef H


Redmine Custom Field Label

This plugin adds a new custom field type: Label. Label helps to logically divide custom fields in issues

By Alikhan Askarov




Textile-to-Markdown and any-other-conversion tool for Redmine rich text data


  • Conversion can be run on a per-project, per-object and per-field basis.
  • Different sets of data can use different conversions - usef...

By Martin Cizek



Add info closed_on on issue view

By Frederic AOUSTIN



You can add your js-sequence code in wiki or issue

By Frederic AOUSTIN


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