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Outlook 2013 Issue Creator AddIn

Create RedMine issue right from your inbox using message details.




Redmine Issue Dynamic Edit

Add fields on detailed issue page to dynamically update issue's attributes (status, assignee, priority, start and due dates, ratio and estimated time) directly in the details block of the issue.



By Hugo Z


Redmine Private Wiki

This plugin is based on the existing plugin "Redmine Private Wiki", developped by Oleg Kandaurov
Link of the original plugin :

Adding new features such as :
  • Hide the private pages in indexs.
  • Add a...

By BlueXML Company


Redmine Queries Management

This plugin aims to make easier the management of Custom Queries.
It provides the possibility to create Directories to store your queries.
Private directories are manageable by every users, public directories are manageable only for authorized users....

By BlueXML Company


Redmine Group Macro

This plugin adds a new macro to be used in text fields.
It allow users to display text to be only seen by specified members of a group.
It might be usefull to create a welcome page adapted according to the connected user (one page for 'customers', on...

By BlueXML Company


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