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Export Redmine Issues data and create printable, customisable PDF reports.

  • Use customisable report templates
  • Export single and multiple issues to PDF
  • Export from issue page and filtered query results
  • Share report by email, ...

By Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)


Redmine Auditlog

Provides full auditlog for user actions in Redmine instance.
Uses Audited gem and filters any sensitive information from the log.

By Alex Stanev


Issue recurring

Schedule Redmine issue recurrence based on multiple conditions.

By crypto gopher


PDF Export Issues Redmine

With this plugin you can export all issues with all detailed information.

By Bruno Queiroz Santos


Done ratio via time


This plugin allows computing issue done ratio via estimated/spent time ratio.


The plugin is useful if you use real work hours for estimated efforts and accurately register spent efforts in hours. In this case, estimated and ...

By Tecforce Corp


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